Glenn Beck Is Breaking My Heart

I am troubled to the core of my soul over this topic.  I want to support this man.  So much of what he says and the way he says it resonates with me.  I am profoundly grateful for all he has taught me about American history.  I have come to think of him as a friend.  To be totally honest, I love the man.  Yet, I have a profound fear that he is leading people away from the Lord, not to Him.  Today is October 5, 2015.  In the first hour of his radio show, he made light of people who stress the meaning of words.  He said word to the effect of “Well, I’m sorry if I don’t say things exactly enough for you.”  It is precisely this attitude that lies at the heart of my concern with Beck because it means he is preaching a message of peace and unity that is based in a profound sense of arrogance.  Yes, I am saying that Beck’s apparent humility is false.  The man is as arrogant as they come, but he is also blind to his arrogance.  Now, before you accuse me of wrongly judging Glenn and tune me out, let me confess that I am saying this as one who is guilty of the exact same arrogance.  The only difference between Beck and myself is that God took the scales from my eyes and now I see how arrogant I have been most of my life.  I write now, not as one claiming the authority to judge Glenn Beck, but as one rescued from his own sin who seeks to explain the source of Beck’s arrogance to those who  have ears to hear…

One of the most common complaints I hear from readers is that I place too much stress on definitions.  People seem to accept the idea that there is an ‘acceptable’ amount of gray in everything, but this is a lie.  When it comes to matters of right and wrong, everything is black and white.  If you are seeing gray, it is a sure sign you are on the wrong side of right (i.e. on the wrong side of the moral laws governing right from wrong).  The same applies to definitions: if you see ‘wiggle room’ in a definition, then you are on the wrong side of the laws governing logic and reason.  What’s more, if you are on the wrong side of reason, you are also on the wrong side of right.  This is because logic and reason are part of God’s Natural Law, and to be on the wrong side of Natural Law is to violate God’s universal laws of right and wrong.

God curses anyone who moves his neighbor’s boundary markers.  Now, this refers to moving the boundaries of a person’s property, but the lesson also applies to all boundaries.  Definitions are boundaries: they define the boundaries of meaning assigned to a word or concept.  Definitions are essential to logic and reason.  The rules of logic and reason are based on and rely on definitions.  The two cannot be separated. If you ignore or try to change a definition, you are ignoring or moving the boundaries of the meaning assigned to that word or concept.  You are also ignoring or trying to change the rules of logic and reason.  Since these rules are fixed by God, they cannot be changed.  Therefore, anyone who ignores them ignores God, and anyone who attempts to change them is claiming to be above God.

However, man assigns meaning to words and concepts, so man has authority over them.  This means we can change definitions, but only if we do so within the laws governing such a change.  Before you can change a definition, you have to provide the reason for the change as well as the new meaning assigned to the word or concept in question.  You also have to make these changes known to all interested parties and be very clear in explaining that you are using this new definition.  If you do this, then it is not so much like moving a boundary marker as it is re-drawing them.  In essence, you are making a public statement about what you are doing.  You are not doing it in secret.  And even then, even if you follow these rules, you cannot expect that all people will accept and go along with your new definition.  You can use it, but you have no right or authority to force others to accept and use it.  That would be a violation of Natural Law.

Now, since we are talking about Glenn Beck, let me try to illustrate my point by using one of Beck’s chief objections to those who have destroyed the U.S. Constitution.  The Constitution was adopted by the States which were acting under the authority of their citizens.  So the States actually created the Constitution, and they did so with the understandings established through the exchange we now know as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers.  Therefore, the meaning of the Constitution is defined by both the plain meaning of its text — as understood at the time of ratification — as well as the discussion between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.  The Constitution also stipulates two processes by which it can be amended or changed, and both point back to the States which created it.  Any attempt to change the Constitution outside of these two processes is a violation of the Constitution and an usurpation of the States authority.   One cannot lawfully change the Constitution by changing the meaning or ‘interpretation‘ of its language.  Nor can they ignore any of the things it stipulates must be done by one or more of the branches of government it creates.  Yet, under the living document doctrine and the practice of continuing resolutions, both have been allowed to happen. Today, people accept this as having effectively changed the Constitution — but they have not!  They are acts of lawlessness and, ultimately, they reflect the lawlessness in the hearts of the States and the People.  Should the time ever come when the heart of the States and/or the People should return to the law, they will need only apply that law to restore the Constitution.  But, until this time, the Constitution has been destroyed and we live under the rule of men, not the rule of law.  This was done by simply ignoring and/or changing the meaning of words within the Constitution (and insisting that all of society accept these lawless changes).  Now, let me show you how this process applies to Beck with regards to matters of God and the arrogance of man.

 Glenn Beck is a Mormon.  As such, he believes that god is a man who came from another planet.  He also believes that Jesus and Satan are brothers, and that Jesus was born of carnal knowledge between his god and Mary (an act of adultery that Mormons have difficulty explaining as it means their god sinned, and thus — by definition — cannot be a god). As a Mormon, Beck also believes that he can only be saved through works.  The Mormon Jesus is the ‘savior’ only in as much as he covers the debt to God that we cannot work off on our own in this life.  Mormons also believe that the holy spirit is a third person.  They believe that all three of these persons — their god, their Jesus and their holy spirit — are equally god.  Therefore — by definition – they are polytheists.  There is more, but this is more than enough.  None of this agrees with the Bible!  Therefore — by definition — Mormons are not and cannot be ‘Christians.’  They do not even worship the same God, the same Jesus or believe in the same Gospel.  So, when Beck insists that he is a ‘christian,’ he is deceiving people because he has not fully and publicly explained that he has changed the meaning of the words he uses.  Jesus — the real Jesus — said to be on our guard for false prophets and false teachers.  So, why does or should this even matter?

This matters for a very important reason: if you believe in the God of the Bible, then one of us is wrong, and the one who is wrong is of Satan, not God!  The next question you should ask is how to know which of us is wrong.

That is a matter for a separate post, but, in short, Mormons believe the Bible was corrupted and that their god sent an angel to Joseph Smith to ‘restore’ the original scriptures.  Coincidentally, this is very similar to what Islam teaches.  Now, if the Bible has been corrupted, there should be evidence of it in the archaeological records.  The problem for Beck is that archaeology supports the reliability of the Scriptures as we have them now — just as we should expect: if God is God, then He can and will protect His Word.  IN the case of Mormonism (and Islam), their own holy writings have not been preserved.  At least some part of the material Smith (and Muhammad) wrote or had access to has been lost.  This is not the case with the Bible (even the parts considered to be heretical have been preserved).  So, if you believe in the God of the Bible, then you are bound to obey His Word as spoken through His prophets and other servants.  And if you do that, you must reject Beck’s claim to be a follower of Christ.  Bu definition — and in this case, it is God’s definition — Beck is not a follower of Jesus Christ.

Yet, Beck would still insist that he has the sole authority to define whether or not he is a Christian.  He even invokes Christ’s own words about not judging others to defend his assertion.  By definition, this means Beck is claiming to have the authority to change God’s Word.  He doubles down on this by claiming the authority to re-define what it is to be a Muslim.  When Beck insists that there are ‘Muslims’ and ‘Islamists,’ he is changing the commands of Allah as given through Muhammad.  Whether you accept Allah as a god or not, by changing his commands, Beck is claiming authority over Allah.  But it is worse than this.  Beck has even claimed authority over his own god.  Beck has renounced polygamy.  According to Joseph Smith, this is ‘the sacrament,’ and it is mandatory for all Mormons who hope to become gods, themselves.  So, by renouncing polygamy, Beck is claiming authority over his own god.  You see, if you claim to believe in a god, you are bound to follow your god’s commands.  You have no authority to change those commands.  If you try to do so, you are placing yourself above that god.  Now, by definition — there is no greater height of arrogance than for a mortal man to claim to be above all gods.  Yet, this is exactly what Beck has been doing.

However, Beck is not alone.  Many of us who claim to follow the God of the Bible do the same thing.  When we rationalize abortion, or even just turn our face from what is being done in our name (and if you are an American citizen, it is being done in our name) — then you are assuming God’s throne.  If you remain silent while the definition of marriage is perverted, you claim the Throne of God.  Anything we do that is against God’s commands, anything we ignore, anything we try to change or rationalize is assuming the Throne of God.  It is what 2 Thessalonians 2 is all about.In short, it is the height of arrogance and makes us the lawless one spoken of in Scripture.

This is why I write: to warn those who might otherwise be lead astray.  Glenn Beck uses the same words as the Bible, but he has changed their meaning without telling you.  We know this because he professes his Mormon religion, and this is what Mormons believe.  This means Beck is knowingly and intentionally deceiving his audience.  The Bible says that Satan is the father of deception, not God.  So I write to warn those who will hear, and to beg those who already have insight to join me in praying for Glenn, all Mormons and all Muslims (as well as those who call themselves Christian, but have not yet made Christ the Lord of their life).  Many are being lead to destruction through deception.  Please, pray for them with me: pray that the scales may be removed from their eyes, ears and hearts.  Pray that they may come to know the real Jesus Christ, and that they will accept Him as their Lord and Savior.


Today is Oct 6, the day after I wrote my original post.  Today, again in the first hour of his radio show, Beck was saying that a Florida political candidate cannot be a Libertarian because he drank goats blood as part of a religious ritual.  Before you agree with Beck, think about what this means.

Beck is now claiming to be able to define what it is to be a ‘Libertarian,’ but — by definition — a Libertarian is supposed to be someone who leaves others alone (so long as they are not harming another person or their property).  Second, this act was in connection to the candidate’s religious beliefs.  In the past, Beck has said that, as long as no one is being harmed, we should not judge the religious beliefs of other people.  But look here: the moment someone does something that Glenn does not like or agree with, he condemns them and says they cannot claim the label of Libertarian.

By definition, This means Glenn is wrong to tell this candidate that he is not a Libertarian, and — by definition — it also makes Beck a hypocrite.  The man does not see his own hypocrisy.  He is blind.  And Jesus said that the blind cannot lead the blind because they will lead everyone into the ditch.  So I ask you, please, be very careful before you accept anything Beck teaches when it comes to God and faith.  By Glenn’s own past words (his measure against others on political matters, etc), Glenn is not to be trusted on these matters.


4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Is Breaking My Heart

  1. Joe,

    Oh, what is done in the name of The Lord…. The older I grow the more I see the harm caused by so many of those in pursuit of “Truth”, “righteousness”, and “goodness”. Our endeavors blind us; desires, passions, and trends are not the only causes of American turmoil: We run from corruption right into the claws of deception–and way too readily. And look how easy it is to deceive? Even the best among us can be deceived, which is proof that they can also do the deceiving. Glen’s answers are more fire than they are truth; his followers mistake his courageous enthusiasm for wisdom. Good work bringing light to this.


    1. Lara,

      I would be just as blind and just as big a deceiver had the Lord not opened my eyes. Even then, if I did not cling tight to the Lord’s Word, I would have gotten lost all over again. I do not blame Glenn for being blind, but I do hold it against him that he so viciously attacks those who try to show him his error. Beck cannot preach Scripture, then turn and attack God’s people for trying to show him that he does not understand God’s Word. It does not work that way.

      Still, I pray for Glenn and all — who like I was — are lost in their own self. I pray that God will open their eyes, ears and hearts and that they will see the Way, the Truth and the Light and make Him Lord of their life.

      1. Amen, Joe, it’s a long road to the Truth and the Light for all of us. You have a profound amount of humility to talk about your history on the internet!

        1. Lara,

          I can only talk about the wrong I see in others if I do so by speaking through the wrong I have done, myself. For most of my life, I was a bringer of death. By that, I mean I lived in opposition to God and God’s laws, and I fear I may have lead many of His children into sin. Sin is the path to death, so I was the bringer of death. Thankfully, God has forgiven me my sins because I have made His Son the Lord of my life. Now I am just trying to share this with those who will listen. The amazing part — at least to me — is that I am still the rebellious sinner, but now I can actually see and do good because Jesus now lives in me. Without Him, I am nothing; but with Him, I am everything. How could I NOT want to share such a wonderful gift as God’s Grace? 🙂

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