INSANITY IN THE HEADLINES: Democrat Says America has ‘Proven’ that Communism Works

No matter how many times history condemns Communism, socialism and the welfare State, there has always been somebody new who thinks they can be the first person to make this system work. Well, now we have a Democrat Congressman from Florida claiming that the United States is the first nation to ‘prove’ communism works. I labeled this post insanity because this man is convinced he is correct, but is wrong about everything he says in the following story. In fact, the only thing of any value in this Congressman’s statement is the inherent proof that those of us who have been trying to tell you the American Left is Communist have been correct. This story is an admission of this fact, as well as testimony that the American Left is delusional:

Yes, This Dem Rep. Just Said Communism Works (Wait Until You Hear His Explanation)

“Two of the safest cities in America are on the border with Mexico. Of course, the reason is we’ve proved that communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there is no crime,” he added.

OK, let’s ‘deconstruct’ this Congressman’s statement.

1st – this is a passive admission that the Democrat Party has been trying to push Communism on America for decades. By claiming that ‘they’ (i.e. Democrats) have ‘proven’ Communism works, he is asserting that America is now a Communist country. This is an admission that all of us who have been trying to tell you that Wilson and the Progressives packaged Communism in the guise of Liberalism have been correct. So,let’s stop arguing about whether or not the Left is Communist: they admit to it all the time.

2nd – This man claims that the only reason people are coming here is because our system ‘works.’ Well, this is bad logic (i.e. fallacious reasoning). Mexico is a Socialist nation, and the people are leaving because there is no work in their country. There is no work in their country because Socialism/Communism strangles the free market. Socialism/Communism also breeds corruption, which leads to lawlessness. So, Mexico is very violent: there is no safety there. People come to America because we still have a few jobs and some remnants of law and security.

3rd – Communism destroys the free market and rule of law. In order to achieve their goals, the Communist is forced to make draconian rules and regulations, often in direct contradiction to the law. This is what the Left has been doing for decades. When they cannot get their law passed, the judges do it by decree, or Obama tells the EPA to implement Cap-and-Trade after both Congress and the Courts say no. This is lawlessness aimed directly at the free market. The result is that the free market starts to die and jobs are lost. This has happened under Obama, but you do not see it in the official reports because – as in all Communist States – the administration lies to make itself look good. So the unemployed in this nation have simply been ‘reclassified’ as ‘no longer seeking employment.’ This is not ‘working,’ this is failing.

4th – Government produces nothing. So, if we gave everyone a government job – as the Congressman says – then there will be no wealth creation. If there is no wealth creation, the only way to generate the money needed to pay for these government jobs is by a 100%+ tax rate. But who would work for free? No one! This means that Communism must fail as a matter of simple economics. In fact, all welfare States collapse. As soon as you run out of other people’s money to spend, your system will collapse. Every socialist system ever created has failed in less than 100 years. Few have ever lasted past 75 years. Look it up, you’ll find it is true. Just remember, a ‘new government’ = a new system. Hitting the ‘re-set’ button is an admission of collapse. This is what the United States is quickly approaching: a collapse. And it is going to happen exactly because the Left has implemented Communism in this nation.

Look, the welfare State is a system of destruction: it destroys the wealth that others have created for the purpose of keeping the ruling elite in power.  By definition, all welfare States must consume more than the economy can sustain, which, in turn, starts a cannibalistic cycle where the system starts to feed off itself.  This is destructive, and it is why these systems always fail — every time.  Yet, there will always be people who convince themselves that what they want to do is a moral imperative, and that they are the first person with the intelligence and ability to finally make it work.  In short, this is all insanity – because, even when it is falling apart all around them, they continue to cling to their belief that they can pull victory from the jaws of disaster.


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