AGENDA: So You Think It’s All ‘Conspiracy?’

People sometimes tell me that, if the things I try to explain to them were true and actually happening, then we would know about it.  they say someone would have warned us; that any such plan to destroy this nation could not be kept secret.  Therefore, they conclude that anyone who makes such a claim is a conspiracy ‘kook.’  Well, that’s what they want you o believe, because people have been warning us for decades.  Watch this 9 minute video and ask yourself whether or not he got things right:

Now, let me ask you another question.  Are you one of those who believe the John Birch Society is one of these conspiracy crack-pot organizations?  Do you think you might understand why you have been told that about them now that you have seen this video?

I’m not going to judge the JBS one way or another.  I do not know enough about them.  However, I know enough about the Progressives and how they work to believe that the reason I have been conditioned to believe the JBS is a bunch of ‘kooks’ is most likely because they knew too much and were too effective at exposing the evil plans Progressives have for this nation and its people.


9 thoughts on “AGENDA: So You Think It’s All ‘Conspiracy?’

  1. You won’t find any open minded “free” thinkers on the left sympathetic. John Birch was a Committed Christian who was killed by the Chinese Communists, while under their guard. Which was then covered up by the US Gov’t.

    If the Commies killed him he must therefore be the enemy. Kinda like Oprah has called for white southners “need to die”.

  2. He is of course absolutely accurate in stating the goals of the masters behind the scenes to force the US into a NWO, eliminating our sovereignty in the process. A question I am asking more frequently is who has a plan to stop the destruction of America? Certainly not congress for they are complicit in the treason.

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