BIBLICAL SIGNS: Flies and Bees

One of the primary reasons I hear skeptics give for not believing in God is that there is no ‘proof’ He exists.  I wish they would read the Bible.  If they knew it, they would see the signs everywhere — especially today.  Now, understand, most of what the Bible tells us focuses on the things of eternity: the Spiritual.  Those cannot be seen by man unless the Spirit world wills it.  But this does not mean that the influence of the Spirit world does not manifest in this world.  It most certainly does, and it does so in direct connection to the references in the Bible pertaining to these manifestations.  If you doubt me, read the rest of this post.  I bet you’ll learn you have seen these manifestations in this world and never realized how they are connected to Spiritual truths.

How many times have you seen a fly land on or buzzing around Obama’s head?  It has happened to him more than with any other person I know, let alone President.  If you doubt me, search for ‘picture Obama fly’ and see what you get.  Then understand that these are just the pictures we have been shown.  I suspect there have been many more.

Now, have you heard about the bees that have swarmed the White House?  This has happened several times.  In addition, there have also been bees that have buzzed around Obama’s head while he was on camera.  If you doubt me, go do some more Googling and you’ll find it.  You’ll find it because it has happened.  Now, here’s the point to all of this:

Those flies and bees are manifestations of Biblical significance!

Isaiah 7:18  New American Standard Bible (NASB)

18 In that day the Lord will whistle for the fly that is in the [a]remotest part of the rivers of Egypt and for the bee that is in the land of Assyria.

Isaiah 7:17-25
The LORD shall bring on you, and on your people, and on your father’s house, days that have not come…

Bees and swarms of flies are used as a Homeric image for swarms of peoples (Il. 2:87). Here the images are likewise emblematic. The Egyptian people, being unusually numerous, is compared to the swarming fly; and the Assyrian people, being warlike and eager for conquest, is compared to the stinging bee, which is so difficult to turn sway (Deuteronomy 1:44; Psalm 118:12). The emblems also correspond to the nature of the two countries; the fly to slimy Egypt, which, from being such, abounds in insects (chap. 18:1), and the bee to the more mountainous and woody Assyria, where bee-culture still constitutes one of the principal branches of trade in the present day.

(F. Delitzsch.)

Now, the skeptic still may not see this, but if you are a believer, then you should immediately understand that the flies and bees is connected to God’s judgment on Israel after it had turned against Him.  Given that Obama is a Muslim, and has openly blasphemed against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — something he has clearly done this week — it should be clear to God’s people that these are signs of warning to America, too.  Those flies and bees are God’s warning to America, but we do not see or understand because we have become Spiritually blind.  We have become blind because we have turned from God.

But believers should understand the significance here.  Egypt  represents Israel’s reliance on itself and worldly allies rather than trusting in God and Assyria  represents the means by which God punished Israel for relying on Egypt and itself.  Depending on how well you know Bible prophecy, you will also see that the symbol of the flies and bees is similar to other prophetic symbols that carry the same meanings and warnings.  You see, the Bible tries to speak to all of us, so God — through His servants — repeats His messages in many different ways, using many different pictures.

This is real patience and true love.  God never gives up on us: He keeps trying to find a way to reach us — even Obama.  But, apparently, Obama does not see the connection between all those flies and bees and God’s warning any more than most of us do.  We can continue to deny the evidence of God’s Hand in this world, but it will not save us.  We have seen it, and if we ignored it, we will have no excuse on Judgment Day — none!



5 thoughts on “BIBLICAL SIGNS: Flies and Bees

  1. Hi, I stumbled on the article when looking for answers regarding a dream I just had. This isn’t the first spiritually significant dream I’ve had, but this one I don’t quite understand it and feel its important that I do. If you (or the friend you’ve mentioned) could help I’d greatly appreciate it.

  2. What does it mean to see a scaring Black flies in the House For more than two days. I saw it in My House drive the one i can drive out. Kill the once i can kill but i was still seeing some. Pls can u tell me what do they represent

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