APPLIED LOGIC: The Tyranny In Glenn Beck’s Words

Before I address some glaring contradictions in the things Glenn Beck has been telling his audience about Mormonism and Islam, I want to stress this point once more:

I do not ‘hate’ Glenn Beck.  I still find value in the things Glenn Beck brings to the public discussion.  I just believe that someone has to offer sound rebuttal to his spiritual blindness and logical inconsistency.

So, with that said, let’s discuss Beck’s position on his religion and that of Islam.We have to start by going back to something Beck told his audience about a year ago, maybe a little longer.  He said that Mormons are Christians and that anyone who denies this is a hater.  For a fuller discussion on this monologue and why he is absolutely wrong, please see my previous post:

Glenn Beck Reveals His ‘Progressive’ Side — Again!

It is important that we understand Beck is re-defining the Biblical definition of what it means to be a Christian, then telling anyone who disputes his definition that they are ‘haters.’  This is a form of tyranny.  In fact, it is a form of tyranny on several counts.  First, Beck is presuming to be god.  If the Bible is the Word of God — and to be a Christian, you must accept that it is —  then only God can change what is written.  Yet, Joseph Smith, and now, Glenn Beck have asserted that their definition of what it means to be a Christian is the right one and not the one given by the Bible.  The only way this can be is if Smith and Beck are God.  Not gods, but the One True God.  Now how can both men be the same One True God?  They cannot.  So Beck is contradicting the Bible and the One True God.  That is not only tyranny in that it presumes to force Beck’s will on God, but it is also blasphemy.

But then Beck goes further in that he says anyone who objects to his claim is a ‘hater.’  So, if Beck tells you that your cat is now a dog and you object, you are a hater.  It is the same thing.  In fact, according to Beck’s reasoning, anyone who clings to logic and right reason is a hater.  This is all the people who are holding to the Bible’s definition of a Christian are doing: they are clinging to the meaning of the term as defined by its Creator.  Such definitions are fixed: we do not get to change them without becoming tyrannical.  Therefore, when Beck insists that he can change God’s Word, and His natural Laws (i.e. those governing definitions, language and logic),  he is acting like a tyrant.  Likewise, when he tells others they must either agree or they are a either, he is acting like a tyrant.  He is trying to force his will above God’s and God’s and Natural Laws, as well as above the individuals who cling to both.

Now, let’s look at Beck’s claims about Islam.  If you listen to Beck, he will tell you he wrote his book, “It is About Islam.”  Well, here again, Beck is acting like a tyrant.  If you have not already done so, you can read my previous post about this book here:

If You Have Not Read the Qur’an and Hadith, Beck’s New Book, “It IS About Islam,” Will Do More Harm than Good!

I am equally as hostile toward Beck where Islam is concerned as I am with his claims about Christianity.  In both cases, he is telling the authors that he is a higher authority than they are.  In the case of Christianity, he has presumed to tell God what it means to be Christian.  Well, in the case of Islam, he has presumed to tell Muhammad what it means to be a Muslim.  In both cases he should not be given the benefit of the doubt.  This is because he studies the Scriptures and even presumes to teach them.  And he has said he studied Islam and is presuming to teach its doctrine.  This means he should know — even if he does not.  From there, when we can show he has taught wrong, the only assumption to be made is that he has done so intentionally — and I do.

So, when Beck talks about Muslims being different from what he calls ‘Islamists,’ he is lying to his audience!  He is not just wrong, he is knowingly and intentionally lying.

Why do I say this?  Because I know what Muhammad said and I take him at his word and his actions:

FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What Muhammad Actually Said About ‘Muhammad’

FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What Muhammad Actually Said About Befriending Infidels

FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What Muhammad Actually Said About Lying

FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What MUHAMMAD Actually Said about Islam and Fighting

FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What Muhammad Actually Said About Jihad

FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What MUHAMMAD Actually Said about Islam and Terrorism

FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What MUHAMMAD Actually Said about Muslims Who Disobey Him (or Try to Change/Leave Islam)

Read the links.  They contain passages from the Qur’an and Hadith.  They show that Muhammad lived the life he preached.  They also prove that the people Beck calls ‘Islamists’ are not “radicals,’ they have not ‘hijacked’ Islam: they are good Muslims as Muhammad defined a good Muslim!

Read the link on what Muhammad said about Muslims who disobey his commands.  You will see that the people Beck says are ‘good’ Muslims are not Muslims at all.  According to Muhammad, they are ‘hypocrites’ who claim to be Muslim only to avoid the penalties for not converting and ‘apostates,’ Muslims who disobey or try to leave Islam.  These are Muhammad’s definitions!  Beck has no authority to change them — no one does!

So, what has Beck lied to you about where Islam is concerned?

1 — That Muhammad said Muslims must wage war against the entire world until everyone converts or is killed.  There can be only Islam.

2 — That Muslims must not take non-Muslims as friends.

3 — That Muslims can lie or deceive if it furthers the cause of Islam.

4 — That terror is the preferred method of fighting against non-Muslims.

5 — That Jihad is not a spiritual struggle, but the armed struggle to convert the world and that it is the duty of all Muslims.

6 — That anyone who claims to be a Muslim but who does not obey these commands is a hypocrite or apostate and they should be killed first — even before non-Muslims.

Once we understand and accept that this is what Muhammad said and how he lived, then the things we see happening in the Muslim world start to make sense.  but Beck would deny all of this and tell you that he — not Muhammad — knows what Islam is and is not.  That, dear reader — whether we like it or not — is tyranny!  And in Beck’s case, it is an ultimate hypocrisy as he is doing with matters of religion everything for which he condemns Progressives for doing with matters of politics.


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