The Truth That Has Been Kept From Us

If you love this country, especially if you have been told lies about it, or the truth has been kept from you, you really need to make time to watch this entire show. I’m serious. This should be better than anything Hollywood has ever put out. Watch it tonight, tell me if I was wrong.


What Do We Mean By ‘Super Natural?’

When most people think about things such as God, heaven and the spiritual world, they think in terms of what we like to call, ‘the super natural.’  For many, the idea of accepting the possibility that the ‘super natural’ might be real is beyond their ability to accept.  And yet, for whatever reason, many of those same people have no problem accepting the possibility that other dimensions might exist.  If you were to ask them, they might point to the mathematical models that suggest there are additional dimensions to our universe.  Others might claim that science has proven the existence of parallel universes.  These people cannot actually touch, see, feel, measure or test these additional dimensions or parallel universes, so their belief cannot be based in science. But yet, they can still accept that these things might be real while rejecting any possibility of the spiritual ‘super natural.’  Why is this?

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