PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Evidence Of The Progressive’s Eugenics Legacy In Obamacare

Obamacare Is The Progressive Version Of The ‘Final Solution’

I understand that many of the things I claim the Liberal/progressives believe are difficult for the average American to believe, let alone accept.  This is why I tell you to check things out for yourself: so you can prove to yourself that I am telling the truth.  I even tell you that, if you know where to look, and you understand the language they use, these people will openly admit that they believe exactly what I claim they believe.  But then, even if you believe me, it doesn’t make it any easier to accept that we are being run by evil people with evil designs, but this is exactly what is happening.  Today, another piece of that puzzle revealed itself:

Obamacare Architect Introduces Eugenics: “Genetic Lottery Winners” Must Pay

It doesn’t matter how you slice it, eugenics is the mistaken belief that man can use ‘science’ to purposely direct the ‘evolution’ of humanity.  They believe their ‘science’ can be used to correct for genetic defect, and to shape human nature to fit their desires.  In short, they believe that ‘science’ will allow them to change the nature of man and the way this universe works.  At its heart, this is because they think they can replace God.  This is exactly what the man in this story is saying: that he and his self-appointed elite can use ‘science’ to make life ‘fair’ by correcting for the losers in the ‘genetics lottery.’  Well, let’s look at what else this means, and how it shows everything these people believe is predicated on self-contradictions assertions

First, if people have bad health because they have lost this ‘genetics lottery,’ then Michelle Obama needs to get the heck out of our kids’ lunches.  She also needs to stop pushing her exercise ideas.  In fact, all these diet NAZI’s need to be sent packing.  After all, how we live is not the cause for our bad health; it’s bad genes.  Now, obviously, how we live does affect our health, but the Progressive impulse to avoid personal responsibility and excuse the individual got in Gruber’s way.  Because he is afflicted with the peculiar insanity we call Progressivism, he instinctively assumed that it would just be accepted that we can be the victim of bad genes while still being held responsible for bad behavior – except when we should be.  This is what Orwell called double speak: the ability to hold to conflicting ideas in one’s mind simultaneously and to believe both to be equally true.  Bill Clinton is a master at making this form of insanity appear normal.

But there is another problem for these people.  If they are correcting for the ‘genetic lottery,’ isn’t this another way of saying they are correcting for natural selection?  And if they are trying to interfere with natural selection, are they not claiming they are changing the direction of ‘evolution?’  So how can they know they are making the correct decisions?  Might they actually be hastening the extinction of our species rather than strengthening our ‘evolution?’  If objective reality is any indication, then it would certainly appear that this is exactly what they are doing.  But then, if you accept that they already consider themselves to be superior to the rest of us, then why would they worry about making a lesser race?  After all, that would just cement the need for an ‘intellectual elite’ to govern over these inferiors and make sure we do not harm ourselves or the planet.  If you think this is too far-fetched, then you need to go back and read what Republican, Theodore Roosevelt, and Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, had to say about the superior race.  They were both white supremacists, and this is exactly the sort of thing they advocated…through eugenics!

Now for the fun part: if health is a matter of the ‘genetic lottery’ that needs to be ‘corrected’ (i.e. made fair), then why not intellect, as well?  Do you remember my post about Al Gore saying that conservatives are defective, and that we will soon be able to determine who will be inclined toward conservatism while still in the womb?  Well, if they are defective, then why not abort them?  After all, it’s just in the best interest of society/humanity, isn’t it?  I mean, this is exactly why Planned Parenthood was established and abortion was made legal: so they could eradicate blacks, imbeciles and other lesser races/undesirables.  Once again, it is in their literature.  All you have to do is go read it.  You will find it.  I am absolutely sure of it.  And that’s why, when I hear people like Gruber talking about ‘genetic lotteries,’ I understand he is exposing an ideology that is directly descendant from the Eugenics movement, which led directly to the Holocaust.

Like I keep telling you, if you understand their language, you will find they will tell you who they are, what they believe, what they want and how they intend to get it.


15 thoughts on “PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Evidence Of The Progressive’s Eugenics Legacy In Obamacare

  1. Joe,

    Rush is mistaken on the issue of Obama and crew really wanting to help those in the so called “inferior pool”.

    They are just using them to divide one group from another for the votes required to cement their final solution in place and in the end they will be disposed of no different than what Hitler did to the Jews and other undesirables.

    Nothing new here. We all know what is happening.

    1. Chhelo,

      Brother, I believe that Rush knows the truth. I do not listen to him much anymore. I am more and more convinced that he is part of the problem. Either he is being used (like the media uses people by hiring those who already have the mindset to do what they want them to do without needing direction) — or, Rush is intentionally deflecting away from shining a bright spotlight on the issue.

      Whether people like him or not, Beck has done this, which is why Rush has been sounding more and more superficial these days. Had it not been for Beck helping us to learn and understand our own history, we would still be listening to Rush and agreeing that this is all incompetence and the R’s are just afraid of the media. Well — FOR ME — those tired old lines do not get it anymore. I know and understand too much of our history now to accept such a childish explanation. It is more likely that Rush keeps on this line because he is either MUCH less intelligent than i thought (which I doubt), or because he is part of the problem.

      I’ll go back to this again. In the 1994 election, a ‘seasoned citizen’ called and accused him of intentionally working to keep conservatives on the Republican reservation. Rush went ballistic. He insulted her and hung up on her. He then immediately went to an unscheduled break. When he came back, he spent the entire next segment attacking her and her assertion. At the time, I took note — because it was out of character (or so I thought). Looking back, I have to wonder whether the problem was the elderly (and I believe VERY wise) lady who called put steal on target.

      Anyway, I agree with you: they are doing this intentionally, and doing it in such a way that nothing is what it appears to be. Americans are too trusting by nature. We need to start understanding that we are dealing with evil. Once we accept this, we ‘might’ have a chance to slow it. But, unless we hit our knees and repent, I doubt we can do anything about stopping it. We helped make this mess, and — as Einstein said — those who made it will never be able to fix it. We need a Higher help than ourselves if we are to survive. Our founders knew and understood this. I only wish we still did… 😦

  2. Is health more due to the ‘genetic lottery’, or to lifestyle choices? Progressives are attacking rational value-based choices with their TV ads for the Colorado health exchange, advocating for promiscuity. Apparently they want everyone in the high-risk group, where they will be more easily controlled – ‘Brave New World’ in progress..

    1. BillsC,

      Brave new world — EXACTLY! Now, mix with equal parts “1984” and we have the world they are trying to build.

      Personally, if that is the only world in which we could live, I would vote to burn it to the ground because — TO ME — that world is not worth living in.

  3. Rush did say two thing recently which make me believe he really WASN’T aware of the Collusion between RINOs and the Liberal Progressives.

    (1) “I’m really not that smart” and (2) “I guess I really thought….I really believed We ( the Republican Establishment ) were on the same side”.

    I think he realizes much of what Beck and Levin have been saying is true… and he realizes he came to the Truer realization late.

    He basically said on national Radio that He and the GOP establishment are NOT on the same side. And that’s a pretty Big statement.

    1. Don,

      OK, then, if we grant him the courtesy of taking him at his word, should we now consider his opinion to be MUCH less valuable than we previously did? After all, it would mean he was used, and that he has rubbed elbows with the people who were using him for over 25 years and NEVER figured this out when it only took an alcoholic comedian some 5-6 years to start figuring it out on his own — without being that close to the source of the evil???

      Now, if this is true, I mean no insult or harm to Limbaugh. Far from it. I was fooled, myself — for many, MANY years. So I certainly will not blame or attack him if this is the case for him. But, at the same time, I expect him to join the fight — even if it DOES cost him stations and market share. If he doesn’t do that, then it will mean he IS part of the problem and — this time — he has willingly chosen their side.

      1. First…. I think Beck is a Very sharp guy….very Smart. I think he had it figured out alot Quicker than 5-6 years. I rather think it took him 5-6 years to figure out HOW to get the truth out there in a manor that wouldn’t immediately be Silenced. In other words, to figure out how to build his own power base so as to be able to CONTINUE telling the Truth.

        Second …. I have a feelingRush is somewhat shell-shocked by his new realizations. And he may in fact feel not up to the Challange. He has been CONSISTENTLY in support of Palin, Cruz, Lee and especially the Tea Party. He NEVER interviews McCain or other Scum-sucking RINO POSs. And even Dick Cheney was NOT critical of Cruz during a recent interview….he said the Party SHOULD be inclusive and EMBRACE Cruz and the Conservative TP. I was a little taken back by that frankly. Esp since GW ( bless his lil’heart) has been in Full RINO mode lately. And

        1. There are problems with me Posting here…as I mentioned. So have to continue here.

          And I feel as though Rush may be trying to turn toward the Light so to speak. His brother Davis has come forth as a more vocal anti-RINO than Rush recently that’s for sure.

        2. Don,

          I’ll give Rush the benefit of the doubt — so long as he shows he is trying to catch up.

          As for Beck: I knew him before he ever started on serious politics. I think he didn’t know nearly as much as you think. He stumbled into it. What made him different is his past. He was humble enough to admit he did not know, yet smart enough to educate himself from ORIGINAL sources. Then, once he got going, he was driven enough to learn fast, and fearless enough to say what he learned and let the chips fall where they may. Rare combination in our world today, an one I can only hope to mirror in myself.

          1. Well then Beck was not only humble but smart and brave enough to not REJECT what he learned. And that say a Huge amount about his character. Because it is easy enough for us all to try and RE-interpret new info into our own Mental Map of the Truth.

            He obviously went far beyond his mental maps. He is definitely Brave and Driven. And Smart….I still think back on his NRA speech this year. And I wish I could get the stuff he did on the Tides Foundation et al while at FOX… :- (( .

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