AGENDAS: They WILL Tell You Who They Are…IF You Listen

Sean Penn Demonstrates He Has The Heart Of A Collectivist Monster

Once again, a leading voice of the American Progressive Left has demonstrated – by his words – that he has a heart inclined toward controlling those who disagree with him.  This time, Sean Penn says that Ted Cruz and the TEA Party are insane and should be committed by executive order:

Far-Left Hollywood Actor: ‘My American Brother’ Ted Cruz, Tea Party Lawmakers Need to Be Committed to Asylum by ‘Executive Order’

“There’s a mental health problem in Congress,” Penn proclaimed. “This would be solved by committing them by executive order, I think. Because these are our American brothers and sisters, we shouldn’t be criticizing them, attacking them … this is a cry for help.”

“You literally commit what, people like Ted Cruz?” Morgan asked.

“He’s my American brother. I think we should take care of him, he is in trouble,” Penn replied. “I think it’s a good idea.”

Now, to be fair, the story points out that Penn appears to be joking.  However, many a truth is said in jest, and given that Penn has a great affinity for other Marxist dictators and tyrants, it is likely that this is one of those times.  Silencing opposition rather than defending free speech is not the mark of a Liberal; it is the mark of a tyrant.  And seeking to do so through executive order and not through dues process is also a mark of a tyrant.  Even joking about and seeking to marginalize your opponent on a personal level – as Penn is doing – are marks of a tyrant.  Which brings another old saying: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Notice that Ted Cruz and Senator Lee are both seeking to protect and preserve individual rights, whereas Penn and the Progressives seek only to consolidate and grow their power at the expense of minority groups.  The groups they most often demonize are those from whom they can steal money with which to buy the votes of the moochers and leaches who do not have the courage to steal for themselves, and those who are most effective in opposing their agenda.  If you join and support their cause, they shower favors on you.  If not, they make you into their scape goat.  However, as some former supporters of the Progressive Left have started to discover, once you become a liability to them, they will throw you under the bus.  Just ask the NSA, or that Obamacare worker who did nothing more than answer some questions with the truth.

Now, if Penn is really worried about people who exhibit real signs of mental instability, he should look in the mirror, and to those who share his political ideology.  First, he is aligned with a group of people who share an ideology that is responsible for killing more people than the rest of history combined.  Collectivists – in all their many forms – have murdered more than 150 million people, and that was just in the 20th Century.  Then there is the matter of the Collectivist believing he/she can alter reality through nothing more than changing the word by which they call something; or, if that doesn’t work, by ignoring it.  They believe their will is enough to make something real.  These are real signs of mental illness and, were it not connected to politics, it could and most likely would be clinically diagnosed as such.  For more of why I say this, consider this article:

The Liberal Something-for-Nothing Mental Illness

Once again, the Progressive Left has admitted who they are in their heart of hearts, and – through their words – they have shown that the words of Isaiah 5:20-21 apply to them and their ideology.

[NOTE: Penn is not alone in this notion.  Bill Mahre has made comments similar to this, as have other Left-wing Progressives.  Al Gore has gone so far as to suggest “conservatives” suffer from genetic defect, and – in the interview where he said this — he even hinted that screening could be used to make sure those unborn children who are pre-disposed toward conservatism could and should be aborted.  Do not be shocked.  Remember, the eugenics movement and the notion of a master race are American Progressive inventions.  They started with the like sof Theodore Roosevelt and Margaret Sanger.]


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