AGENDAS: The Similarities between Islam and Mormonism

I know that there are many who think I ‘hate’ Mormons and Muslims.  Glenn Beck is one of these people.  This is not my ‘opinion,’ but Glenn’s own words.  He has spent several long segments on his various shows explaining that anyone who disagrees with him as to what is and is not true about God ‘hates’ him.  He has said pretty much the same thing about anyone who disagrees with Islam: if I do not accept those Beck calls ‘good’ Muslims (i.e. not actively engaged in jihad), then I ‘hate’ Muslims.  Neither is true.  I love both Mormons and Muslims, but it is an agape love.  This means I do not agree with someone if I believe they are wrong; I try to offer correction.  To this end, I was going to write a post about the many historic similarities between Muhammad/Islam and Joseph Smith/Mormonism.  However, I found a post that has already done this, and — in my opinion — did it better than I could have.  So, for those who want to educate themselves, I highly recommend you read:

Similarities between Islam and Mormonism: the 3rd and 4th “Abrahamic” religions

There is only one point I wish to expand upon: the notion that the Bible has somehow been perverted.  First, the archeological records would testify against these claims made by Islam and Mormonism.  Scripture seems to have remained largely preserved as originally written, and the records affirm this.  This is actually unusual in that most writings morph over time, yet the Bible has remained uncommonly consistent.  This is exactly what we would expect if if the Bible is what it claims to be: the revealed Word of God.  After all, if god cannot preserve his word, then how can he be god?  So it is important to note that the Bible has done exactly what God claims He would do — it has preserved God’s Word.  And this speaks against both Islam and Mormonism.

Finally, I want to end this post by asking you: if you believe in the God of the Bible, I urge you to pray for all those who have been deceived.  Ask God to reveal Himself to them, and to give those lost people a heart that will receive the Holy Spirit if and when it calls them.


8 thoughts on “AGENDAS: The Similarities between Islam and Mormonism

  1. Thanks for putting that up !!

    I learned a new term : Gazelam – Robber of the People. Puts so much in perspective. Not the least of which would be Harry Reid’s actions towards the Bundy Family and Glenn Beck’s ( The Blaze’s) info black-out on Reid’s shady land deals in Nevada after his 3rd or 4th very VOCAL denegration of Bundy.

    The follow-up on Reid’s “gazelaming” the Bundys, the People of Nevada and the American Taxpayer was almost nowhere to be found on a Beck-owned site.

    Harry Reid is of course a Mormon….like Beck.

    1. DonAmeche,

      I discovered the connection between because I studied Islam. I used the same approach to Mormonism as I did Islam. And I now understand that I cannot trust Beck on ANYTHING anymore — and for the exact same reasons I cannot trust Muslims. They are both controlled by the same spirit, and that spirit is not of Yahweh!

      1. I still think we can trust him when he reports on things which are verifiable. Such as the gov’t shenanigans and such which he’s been good at.

        But about things wherein he injects himself as part of the reportage…..NO, absolutely not. That he has an agenda is so transparent.

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