GUN CONTROL: STOP Listening to Liars — Starting with Obama and ‘The Media’

I am tired of people lying to America, especially when it comes to gun control.  Why do I say they are lying?  Because the things that actually happen in the real world are in direct contradiction to the claims these people make — and they know it!  How do I know they know it?  Well, it is the media’s job to know, and I do not assume the media is incompetent or ignorant, so I am assuming they know better.  The same applies to law enforcement, and our politicians.  So they all know, yet they all claim gun violence is caused by private citizens owning weapons.  This is a lie!  Here is the truth:

Please, take a few minutes and watch this video.  Then I am going to ask you to consider a few tough questions.  You’ll have to be honest with yourself when you answer them, but it is important that you do answer them — and then act accordingly.  Now, please, I beg you, watch this video.  It will give you the real truth about gun violence in America vs. the rest of the world:

OK, I am going to assume you watched the video.  So I am going to assume you are aware that the highest per capita murder cities in the U.S. have strict gun control laws.  These same cities have been ruled by gun control advocates for decades.  This means they have been in charge of policy in these cities.  Simple logic then dictates that — if they were correct about the solutions to gun violence — the numbers should be opposite of what they are.  But the facts — the things that actually happen in the real world — the truth is that the cities where the Left/Democrat solutions have been in place for decades are the places where gun violence is the highest.  Logic — reason, the thing that supposedly places man above all other animals — logic and reason dictate — they demand, they do not leave room for debate or interpretation — logic dictates that gun control advocates are wrong!  What’s more, logic dictates that the people pushing the gun control agenda know they are wrong!  Thus, logic dictates that they are lying and actual observation of those things that happen in the real world confirms this.

Now, if you watched the video, then you know that Plano, Texas, where many people are heavily armed and the laws allow and even encourage private gun ownership — in Plano, where the gun control advocates would have you believe people must be murdering each other faster than the birth rate — in Plano Texas, there is next to no gun related murder.  Once again, logic, the at thing that makes man different, logic dictates that guns are not the problem.  What we see in the real world contradicts the claims of the gun control crowed. Everything, all facts and logic, everything points to the fact that guns are not the cause of the violence in our country.

Now, let me ask you some tough questions:

If the facts — not spin or propaganda, but what is actually observed in the real world — if the facts demonstrate that gun ownership does not cause gun violence, why do so many accept the lies of the gun control lobby?

If the gun control lobby knows they are lying — and they do — then why would they insist that gun control is the solution to gun violence?

Do you think there is a chance that the gun control lobby — many of whom are guarded by private security with weapons — do you think they might have a different agenda?

If they have a different agenda, what could it be?

Do you know that they also lie when they say the Second Amendment is for hunting and sport shooting?  It is not.  The Second Amendment was written to protect our right to own the weapons necessary to fight the government (it is true, look into it if you do not believe me).  So, if the gun control lobby knows this, why do you think they still push for gun control?

To all of us who understand logic and reason (or common sense, if you will), it is painfully clear that the people pushing gun control are looking to disarm Americans so as to make it easier to rule over us as out lords.  They do not want us to have the means to resist their tyranny.  It is also clear that the majority of Americans who side with the gun lobby are doing so out of fear and ignorance.  To us, this further condemns the gun control lobby.  No one who has to lie and manipulate people by playing on their fear and ignorance can be ‘good’ or have ‘good’ intentions toward others or society.  So we see what is happening, and why.

If you are among our number, then you understand.  However, if you do not see it; if you disagree with me, then I want to ask you a hard question, and I want to ask it using frank language.  Ignore me if you will, but you should answer it — for your own sake:

One side of things in this nation said welfare would destroy people: it has — especially the black community.  One side said that kicking God out of our public square would lead to moral decay: it has.  One side has said that the courts would start to destroy our Constitution and open the door to tyranny: they have.  One side said that Obamacare would cost many their doctor of choice and lead to higher costs for all: it has.  I can keep going.  We also warned about the IRS, Social Security, immigration and many other things — and actual events have proven us correct every time.  Now, today, in the face of all these shootings, the same side is warning that the gun control lobby wants to disarm us so they can rule over us.  Now for that tough question:

How many times does this one side — the side that understands Natural Law —  how many times do we have to be proven correct before you start considering that you may be on the wrong side?  And when will you start to act on it before the damages is done?


The reason they want our weapons is very clear and very simple:


And they do not want us to have the means to resist their rule — period!


5 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL: STOP Listening to Liars — Starting with Obama and ‘The Media’

  1. Joe,

    We do pack lot of heat in Texas.

    We have already lost a lot of that power because the government has already limited our access to heavier weapons than semi-automatic weapons. Muzzle loading black powder cannon is not going to get the job done. Even though I still want one larger than the little 1″ bore I like to shoot of on special occasions.

    1. chhelo,

      One of the strongest indications that this nation has lost its understanding of liberty (and therefore, possibly its right to be free) is that we no longer understand and defend the 2nd Amendment. It was intended for people to own ANY military weapon, if they wanted to do so — and yes, even an aircraft carrier with an entire air wing (if you can afford it). How do we know this? Because people owned cannons and armed ships of war at the time of our founding and the founders had no problem with it. Such things were just assumed.

      At the very foundation of our troubles is us: the heart of the American people is rotten. And at the very foundation of that decay is the fact that we have turned away from God — period!

  2. Joe, gives us a great opportunity to reach out to those that have no understanding of what is fast approaching. We should be real busy.

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