It has been some time since I have written.  This is because I am learning to write only when prompted, and then, to write only about those things I am told to write.  Please understand, I do not consider myself … Continue reading


AGENDAS: Political Ideologies In America

Recently, I heard a very well known radio talk show host tell his audience not to worry about the meaning of words.  It shocked me for two reasons.  First, this host is well known for telling his audience that “Words … Continue reading

‘Conservatives:’ YOU Made this Bed; Now Sleep in It!

I contribute to a political blog.  In fact, it is where I got my start in blogging.  I have posted less and less pure political commentary here on the OYL, but I share this now because I thought you might find this post of interest:

‘Conservatives:’ YOU Made this Bed; Now Sleep in It!

If you think of yourself as ‘Conservative,’ I beg you to read this post — all of it, to the end.  However, I’ll warn you now, it will be difficult to read and harder to accept.  Still, not only do you need to read what I have to say to you, but you also need to give it some very serious thought, because the people you think of as ‘Conservative leaders’ have been lying to you.  They have helped to cause the mess we’re in, and now they are turning on anyone who refuses to sleep with them in the filthy bed that they have made.  Worse, they are trying to get you to join them in their treason.  So, please, I beg you, read and consider my words.

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One of the most difficult aspects to the Christian faith is the notion of the Trinity.  Our Jewish brothers and sisters really get tripped up on this.  They do not see it in the Old Testament.  However, once you understand … Continue reading


BIBLE PROPHECY: The Symbolic Significance Of Numbers In Scripture

In my last post, I explained some of the symbolic language used in Scripture, and how to realize when Scripture is actually defining that symbolism.  There is one last piece of the symbolic language of prophecy we need to discuss … Continue reading


BIBLE PROPHECY: The Bibles Symbolic Language

As I said in my last post, much of the Bible is written to conceal God’s Truths from those who would take it lightly.  Jesus told us not to cast our pearls before swine.  Well, by teaching in parables, He … Continue reading


BIBLE PROPHECY: Know When You Are Dealing With Symbolic Language

The Bible speaks to us in many different literary forms.  Some of the time, it speaks in plain language.  At other times, it speaks to us through poetry.  There are also times when it speaks to us in figurative or … Continue reading