CONNECTING THE DOTS: Marxism on Display in Obama’s Pentagon

A story has hit the headlines that shows Marxism in operation.  It is the story about how Obama’s Pentagon is telling the U.S. Military that the Bible, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are ‘sexist.’  This is actually true — but only to the Marxist mind, and it is well known that the Marxist mind is unstable.  They embrace the notion that nothing is fixed, and that what is true today does not have to remain true tomorrow.  This is the very definition of unstable, but it also explains how this story reveals Marxism in operation at the Obama Pentagon.  It is summed nicely by George Orwell, a Fabian Socialist and father of all that ails the Western world:

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

You see, this is the only way that Obama and his Marxist allies could ever get away with telling the lies they are spreading about the Bible, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  They have to lie!  It is how Obama and his Marxist allies forced Obamacare down our throat — they lied!  He lied when he told the world that Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video — then jailed an innocent man.  But he is not alone.  Bush lied when he said he had to abandon the free market to save it.  They all lie, and more often than not, they do so by lying about the past — just like the Obama Pentagon is doing now.

Obama’s Pentagon Says The Bible, Constitution, And Declaration of Independence are ‘Sexist’


First, the Bible does not belittle women, nor does it treat them as second-class citizens.  This isn’t even true in the Old Testament, where Deborah was a Judge of Israel.  For those who do not know what that means, it means Deborah was a ruler of Israel!  There were also female prophets.  Women had equal rights with men under Hebrew law.  Yes, the customs of the times are viewed as oppressive by modern standards, but those standards were created by Christians living according to the Gospel of Christ!  Now, Christ’s Apostles tell us that a husband should treat his wife as Christ treated the Church.  Jesus died for the Church.  I ask you, how much higher can a man place a woman than to die for her?  So this is not only a lie against God and Scripture, but an attack on the Judeo/Christian faith.

The ‘Great Man’ theory is actually traced to Christ, the Redeemer.  It is an echo of Spiritual reality in the lives and history of man.  But it is also hypocrisy.  Marx thought himself some sort of hero, as does Obama.  All Materialists think of themselves as a hero of some sort.  It is a reflection of their belief that they are their own god.  So this attack on ‘the great man’ theory is projection: they are accusing others of doing the very thing they do, themselves.

Then there is the lie that the Constitution is sexist.  “We the People” stood for exactly that.  The people who only see slavery forget that slavery was not legal in all thirteen Colonies.  So this claim is — at best — a half truth, and a half-truth presented in this way and for this purpose is a lie.  They do not tell you of the role women played in the Revolution, or that blacks played in the founding of this nation.  They won’t tell you because, if they admit to the truth, they lose their lie, and if they lose their lie, their attempt to seize power over you fails.

Finally, the claim that the Declaration is sexist for the same reasons as the Constitution and Bible can be easily defeated in the same way we just brushed aside those previous claims.  The Truth destroys a lie — always — and these people are liars — plain and simple.  We must start treating them as such.  Call them liars.  Do not be afraid to tell your friends and family they are liars.  But not just the people in the other Party, but more so the people in our own Party.  There are plenty of them to go around.  Call them by their name: liar!  Only then can we even hope to start to find our way back out of this abyss.


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