APPLIED LOGIC: Black Lives Matter Is A Terrorist Organization

This post is not hate.  It is fact.  I can say it is fact because what we are about to do is apply a definition to a real world situation which will then lead to a direct, logical conclusion that can be denied but not broken.  Here we go:

Simple Definition of terrorism

  • : the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal

Does ‘Black Lives Matter’ have a political agenda, and do they seek political goals/power?


Does ‘Black Lives Matter’ use violence to achieve these ends?


Conclusion: by definition, Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization — period!


1 — anything that is true by definition is also defined as a fact.  Definitions are fixed; they do not change.  Once something meets the parameters of a given definition, that definition can be and must be applied to that thing.  Therefore, it is not ‘opinion’ when we say that BLM is a terrorist organization, it is a fact!

2 — given that BLM is a terrorist organization, all the laws which have been written to deal with terrorism — most of them in direct opposition to the Constitution — can now be used against any member of BLM.  This means the police can just scoop them up and send them to Gitmo without any form of due process.  Or better yet, they can be sent to some other country partnering with the U.S. in the ‘War on Terror’ where they can be ‘questioned’ about their role in their terrorist organization.


The lesson is simple:

Never support reactionary laws driven by fear and/or hidden agendas.  The Patriot Act is an abomination to the principles and ideals of this nation.  It is blatantly unconstitutional, essentially granting the government unlimited powers to trample on the liberties of anyone it deems to be a ‘terrorist.’  It was enacted by people with hidden agendas, but supported by people who were acting out of fear.  And, as a direct result, it can now be used to ‘disappear’ anyone the government decides is a terrorist.  With Obama in office, that means the TEA Party and anyone who still clings to the original intent of our founding fathers.  However, if Trump wins, and he so chooses, he can use those same laws to put the BLM people in jail — as well as all those who support the BLM movement!  That means he could jail nearly every member of the DNC and ‘main stream media,’ not to mention a large part of ‘academia.’  And do not for a moment think this is absurd, because this is how tyranny works.  It passes a law that seems reasonable on the surface but which, when its full application is realized, is discovered to have made tyranny legal.

Now, for one last application of logic:

Any organization that attacks the established government of this nation is guilty of subversion and/or sedition.  Both are forms of rebellion, which is addressed in the U.S. Constitution.  Therefore, BLM is an enemy of the States of the United States, and of their Federal Government and should be dealt with accordingly.  There is no need for any extra-Constitutional law(s) such as the Patriot Act.  We simply arrest them, charge them with these crimes, prosecute and — if convicted — execute them as the law provides.  The rational for this is not to ‘correct’ their behavior, but to provide for the common defense of the States and nation.  After all, this is the primary purpose of government, and if the government is not going to do this job, then it is no longer legitimate — in which case, the BLM people are no longer outlaws, but just one of what will quickly be many groups vying for dominance in what would be a reversion to the State of Nature (i.e. law of the jungle).

So, the States and Federal government need to either start upholding the law according to the letter of the law — no matter what — or accept the fact that they have ceded their authority and all consequences that will naturally follow…



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