CONNECTING THE DOTS: Eugenics Raises Its Head Again


I have tried to warn people that this nation is far, far down the path that Germany traveled in the 1930’s:

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The Holocaust started with the killing of the mentally ill, disabled and other socially ‘undesirables.’  The ideas came directly from the American Eugenics movement — which also lead to Planned Parenthood.  This same spirit has held America in its grips for more than 100 years now, so why should this surprise us?

Princeton professor calls for killing disabled infants under Obamacare

Compare Obamacare to Hitler’s T4 program.  And remember, Obamacare officials have already said their program will withhold care for the elderly:

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PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Evidence Of The Progressive’s Eugenics Legacy In Obamacare


7 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: Eugenics Raises Its Head Again

  1. I recently shared a quote by Edmund Burke at my blog that “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

    It is scary to note that many Millennials (I think it includes ages 26-36?) have no clue about what actually happened during WWII and don’t know why all those who fought in that war whole-heartedly deserve to be given the name, “The Greatest Generation.” When I mentioned this to one young lady of this age group, she replied, “No! We are the greatest generation because we created FaceBook!”

    I shook my head in disbelief – but explains why so many in that age group were duped into voting for Ozero! Many (not all, of course!) in that particular generation are guilty of succumbing to conscientious stupidity and then are indoctrinated to embrace moral depravity.

    1. christinewjc,

      You are correct: they do not know history, so they do not understand. But this is no accident. They have been lied to about history as part of an intentional indoctrination. Sadly, this also serves to insulate them against correction. They tend to “auto-protect’ their indoctrination: every time someone tries to show them the truth, they protect their programming by lashing out — just as they have been trained to do.

      NONE of this is an accident: it is exactly what Dewey and the Progressives said they would do to our kids.

  2. This is so disgusting! Why not kill everyone and then we won’t need healthcare???????????????????? Our world keeps getting darker and darker.

    1. Cswen,

      That is in fact one of the primary goals of ObamaCare. Not everyone of course, but enough to “keep healthcare costs low”.

      People laughed and mocked Sarah Palin when she called it ‘death panels’….but she was just reading the Bill. Which was co-authored by Rahm Emanuel’s Physician Brother …. who advocates for just such an approach.

      Something else the FaceBook Generation doesn’t know….in spite of search engines being at their finger-tips.

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