TRUTH: Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Represent The Face Of Evil

Before you assume that this post is meant to bash Barack or Hillary — STOP!  I did not say they are evil, I said they represent the face of evil.  What do I mean by that?  Well, this is not going to be easy for many of us to accept, but never the less, it is the Truth.  We — each of us — you and I — we are the evil they represent!  We live in a representative republic, where the people have elected Obama, who appointed Hillary to Secretary of State, and who was affirmed by the Senate, and who is now leading in the race for the nomination for the Democrat Party’s Presidential candidate of 2016.  This means, if the things these people represent are evil, then, as the elected representatives of this nation, they represent evil.  Clearly, this means we — the American People — must then be evil.  Now again, if you think I am accusing an innocent person because you do not support Obama or Clinton, STOP!  If you live in a State that has not seceded over what is happening, then you most definitely do support these people — because you are holding to the system they represent.  So let us not lie to ourselves: if these two support evil, then, as representatives of the people, it is the nation which is actually evil, not Obama and Clinton.  Therefore, the question we must really answer is this: do Obama and Hillary support evil?  I submit they do — and in the most atrocious of ways possible.  They support murder in the pursuit of creating a ‘Master Race!’

I want to start with this story about Obama, because the title is wrong.  If you watch the video in the story, Obama does not call the murder of Africans to harvest their body parts a ‘foolish tradition.’  Watch the video and pay very close attention to what he actually says:

Obama: Killing to Harvest Body Parts Is a ‘Foolish Tradition’- in Africa

The lady in the audience asks him to condemn these murders, but Obama refuses to do so.  Instead, he changes his response to racism, and says that racial bigotry on the part of Africans is a ‘foolish tradition.’  If you doubt me, watch the video clip again.  It is exactly what Obama does.  This means he refuses to renounce the killing of others to harvest their body parts.  This is because he actually supports the practice — as has been demonstrated by his actions regarding the controversy over Planned Parenthood.

[NOTE (August 6, 2015): I fell for an edited video clip.  Apparently, this clip was cut short before Obama does condemn the killing of children to harvest body parts, but when he does, it is still weak — and only after a long, rambling answer to things that were not asked.  So I still contend that he was looking to avoid making a forceful condemnation of the practice.  Other stories have sense come out revealing that Obama has stronger connections to Planned Parenthood than the ‘main stream’ media has been revealing.  So I still contend that Obama has no personal issue with this practice of murder for profit.]

Now, understand something: abortion is murder — period!  Therefore, Obama is supporting murder by defending abortion — period!  Changing the words you use does not change the facts.  You can call it ‘women’s reproductive health,’ but the truth is that the baby carries the DNA of a unique individual — not that of the mother.  This means we are not dealing with the mother, but another human being, and ending that other person’s life is murder — period!  You do not get to change this by making some law, such as Roe v Wade.  There have been many such laws that have been wrong.  If you are going to argue that it is not murder because of a law, then Hitler was correct to say it was not murder because the law said Jews were not fully human.  They are exactly equivalent — especially in this nation.  Or have you and I also rejected these words?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,…”

The Declaration is part of organic U.S. law.  It is the document that authorized the Constitution, as it is the document that created this nation.  If you doubt this, you need to read the Constitution.  It states that the U.S> existed prior to the Constitution.  So ask yourself, if the Constitution says the U.S. existed before it, then what document created the U.S. if it is not the Declaration?  And if the Declaration is law, and that law says it is self-evident that we are created (not born) — by God — with a right to life, and the Constitution says we are guaranteed that our life cannot be taken without due process, then what the hell have we allowed to happen in this country?  Or do we still live in the United States, where the law rules and not men?  Do we — instead — live in some form of NAZI nation where the quest for the master race has been whitewashed by our ruling elite?  And, if this is actually true, how can we not say that we — each and every one of us — is evil for allowing this to happen and/or continue on our watch?  Well, I do not mean to be the barer of bad news, but this is exactly what this nation has become: a whitewashed version of Hitler’s quest for the master race.  I can even prove it.

First, understand that Hitler did not get his ideas from a vacuum.  He got them from England and America, where ‘science’ was being used as a justification to ‘improve’ the ‘evolution’ of humanity. Here is just one voice who was supporting Hitler’s actions, but you must keep this in mind as you listen: George Bernard Shaw was and still is a hero of the American Progressive movement:

In short, the rise of the Progressive movement was the rise of Secular Humanism: the belief that man is his own god, and that he can ‘perfect’ himself through the use of ‘science’ to consciously direct the evolution of humanity.  They literally were their own version of Dr. Frankenstein, only their monster was their notion of the ‘master race.’  This is what the Eugenics movement was all about, and Margaret Sanger — the founder of Planned Parenthood, was one of the foremost leaders of this movement in America.  In fact, Planned Parenthood was developed for the express reason of exterminating the negro race in America.  You really should watch this clip in its entirety.  It is accurate and the information it presents can be verified through actual period documentation.  Any and all claims to the contrary are nothing but propaganda designed to protect the Eugenics agenda by weaving lies and doubt throughout society:

Here is another video, with more accurate information on the history behind the Eugenics movement, and its original goals:

The history of the entire Progressive movement is the history of racism in America since the turn of the Twentieth Century.  Woodrow Wilson, father of the modern Progressive movement, was a well-known racist.  Among other things, he segregated the U.S. military.  But he also wrote extensively on Progressivism, explaining that it is actually the term he would use to ‘sell’ his version of Communism to America.  Thus, ‘Progressive’ has nothing to do with actual progress, or freedom or anything in the traditional American ideal.  It is a term that was used to whitewash the quest for control of this nation by an elite ruling class that saw its right to rule as being based in its ‘superior intellect’ rather than birth.  This is important to understand because — though she lies about what she claims the word means — Hillary Clinton has proudly boasted that she is a Progressive, in the sense of the original meaning of the word:

Hillary has also boasted about how she admires Margaret Sanger:

Therefore, to those who know their history, Hillary — like Obama — has been openly advertising her support for those who are still seeking to create their ‘Master Race.’  And that is exactly what Planned Parenthood is all about.  However, it is also in Obamacare:

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Evidence Of The Progressive’s Eugenics Legacy In Obamacare

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Obamacare Already Paying Intended Dividends


Too late.  Today, they have also linked their racial preferences to their political ideology, as well.  So now, the Progressives not only want a racially pure race, but a race with a politically pure ideology, as well.  The signs have been leaking out, it’s just that most of us are not listening, do not know what we are hearing, or do not want to accept the Truth.  We are like Obama and Kerry telling ourselves that the Iranians do not mean it when they say they want to kill all Americans.  But the Iranians are serious, and so are those who have started to suggest ‘conservatives,’ republicans and ‘climate change deniers’ should be killed:

Social Engineering: Eugenics And The Progressives

CONNECTING THE DOTS: Spirit Of Holocaust Alive And Well In America

So, back to Hillary Clinton and her support of the murder of unborn children.  Watch Hillary give this defense of Planned Parenthood:

Now, read exactly what it is she is so proudly defending:

Fifth Undercover Planned Parenthood Video Released: ‘This Patient Was Like 18 Weeks’ (Warning: GRAPHIC)

Better yet, watch the video:

Now, how can you watch that video and NOT conclude that Hillary is defending evil?  If you did not watch it — all of it — then you instinctively know this is evil.  You may not want to admit it, but you know, but more than that, if you do not watch that video, you are admitting that you also know this is being done in your name.  You are defending this evil — yourself.  In fact, if you cannot bring yourself to watch that video — all of it — then you are on stage with Hillary, defending everything these videos has exposed.  However, if you do watch the video and you can still defend what is happening…  Well, in that case, this is all I have left to say:


Now that you know the truth, let me ask you one more time:

Are Obama and Hillary evil, or do they just represent the evil that this nation has become?


14 thoughts on “TRUTH: Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Represent The Face Of Evil

    1. EdwardS,

      I agree, but it is not the purpose of this post to attack them as individuals, but rather, as representative of the society which produced and supports them. If we were REALLY against them (and I include myself here), they would be gone because all of us who like to think we’re really ‘decent folk’ would be in D.C. demanding justice — and we’d be FULLY ARMED!

  1. Joe,
    True! But I am not responsible for their actions any more than I am responsible for what Hitler did to the Jews in Europe!

    Flagellating yourself does not amend the actions of Obama and Hillary!

    Obama and Hillary ARE EVIL!

    Do not underestimate the power of The American Public! There are actions brewing that may surprise you! Washington, DC could be the BIG Bulls Eye
    for sighters later this summer?

    1. EdwardS,

      I hear and understand you — honest, I do. But I have been looking at ME (not others, ME). What do I do about any of this? I blog. Big deal. There is no action in blogging. If I cared — REALLY cared — I would DO! If I cared, I would already be in D.C. to protest, or in Tallahassee, but I am not there. So I AM responsible for this horror!

      We all live in a nation that pretends to be a representative republic. So long as the structure is there and people are still trying to use it, if we do not use it, then we ARE the individual German who cared more about what was in their dinner pot than what their government was doing. A minority may have voted for Hitler, but the majority saw what Hitler was doing to the Jews and they did nothing. They may have spoke out — as we do now — but they DID NOTHING! So they WERE responsible for Hitler’s crimes. And if we DO NOTHING now, so are we.

      You may not agree, and that’s fine. The Germans disagreed when the Allies told them they were responsible for the concentration camps. They all claimed ignorance. Or said there was nothing they could do. The hard part about the Truth is looking it in the face (often our own reflection) and accepting it for what it REALLY is. So, you can disagree, but I am looking at the Truth, seeing my own inaction and accepting that I support this evil because I am not doing anything to stop it.

      1. Remember in a prior post, and in response to just these issues you said we were to to do nothing unless it is “State” sanctioned. Unless it is under the auspices of a “State” authority.

        These recent developments are hinting at the reasons I brought up that dialogue. Individual action ( according to that discussion ) is prohibited. To Whit, we are now speaking out , but to paraphrase your comment …. “but (we) DO NOTHING!” Doing something outside of State authority is prohibited according to your prior posts and reasoning.

        Now to the other conundrum surrounding this, most do not have (1) Faith nor belief in the governmental ability or willingness to DO anything…..and lack the (2) Knowledge of how to pressure their State or Local gov’t to DO anything.

        But mostly it is a complete loss of faith in any and all Government. Which leaves ONLY local citizen action…..which as you said before is illegitimate without State sanction.

        1. DonAmeche,

          Yep, I remember, and I also know that I must do something, but it must also be within the law. My friend, we are dealing with revolutionaries. They WANT us to do soemthing stupid, on our own. They call it ‘The Bubba Effect,’ and they have been trying to push us into it. It is why they call Patriots ‘domestic terrorists.’ They are already laying the excuse to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution. We must do something, but we must ALSO make sure we do NOT play into their hands.

          Tough road to walk, but then, liberty always has been.

          1. Glenn Beck ( via his “connections” and “military sources” ) calls it “The Bubba Effect” . Since GW according to him.

            You are correct the road is tough , twisting and has been purposely made treacherous…..but it must be walked !

            1. Don,

              Yes, and I am trying — the best any human can — to walk on the right side of it. I do not want to become what I oppose. In this case, I mean evil. Honestly, I would rather evil kill me before I join it. At least that way I will be in better standing on the other side 😦

  2. As a nation we are evil . It’s time for us to get on our knees and ask for God to forgive us and speak out against our national sin while turning away from our own sin . We have the rulers we deserve as a nation that tolerates the horrors we allow .

  3. As an aside : This is an Excellent Post !!!

    And it’s good you put up the “Babes with Bibs” Maggie Sanger video…..hard to find.

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