UNDERSTANDING MATERIALISM: The Presumption of Intellectual and Moral Superiority

In our discussion under my post on the reflections of the Spirit world as manifested by the colors blue and red, my good friend, DonAmeche, makes this comment:

“I have been struggling with whether mathematical insights such as this are a kind of Self-defining boundary of the human mind at any epoch in time or whether they are a kind of small window on the mind of God if you will. The notion ( discovery) of lower dimensional surfaces “mapped” to higher dimensional Spheres has a faint ring about it like “as above so below” for instance.”

In doing so, whether he was aware of it at the time or not, my friend stumbled across the central theme common to all species of Materialism: a denial of any limitations of human understanding.

Ordinarily, I construct an argument by providing the evidence first, then stating my conclusion.  However, in this case, I feel that it would be best to state this common theme and its immediate effects on the Materialist mind and then provide the proof of my assertion.

Because he denies even the possibility that anything other than matter can exist, the Materialist thinks that man can become god, he merely needs to obtain the knowledge of all there is to know first.  The Materialist believes that he understands this ‘truth’ because he intellectually superior, and that his intellectual superiority implies he has a duty to ‘save’ man from his own ignorance.  He even goes so far as to assign such an ‘elevated’ ma the title of ‘superman.’  Thus, convinced of his superior understanding imparted by his superior intelligence, and mindful of the implied duty to save man from himself, this ‘superman’ sets out to achieve his goals through the sheer force of his own will.

Now, before I provide the evidence for this conclusion, I want to draw your attention to something.  If this conclusion is correct, we are dealing with people who see their struggle as an intellectual war.  However, we are also dealing with people who have no moral boundaries, supreme but often fragile egos and monumental ambition.  They also feel a sense of limitless entitlement and total disregard for anyone they consider to be ‘beneath their status.’  By this, I do mean to imply that we are dealing with people who possess — to one degree or another — clinical psychological and often mental disorders.  However, they are not to be underestimated.  though they are irrational, they are not without reason.  After all, though quite mad, Hitler came one or two decisions away from succeeding in his quest to conquer Europe.

That said, let me start presenting my evidence by quoting one of the most influential founding fathers of the Materialist ideology:

“Historical evolution is on your side,… You merely need, as a class, to fulfill the evolution which your mission calls on you to fulfill.  All you need is to will!”

–Karl Marx

Notice Marx did not say “All you need is the will!”  He said “All you need is to will!”  Marx was quite literally telling his disciples they could advance human evolution through their will alone — exactly what I claimed the Materialist believes.

The Materialist believes that the only thing that exists is matter.  The mind is merely a function of matter.  Where there is no matter, there can be no mind.  Therefore, there is no possibility of spirit or soul or a next life.  Nor is there such a thing as morality or even ethics.  In fact, the only law that exists is that which can be maintained by force.  To the Materialist, ‘might-makes-right,’ and ‘the-ends-justify-the-means.”  Another very influential founding father of Materialism summed this up quite nicely:

“Since there is not any God and since human beings are only graduate beasts without any souls and without immortality, men should not therefore follow a system of ethics or morals.  The natural law of force should prevail in the universe.”

–Frederick Nietzsche

In his manifesto, Karl Marx said:

Our program (Communism) “abolishes eternal truths; it abolishes all religion, and morality… it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.”

Having ‘freed’ themselves from the existence of any form of law other than force, and from any chance they might have to answer for their subsequent behavior in another life, the Materialist then concludes that, since the only thing that exists is matter, all he needs to do to become a god is pursue science until everything that can be known is discovered and understood.  The Materialist sincerely believes that, once all that can be known is known, man will be his own god.

“The turning point of history will be that moment man becomes aware that the only God of man is man himself.”

— Ludwig Feuerback

The natural conclusion to these beliefs is that no one has a right to stand in opposition to the Materialist, his conclusions or his agenda.  If a person or group tries to oppose him, the Materialist feels justified in removing that obstacle.  This is why the history of Materialism in the 20th Century is the history of Materialist mass-murder to the tune of some 150,000,000+ people!    This does not include the millions of lives aborted as a result of the Materialist Eugenics movement.  And now, we have Materialists seeking ways to drastically reduce the global population, and even kill those who are ‘genetically predisposed’ toward political ideologies that might oppose the Materialist before they are even born!

However, in spite of his claims to the contrary, the Materialist is aware that God lives, and by God, I mean the God of the Bible.  This is why the Materialist must ‘kill’ God.  Otherwise, if he does not, people would recognize God and His laws and they would fear judgment in the next life, thus, they will never follow the Materialist when the Materialist urges them to murder in their name.  Again, in spite of his claims to be able to affect the changes he desires through his will alone, the Materialist needs ‘useful idiots’ to do his dirty work.  So he knows he has to convince those ‘dupes’ that God is dead and that ‘science’ is their new religion.  Furthermore, as the only ones capable of understanding ‘science,’ the Materialist is the new priest, as well as god.  Once again, this has been admitted to quite clearly and cleanly:

“Now this God (the God of the Bible) is dead!  You higher men, this God was your greatest danger… Forward, higher men!  Now at last the mountain of man’s future is about to give birth.  God is dead; mow it is our will that superman shall live!”

— Frederick Nietzsche

Do you see their boasts?  ‘higher men;’ ‘superman shall live;’ and ‘forward!’  Now, do you remember seeing the connections in the last Presidential elections?


The past is not dead: it is still driving the events of today:


There is more — much more!  But I will rest my case.  If I have not convinced you of the truth by this point, I doubt I will ever convince you.  However, if I have convinced you, and you pay attention, you will find that many of the actions people describe as evidence of incompetence suddenly start to make sense.  It is not so much that the people who rule over us are incompetent, but that they simply have a different ideology and agenda.  To them, you and I are just matter to be manipulated in the quest to force their will on the world.  Viewed in this light, their actions make sense, but this does not mean they are rational.  they are not.  To one degree or another, they are all depraved!

Going back to my friend, the one who inspired this post: he and I do not suffer from the same depravity.  Though we may be arrogant to a degree, we are not so arrogant as to assert than the boundaries of man’s understanding or infinite.  Nor do we assume that we are superior to anyone else, or that we can become gods.  In short, we are — even if flawed — still humble enough to acknowledge our shortcomings and limitations.  We also acknowledge that there are laws governing the interactions of man, and that there is such a thing as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in relation to these laws.  It keeps us grounded, and from becoming a threat to all of humanity.  Unfortunately, the Materialist does not ‘suffer’ from any such self-imposed constraints on his actions.


6 thoughts on “UNDERSTANDING MATERIALISM: The Presumption of Intellectual and Moral Superiority

  1. Joe,

    When they are retained in utter darkness for the rest of eternity they will have themselves to thank.

    1. summer5963,

      Scientology would be one of those belief systems that DOES fall under this umbrella. I was just looking for a word that would be close enough to accurate in the way it sounds when applied to all such beliefs.

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