2016.10.8 EDITORIAL: An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton Supporters

It is well-known that I oppose Donald trump.  I believe he has the makings of a dictator, and I will not apologize for my opinion.  It is based in the man’s own words.  However, if anyone thinks this makes Hillary Clinton a better choice, that person is an enemy of the United States of America!  Yes, you heard me correctly: if you support Hillary Clinton for President, you are an enemy of the United States of America!

Now, foolish people (Glenn Beck) may try to argue that we shouldn’t use such language because we all have to come together after the election.  I disagree.  There is absolutely no way for an honest person to defend Hillary.  She is the most corrupt politician this country has had in my lifetime (I am 50), and very possibly the most corrupt we have ever had.  The only reason she has not been jailed already is because the people who are responsible for prosecuting her are protecting their own involvement in her most recent crimes.  But this does not change the fact that this woman is corrupt to the core.

If a person knows that a candidate is corrupt. That the candidate refused to send aid to Americans in danger.  That the candidate then put an innocent American in jail to cover up the fact she refused to send help.  If a person supports a candidate who knowingly and intentionally placed classified information in a position where this nation’s enemies would steal it.  If a person supports a candidate they know to be running weapons to this nation’s enemies.  If you support someone who cannot tell the truth, who is an open and unashamed hypocrite and who seeks to eliminate (not just destroy) her enemies.  If you support such a person — a person who is clearly an enemy of this country — then you are knowingly and intentionally lending your support to them, thereby making yourself an enemy of the nation, as well.

Now, if the Apostle, John (whom Jesus loved) tells us that anyone who greets (welcomes/befriends/supports) an enemy of the Gospel, that person participates in their evil (2 John 7 — 11). Therefore, how can we be innocent if we greet/befriend/support someone who is at war with this nation?  We can’t be and we aren’t.  Furthermore, this applies to those who support Trump.  Both candidates have confessed to being enemies of the ideal of America.  Neither of them support the Constitution.  Both have openly opposed it — many times.  Therefore, supporting either candidate is to join with them in their attack on this nation and its laws.  The only difference is that Trump has only said he will go to war with our Constitution, Hillary has repeatedly demonstrated that she already has, and has been since her youth.

As for Mr. Beck: I ask you, sir, how does one ‘come together’ with an enemy of one’s own nation?  I understand the desire to heal the rift, but it is too late for that.  All that can be done now is to remove the evil from among us.  Now, both candidates have said things which would suggest they will both be happy to do that.  I, on the other hand, would not.  The removing and rebuilding is to be left to God, sir.  But it is not for God’s people to join with evil.  Scripture is very clear on this point: when God’s people join with evil, the Lord destroys them along with that evil — every time.  It will be no different for those who join with lawless politicians.  Lawlessness is lawlessness — period!  And any who knowingly and willingly side with ilawlessness become lawless, themselves.


6 thoughts on “2016.10.8 EDITORIAL: An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton Supporters

  1. Joe,

    God has raised up both Hillary Clinton and Don Trump for such a time as this. The fact that this is the best the American people can put forth to be POTUS speaks volumes to how far we have fallen into sin as a nation.

    God says repent or I will let you bring destruction upon yourselves. It may be identified as God’s Judgement but in reality, man through his own moral free will is the causation.

    Sin is as assured as gravity. You can only defy it so long before it brings one back to reality. We are getting ready to have to deal with the reality we know is coming for we have become unrepentant and followers of ungodly man.

    There is ultimate and assured comfort in knowing Christ has a remedy for all of this for those walking with him moment by moment in his omnipresence.

    Show no fear to what man can do and pray for the lost.

    1. Amen, and AMEN!


      You just affirmed the message I taught my class this morning. They asked about the election, and I told them that God has raised these two up (Hillary and Trump), just not in the way most believe. We have been arguing over the choice of lesser evils for so long, the Lord has finally given us a choice between evil and evil — such that BOTH will destroy this nation. Therefore, our choices are to either turn back to God and repent or, either way we vote, we will be destroyed and it will be by our own hand/reasoning. That is exactly what Scripture tells us, and exactly what you just said here. This is three witnesses, and on the testimony of three, we can rest assured that the thing decreed is certain. 😦


  2. Looks like we are on the same sheet of scripture. Most Christians are still very unschooled as to whats coming our way. Pastor Jeffers at 1st Baptist just warned his congregation as well. With Hillary as President nothing good is going to come out of DC and times will be getting very complicated for all.

    Evil can do no good and since there is no light in Hillary Clinton she can only do evil as well. This will cause massive destruction to all still living in Adam. Not only in the flesh but in the spirit.

    For those that profess to be Christian persecution will be the order of the day.

    Stay safe in Christ and keep your powder dry.

    1. Thanks, brother.

      BTW: I am working to move this blog to an independent host by the end of the month — just like I told you some time ago. When I do, I will roll my other blog into it and all my work will then be in one place. Should actually make it easier to use as a reference source after that 🙂

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