Beware Those Who Move Boundary Stones!

Cursed is the one who moves his neighbor’s landmark.

God’s Word speaks directly against those who move boundary stones.  In fact, God’s Word goes so far as to say that those who move boundary stones are to be cursed.  I marvel at how lightly we take the underlying principle in this part of God’s Word.  Even among those who profess to be believers, there is a profound lack of understanding.  God is not speaking about trivial matters.  If He was, He would not say that the people who break this command are to be cursed.  But then, I wonder how many understand or even care about what it means to be cursed or accursed.  If I go strictly by what I see people doing (sadly, this includes many professed believers), then I would be forced to conclude that the majority of people in our society either do not know how to recognize the foundational principle underlying God’s command not to move boundary markers, or worse, they simply do not care…

Typical Boundary Markers. Such markers were specifically protected under the Law of Moses (Dt 19:14; Prov 22:28) In fact Dt 27:17 tells us, 'Cursed is the one who moves his neighbor's landmark.' Job (24:2) shows us that this has been understood as theft since ancient times. Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek & Roman law also viewed such moving of these boundary stones as a crime. THose who refuse to live righteously are described in Hosea 5:10 as 'like those who remove a landmark'.
Typical Boundary Markers. Such markers were specifically protected under the Law of Moses (Dt 19:14; Prov 22:28) In fact Dt 27:17 tells us, ‘Cursed is the one who moves his neighbor’s landmark.’ Job (24:2) shows us that this has been understood as theft since ancient times. Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek & Roman law also viewed such moving of these boundary stones as a crime. Those who refuse to live righteously are described in Hosea 5:10 as ‘like those who remove a landmark’.

In simple terms, a boundary marker is something (usually stones) that marks the edges of a piece of property.  We can still find them today: both in the Middle East, and on the boundaries of Washington, D.C.  This is convenient, as it illustrates one of many examples of people violating the Spirit behind God’s command not to move these boundary markers.  This nation was founded by Christians who were relying on the principles and ideals of their Judeo/Christian faith.  This is a fact.  We know it is a fact because we still have the words of those who founded this nation and written in their own hand.  Those words clearly and boldly state that this is and has been a Christian nation from its founding.  yet, today, there are many who deny these historical facts.  They can only do this by trying to change history, and the only thing they have to affect this change is the assertion of their own words.  The history — the markers — stand as witness against them.  Therefore, they are an example of people who are attempting to move a boundary marker.  In this case, the markers that record the history of this nation.

The command not to move boundary stones comes from Proverbs 22:28:

Do not move the ancient boundary
Which your fathers have set.

Now, if one reads all of Proverbs 22, one will find that this verse is set in a greater context.  Proverbs 22 is about how to live a proper life, and how one conducts themselves in the pursuit of the same.  So, in context, it is clear that the spirit behind this command goes far beyond mere stones marking the boundary of property.  It extends to every aspect of society that has been set by God and/or our ancestors.  These boundaries were set to provide for a stable, moral society, and this is why the Lord commands us not to break them.  For when we start moving these boundaries, either physical as in the case of a stone marker, or traditional, as in the case of existing laws, we undermine society.  When we undermine society, we are acting lawlessly, and the Lord’s Word condemns lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2).  Therefore, God’s command not to move boundary markers is actually a command not to undermine the foundations of a moral and orderly society (i.e. lawful society).

How can we know this is the correct understanding of this command?  By looking to God’s Word for explanation. If we do that, we will find this:

The princes of Judah have become like those who move a boundary;
On them I will pour out My wrath like water.

This verse comes from Hosea 5:10.  The prophet, Hosea, was sent to warn the leaders of Judah, the two Southern Tribes, that their wicked and sinful ways were going to lead to God’s judgment coming down on Judah, just as it had on Israel (the Ten Northern Tribes).  So, because they were wicked and lawless, God’s Word tells us that the leaders of Judah were as those who move boundaries.  This is how we can know that I have given you the proper explanation of the spirit underlying God’s command not to move boundary markers.

Therefore, the next question we should ask ourselves is: Can we still recognize when people are moving boundary markers?  Well, if they help, here are a few examples I found just in today’s news scrolls:

This is an attempt to move boundaries by revising history.  The truth — the actual history — is that the founders insisted on the Second Amendment so that the people would have  a guarantee to arms — any and all types of arms.  What the founding fathers were trying to preserve is the Natural Right to self-defense against the government.  This requires military weapons.  If we look, we will find that this is what the founders actually intended.  We know this because they had no problem with private citizens owning cannons and even battleships.  So Sunstein is attempting to move a boundary and, therefore, is to be cursed.

This one is a little more difficult, because too few of us know our history well enough to know why it is an attempt to move boundaries:

John Kasich Wants To Buy Bibles For People Who Disagree With His Idea Of Expanding The Welfare State

Christ never taught His disciples to look to Caesar to do charity for the poor and oppressed.  He placed this burden on the individual.  This means that we — individually — are commanded to care for the widow, the orphan, the poor and the sick.  Government has no part in this.  When we look to and depend on government for our needs, we make it our god.  That is most definitely moving a boundary and is to be accursed.

This one is even more difficult, because too few of us know history or read the Bible enough to know why it is also an attempt to move a boundary:

Jeremiah Wright Touts BDS Movement, Says ‘Jesus Was a Palestinian’

First, Palestine has never been a country.  Historically, it is a name used to refer to a region.  We can think of it like ‘The South’ refers to a region of the United States.  This region encompasses part of Judea.  We can think of Judea as a State, like Alabama.  Jesus was a Hebrew from Judea (hence, a Jew).  So, at best, calling Jesus a Palestinian would be like calling someone from Alabama a Southerner.  Technically, it may be true, but it has no real significance.

However, the problem here is that — in Biblical times — there actually was a difference.  The people who would have been considered ‘Palestinians’ during the time of Christ would have been considered pagans by the Jews.  They were primarily descendant from Ishmael, not Isaac.  To those who do not understand the Bible and Qur’an, this key point is missed.  Wright is making an Islamic claim to Jesus — which is definitely the moving of a boundary and not only to be accursed, but it specifically called Antichrist in Scripture.


There is something else the world is missing in Wrights attempt to move God’s boundaries.  Scripture does talk about the nation of Palestine — in prophecy!  Palestine becomes a nation only at the very end, and one of the primary reasons Christ returns is to judge those nations that tear Israel apart for the purpose of establishing Palestine.  This means that all those who work toward establishing a Palestinian nation are not only moving boundaries, they are the open enemies of God!  Take heed: Christ will destroy all of them for their lawlessness when He returns.  You are seeing Bible prophecy come to life before your very eyes, but most do not see it for what it is.  That is because they have become blind, and many have become blind because they have ignored or moved the boundary markers meant to keep us safe.  To them who have ears to hear, let them hear.

[NOTE: if you find this post to be of any value to you, please share it in any way you feel lead.  I do not push this site.  You and those like you are the only means by which my posts get to others.  That is how I guard against putting myself into the Lord’s work.  By leaving it all up to the Holy Spirit to move you, the reader, I can be more assured that I am doing what I have been commanded to do.]


11 thoughts on “Beware Those Who Move Boundary Stones!

  1. Very interesting article. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Thank you once again for exploring territory that others ignore, neglect, or have no idea about or how to interpret. May God richly Bless you as you endeavor to do His Will.

  2. Very good illustrations of the way God gives commands about specific sins and lets us reason our way to the general moral principle that we should follow. Man would prefer to stick to the specific and ignore the underlying principle. (tithing of mint and cumin…)
    I wonder – God speaks of severe punishment for those who divide His land, meaning geographical Israel. Would this carry through to those who divide His people? And if America is taken to be the people referred to as Ephraim in my June-12 and June-9 posts on then there would seem to be consequences coming for those who are seeking to cause ethical and cultural division in America.

    1. BillC,

      Thanks for the kind words, and yes, I agree: man is very good at finding ways to get around God’s Word. The problem is, we only THINK we have gotten around them. God’s Word remains constant, so — in the end — all we do is fool ourselves.

      As for Ephraim: I have been studying and praying on this one. I am thinking all the nations once associated with Britain are Ephraim, but I’ll have to get back to you on this one a little later.

  3. Psalm 22 is about Jesus suffering on the cross . It’s a remarkable prophecy about what He would suffer as He took our sin upon Himself . When I read it at Passover it makes me weep with sorrow and joy . I believe you meant to refer to Proverbs 22 . As iron sharpens iron .

  4. Keep up the good work . I enjoy your posts and we don’t see enough in the way of warnings . We all need to be prepared for what is to come and to be paired with other believers for help and hope .

    1. Thanks. Trust me, your encouragement is not lost on me. It may be hard for some to believe, but these posts are not easy on me. I am compelled to write them, even when I do not want to. When I feel the prompting, I cannot sleep until I do as I am commanded and write what I am given. The only easy part is the actual writing, itself. Once I sit down, it just flows. And as soon as I hit post, I find peace. I am always drained, but am at peace. It is how I know I am doing what I am being asked to do. I count it blessing and joy that others are getting something from it. It means I am being obedient, and this is all I want anymore: to do His will and not mine.

      Peace be with you, my friend 🙂

  5. Joe,

    A golden nugget in God’s truth. God truly is immutable and the principle of the Boundary Stones is applicable in all of his truth. Every created human spirit from Adam to the last child born in the Millenium prior to the return of Christ will be held accountable.

    Hebrews 13:8
    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

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