AGENDAS: Constructing the Argument for the American Version of the ‘Final Solution’

If you are one of those who are tired of or reject my comparison of modern America to 1930’s Germany, then you need to read this more than most! I have been trying to show the modern manifestations of the principles that drove the NAZI Party in the 1930’s to show that we – modern America – are traveling the exact same road. The principles are the same. It is how those principles are advanced that is different. That’s all. And, if you know the history of 1930’s Germany, and you are paying attention to current events, then you should see the connections. If you don’t, then it is likely that you are blind to them because you agree with them. In which case, you probably agree with the people who are starting to lay the ground work for the American version of ‘the Final Solution.’

Hitler hated the Jews. He blamed them for all his and Germany’s ills and he went to great lengths to construct a ‘reasoned’ argument for his hatred. Today, because our education system no longer teaches but indoctrinates, we no longer understand that the organ of higher learning in Germany was turned against to the Jews. But it’s true: academia helped Hitler construct an argument for why the Jew was guilty of corrupting and destroying Germany. You might want to read Hitler’s Professors: The Part of Scholarship in Germany’s Crimes Against the Jewish People. Science also added its hand to making a ‘scientific’ case against the Jew, claiming to have ‘proven’ the Jew was barely human (this is eugenics, and it came from America where ‘science’ had been used to ‘prove’ the Negro was ‘barely human’). Hitler also used his persecution of the Jews to enlist the aid of industry, and even the German people. By sharing some of the wealth he confiscated from the Jews, Hitler was able to literally ‘buy’ the compliance of the German people and open assistance of German industry. You can read about this in Hitler’s Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State. When you understand the pattern, you understand that Hitler used the Jew as a scapegoat. He focused the peoples’ hatred and anger on the Jew, then used that as an excuse to take their property – part of which was used to buy the people – and, finally, when he had used them for all they were worth, Hitler set out to exterminate the Jews. We are starting to see the same pattern in America, only – this time – it is not ‘the Jew,’ but ‘the Conservative’ who is being made into a scapegoat.

I have already written about the ‘scientific’ case against conservatives: AGENDAS: ‘Science’ claims Social Conservatives are Mentally Disturbed. But you can also find it here: Pathologizing Conservatism: Is it an unfortunate evolutionary holdover, or the product of bad upbringing? You will find the same claim that conservatives are ‘mentally ill’ coming from the likes of ‘experts’ such as Sean Penn: AGENDAS: They WILL Tell You Who They Are…IF You Listen, and Al Gore, a modern day equivalent of George Bernard Shaw: Social Engineering: Eugenics And The Progressives. The evidence is everywhere – if you know what to look for and you are actually bothering to look.

Now that the case has been made, we are starting to see the first steps by the Left to act on their lies. In this case, it is just a story about how Conservatives are starting to be censored and to lose their jobs because of their political views (which is pretty much how the persecution against the Jews started under Hitler):

Will Conservatives be Sent to Reeducation Camps?

Now, we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this claim. Al Gore has also said that ‘science’ will soon be able to identify those unborn babies which will be likely to display ‘conservative tendencies.’ Now, I ask you, why even study such a thing unless you have a plan to do something with that information? I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions from it, but I know what they are planning because I know what these people believe – and why. After all, Al Gore has already admitted ‘they’ believe ‘they’ can intentionally engineer the society they desire – like society was just another piece of machinery or architecture:

On Morning Joe, Gore told the MSNBC hosts:

The scientists now know that there is in human nature a divide between what we sometimes call liberals and conservatives, and it gives an advantage, you can speculate, to the human species to have some people who are temperamentally inclined to try to change the future and experiment with new things, and others who are temperamentally inclined to say, wait a minute, not too fast.

On the surface, Gore’s words do not seem to menacing. But this is because we do not connect them to the sentiment common to those of Gore’s political philosophy. This is what ‘Progressives’ refer to as a ‘dog whistle:’ a statement that sounds harmless to the average person, but which contains a message only those familiar with the doctrine behind it will hear and understand.  Progressives, like Al Gore, make these sort of statements all the time, and unless you understand what they really mean, you will not see the threat they contain.

What Al Gore was clearly trying to imply is that  ‘conservatives’ are ‘obsolete,’ and the future belongs to men of ‘action.’  But these are actually words similar to those spoken by Mussolini and Hitler in the 1930’s, back when FDR openly admired and envied them both for their freedom of administration. You see, at that time, ‘dictator’ did not leave a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. Hitler and Mussolini built their movements around the youth in their society, and stressed the need to act quickly over the need to recognize ‘tradition.’ Now, if you are astute, and you pay attention, you will notice that Occupy Wall Street and other such movements (the 1960’s counter-culture movement) were built around the youth, and the leaders were crying for action, saying they ‘have a pen and a phone.’ This is why I know what Gore means when he says conservatives say ‘wait a minute’ when others want to ‘try to change the future.’ Because I have heard this music before, and it always ends the same way. This – in part — is why I wrote this post:

APOLOGETICS: Rejection of Tradition Negates ‘Evolution’

The spirit that has driven this nation’s leaders, even its people, for the past 100+ years is the same spirit that drove Hitler and the NAZI’s. It does not matter what the stated goal is, the immediate objective is control over the lives of all people. Likewise, what is implicit in all cases is the assumption that those driving the agenda (i.e. the people in control) are somehow exempt from their own rules. They see themselves has having a moral duty to force their vision on humanity for the good of humanity – even if it means millions must die. Wrapped up in all this is the adherence to moral relativism and a belief that the ends justify the means. All of it is born of an over-inflated sense of self. These people have god complexes. They think they are somehow above ‘the little people.’ So they give no thought to the consequences of their actions. All they can see is their own dream, and – sooner or later — anyone and everyone they think is standing in their way will be eliminated. All they need is the proper ‘excuse’ to justify their actions. This is why Hitler went to so much trouble to get science and academia as well as industry to agree that the Jews was the source of Germany’s troubles, and that is why the Left is going to so much trouble to get ‘science’ and ‘academia’ to agree that ‘Conservatives’ are the source of our modern troubles. Eventually, they will propose a similar solution to the ‘Conservative question’ as Hitler did for the ‘Jewish question.’ It is how the spirit that controls them has and will always operate to destroy men’s souls.


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