It has been some time since I have written.  This is because I am learning to write only when prompted, and then, to write only about those things I am told to write.  Please understand, I do not consider myself to be a prophet.  I do not hear predictions or prophecy of the future.  However, since the prophets were also sent to warn, and a great deal of what I am told to write seems to be in the form of a warning, I suppose I may be a prophet of a sort.  But I want you to know I do not see myself that way.  I see myself as someone who simply wants to obey the Lord, which is why I have a warning for all Christians who are supporting Donald Trump.  I pray you will listen.

The most common reason for Christian support for Trump is expressed in words to this effect:

“God used sinners, so He can use Trump.”

OK, if this is true, I have a question: why can’t God use Hillary Clinton the same way?

If God using sinners is a reason to support a man who is not only unrepentant, but boasts about his sin, then why doesn’t that same reasoning work with Hillary Clinton?  The Truth is, if it works with Trump, it works equally well with Hillary Clinton.  So, congratulations, Christian: you just argued for Christian support of Hillary Clinton!

OK, now that we have that out of the way, can we — as believers — get serious about this issue and start letting Scripture guide us?

First, understand that the angel told Daniel a beast is a world government.  That definition has never changed, so there is no reason to believe the beast in Revelation is a person.  Sound Biblical interpretation says the beast in Revelation is a government.

The next thing we need to understand is that, if we are looking to and trusting in government to set things right, then we are worshiping government and not Christ!  (If you fall into this category, I strongly suggest you give some serious consideration to what this might mean in relation to the mark of the beast).

Scripture also tells us not to be un-equally yoked.  In Truth, this means a believer should not join themselves to an no-believer.  Respectfully, I submit that both Trump and Clinton have told us with their mouths and their deeds that they do not follow the Lord.  Understand, I am not saying they do not believe in the Lord, I am saying they have said and done things that clearly demonstrate the Lord is not the Master of their lives.  The question at hand for believers is: “Is the Lord the Master of our lives?”

If the Lord is the Master of our lives, then we are only charged with doing our best to live according to our best understanding of His Word.  The outcome is for Him to decide, not us.  We are to trust in and rely on Him, not government, not ourselves.  This is what it means to let the Lord be the Master of our lives: we must surrender to Him and His plans, not ours.

Scripture is clear on this matter: believers are not to support those who are unrepentant in their sin.  We are to show them the love of Christ by the way we live, but we are not to join ourselves to them.  What the believer must understand is that your vote is an outward sign of support.  Therefore, we must cast our vote accordingly and leave the result to the Lord.  Scripture tells us not to fear, He can and will use all things for the good of those who trust and believe.

For example: as horrible as WW II was for the Jews, the Lord used that tragedy to bring Israel back into existence.  If God can bring such light from such darkness, why should we doubt Him today?  Why should we be trying to take things into our own hands by creating arguments for supporting someone who Scriptures clearly tell us we should stay as far away from as possible?  By arguing such foolishness as “God uses sinners so support Trump,” a believer does little more than Abraham did when he tried to rush things by having a child with Hagar instead of waiting on the Lord to give him a son through Sarah.  The result was not what Abraham intended, and Ishmael became and has remained a thorn in the side of believers ever since.

I’ll close with this.  I am not telling anyone how to vote.  That is not my business.  However, I am warning those who profess to believe in Christ that they should not be tempting the Lord by twisting His Word to support their desires.  If we believe, then we trust Him — not government, not even ourselves, but Him and Him alone.  And if we trust Him, then all we have to do obey His Word as best we can and leave the result to Him.  He is the Master, we are the servant.  Trying to force His hand by acting against His teachings is rebellion, and Scripture is clear about how rebellion turns out.  So why would any believer tempt the Lord by creating twisted reasons to support someone they should recognize as an opponent of God?  How can a person claim to be a believer while making excuses for supporting the ungodly?  It simply does not work, so chose wisely.  As for me and my house, we chose to obey and trust in the Lord.  I pray you will do the same.



  1. I read a story recently about a nice Christian lady, over 70 years old, who ran a florist shop in Washington state. At an age when she should be about to retire, she’s instead facing bankruptcy.


    Because she refused to arrange the flowers for a gay wedding.

    Think about that for a second. This persecution of someone for Christian beliefs took place in the United States.

    Of the two candidates running for president who actually have a chance of winning, which one is likely to protect Christians for politically correct nonsense and which is likely to extend the progressive persecution of Christianity?

    Answer A: Trump – avowed enemy of political correctness
    Answer B: Hillary – running under the tent of the progressives

    In light of what’s going on in the real world, I think that your thoughts on this subject border on idiocy.

    1. Do you read God’s Word? Do you know history? Do you know what happened to Germany in the 1930’s? The Germans said the exact same thing about Hitler. Now, I am not saying Trump is Hitler, but I AM saying Trump is following the exact same path — and that is because he is being lead by the same un-Godly spirit.

        1. Did I say she was? Didn’t you read my post? Didn’t you see where I equated the two, saying that they are both un-Godly?

          I expected someone to start with this ‘either-or’ argument. The problem is, it is a false argument. A RIGHTEOUS person can and MUST oppose both of these people. What I do not understand is why so many believers cannot seem to see and understand that…

          1. Meanwhile, back in the real world, one of these two people is going to be the president. The fact is that, if you normally vote Republican and do not vote Republican this year, it’s the same thing as supporting Hillary.


            1. And there we go with man thinking he knows better than God!

              To anyone reading along, this is exactly what I am warning against. This is Abraham forcing God’s hand. It is Jacob forcing God’s hand in putting him first in his inheritance. It is trusting in yourself and NOT God! This is exactly what I fear — and exactly why this nation is going to fall under judgment!!!

  2. I have followed the above conversation and your posts on this matter. My thought is that from what I read you saying: I should not vote this year. Gary Johnson nor the lady from the Green Party (I think that is her party) are not Christian either at least from what I can tell. So – I have a choice to make or as you are indicating – I have no choice in this presidential election cycle. Are you voting? From what I hear you saying – Christians should not.

    1. Michael,

      No, I have not said not to vote. We have a duty to vote. What I am saying is that, FOR A BELIEVER, our duty to vote also has to be understood in connection to our duty to vote for that person we truly believe to be Godly. No lawless person is or can be Godly. And by that, I do not suggest that there is a perfect person in this world. There isn’t. But there are people who still acknowledge right from wrong and seek to do right — even at their own expense. Find and vote for one of those people — even if you have to write in their name.

      Our founders tried to explain this to us, but we have forgotten their advice:

      “Shun, as a contagious pestilence, … those especially whom you perceive to be infected with the principles of infidelity [those who do not live their life according to God’s laws] or enemies to the power of religion. Whoever is an avowed enemy of God, I scruple not to call him an enemy to his country.”

      – United States Founding Father, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, John Witherspoon, “The Works of John Witherspoon, (Edinburgh: J. Ogle, 1815), Vol. IX, p. 250, “The Druid”, Number III

      1. Even though it was only a state election in the past, I chose not to vote for Arnold when he was running for governor of CA. I checked Tom McClintock, even though I knew that the celebrity of Schwarzenegger would propel him towards winning the election. In hindsight, I have never regretted that vote! Arnold was a complete and utter disaster for CA! This brought in liberal leftist moonbeam Democrat Jerry Brown, who is turning out to be even worse.

        My sorrow is that this election is often pitting Christian against Christian. The people and friends that I know and love who will vote for Trump will still be loved and will always be my friends! The relatives whom I love (and have told me that they will most likely vote for HilLIARy), will still be my relatives and loved by me.

        I must follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and vote my conscience in this election. No matter what, Jesus Christ is first and foremost in my life! It is His Perfect Love and leading that I joyfully follow! Thus, I can live “above the fray” from all of the Election 2016 noise, radicalism, desperation and fear.

        1. Amen!

          As an aside, I actually believe that God is using BOTH Trump AND Hillary — to give us what we want. Both sides have argued for “the lesser of two evils” for so long that the Lord has finally given us a choice between two GREAT evils. Congratulations to us! 😦

          (I hope my cynicism and sarcasm are apparent here, because most my readers seem to miss my remorse and repentance over my part in helping to make this mess 🙂 )

          1. Oh don’t worry…I completely get it!
            Fortunately, our combined remorse and repentance in helping to make this mess is forgiven and covered by the One (and only One!) who truly matters in this life and the next…Jesus Christ! 🙂

              1. I have often found that people who are not (yet!) born again in Jesus Christ do not “get” the whole concept of forgiveness, mercy and grace via the Cross. I see that there are people who think Christians are “arrogant,” and thus surmise that “we think we are better” than everyone else. Nothing could be further from the truth!

                Repentance for sin is a MUST before we can take part in the forgiveness, mercy and grace given to us through the shed blood at the cross of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Isaiah reminds us of our true condition before the Cross of Christ cleanses us:

                Isa 64:6

                But we are all like an unclean thing,
                And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags;
                We all fade as a leaf,
                And our iniquities, like the wind,
                Have taken us away.

                We know that being born again does not mean we are perfect. We will still have to live with a sinful nature (here on earth), but because of what Christ did for us, we DESIRE to live for Him more fully and avoid the occasion of sin.

                In a later verse, Isaiah shares hope for us:

                Isa 64:8

                But now, O LORD,
                You are our Father;
                We are the clay, and You our potter;
                And all we are the work of Your hand.

                This past weekend, a non-believer told my son that he thinks that, “the Christian faith is a beautiful religion.” This is the adult young man who encouraged me to read Eckhart Tolle’s book, “The Power of Now.” They had a great conversation, and although I didn’t hear all of it I was so proud of my son for witnessing to him! Near the end of the conversation, my son also shared that there are religious off-shoots of Christianity (i.e. Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses) that do not adhere to the general revelation of God nor the Scriptures that have “once been delivered to the saints.” He didn’t use those exact words, but that was the gist of it. At that point, the young man objected to “bashing” someone else’s beliefs. I’m sure that this was because Tolle’s book (and teachings) combine some Christianity, Buddhism, and Gnosticism; therefore, we must be “tolerant” of other religions. When they briefly touched on the “religion” of Islam, the young man stuck to the liberal leftist stance that the religion has been “hijacked” by a radical few. My son didn’t try to change his mind on that issue (would take too long anyway), but the next time I see this young man I will mention the “tenet” of “taqiyya” which allows any Muslim to lie in order to advance their global jihad political Caliphate plans via claims of being a “religion of peace.”

                All in all, it was a great conversation to observe! I was so encouraged that my son is not worried about political correctness when sharing the Truth with others.
                ~ Christine
                P.S. Lately, I have gotten a message that “this page cannot be displayed” when clicking on the link to your site that I have on by blog roll. Maybe it was just a glitch via my server? The second time I attempted to get to this page, there was no message like that. I’m not very techie inclined so I don’t really know what caused that to happen.

                1. Christine,

                  Thanks for sharing that. You are correct about the need for forgiveness, and how non-believers do not understand the way it works. It can and — sadly — does make less humble Christians appear to be arrogant, which is why we are called to be so humble in our dealings with the world: so that the world will not be able to falsely accuse us. HOWEVER, it is also a mark of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. If a person claims to be a believer, then boasts about being unrepentant, then we know God’s Word (not us, God) says the Light is not in these people and they are not believers, but liars!

                  This brings us to the next subject: compromise. The world teaches compromise, but if we accept Scripture as God’s Word, then there can be no compromise. We must stand firm on this point, but do so with agape love. It sounds as though your son did that just fine and I praise the Lord for your son and your son’s heart.

                  Finally, I do not know of any troubles with my site, but it will also be moving soon. If all goes well, I am going to move The OYL to a self-host location. I’ll keep the domain, but I am going to incorporate my work on The Road to Concord into the OYL and start turning my blog into an educational resource center to equip believers in furthering their personal studies and understanding of the world in which we live. I have no doubt it will help non-believers just as much, but it will be written for Christians, by a Christian and with a Christian world-view. Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.

                  1. Thanks for all that you wrote and your kind words about my son.

                    It seems to be a “fine line” that we walk between being humble, but then also sharing the truth of the gospel. I have found that utilizing Christian Apologetics when sharing our faith often makes people uncomfortable. When I have asked opinions on this, people assume that their discomfort us due to “arrogance,” yet oftentimes it’s due to the person feeling guilty. Been there, done that!

                    Your new site sounds wonderful and I will be following and reading there.

                    BTW, I wrote and expanded blog post which included what I wrote in my comment here.

      2. I have been warned in dream and also in instruction this same exact thing. The lord warned me that there was a deception linked to Trump. This deception would divide Christians and cause strife in the body of Christ. This is exactly what is happening. We as Christians or Christ’s body on earth are supposed to act as He would. No knowledgable Christian would dare suggest Jesus would have voted for Trump for many reasons. Nor are we to be moved by fear over anything. Compromising the truth out of a fear of even hell itself to save a nation is nothing more than idolatry. Yes, by doing so you elevate Amarica above God himself. My future is only determined by my faithfulness in God and not man. Also we must remember to walk in love to those brothers and sisters who do not agree with how we think they should vote. Pray and watch we are nearing The Lords return.

        1. Amen, but with two words of caution. As believers, we can no more support the lawlessness of Hillary Clinton than we can support Trump. And yes, we must walk in love with others, but the Scriptures say AGAPE them — not phileo! There is an important difference here: a difference lost in our culture and our limited (perverted?) understanding of love.

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