PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Reflections of the Spirit World in the Colors Red and Blue

I find it interesting that ‘science’ is willing to accept the notion of additional dimensions, or that something can come from nothing, yet it refuses to even entertain the notion that there may well be a Spirit world as the Bible claims.  How can a quantum physicist seriously assert that he has demonstrated that sub-atomic particles can ‘pop’ into and out of existence, while in the next breath, deny any possibility of what he would term ‘the supernatural?’  Doing so is a contradiction, which means the quantum physicist either lacks the fundamental understanding necessary to properly apply the scientific method, or he is irrational — in which case he cannot apply the scientific method properly.  The Truth is there is much more indirect evidence to suggest the Bible is correct than there is to support any theory of evolution.  The Biblical significance of the colors blue and red are just one example, but there are many more.

Before I explain, let me ask you to take a moment and consider the color red in connection to political ideologies.  With what political ideologies, what political movements is it most often associated?  If I may, I’ll give you some help.  Google “picture communist flag,’ or ‘picture NAZI flag,’ or ‘picture socialist flag’ and see what you get.  Now consider this: until the post-Reagan years, elections in America used the color blue to represent the Republican victories in election reports.  Before that time, the color red had been associated with the Democrat Party.  We will return to the likely reason behind the switch in a bit, but for now, we need to understand that since the days of Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat Party has been the home of the Progressive/Communist/Socialist movement in America.  These ideologies are all different branches of the tree of Secular Humanism, which worships man as his own god.  Keep that in mind and follow along.

In Scripture, the color blue represents the heavenly realm, or the divine nature of Scripture.  Interestingly enough, the robe worn by the Hebrew Priests was blue (Ex 28).  The Priest represents the interceder; the one who stands and pleads the Peoples’ case before the Lord.  Christ is the High Priest in heaven (Heb 4:14),   There is much more to this, but the point is, in Scripture, blue is associated with heaven and Christ, as the High Priest in Heaven.

Now consider the significance of the color red in Scripture.  It can mean many things, but let’s look at the Hebrew word for red first.  The root word is ‘adom.‘  In the ancient Hebrew, words derived from the same root word have similar meanings, or relay related concepts.  For example, ‘adom‘ is related to the Hebrew word ‘dam,’ which means blood.  “Adam‘ means man, and ‘adumah‘ means ground, especially of reddish soil.  Finally, and most importantly, ‘Edom” is the nation which came from Esau, who was named according to his reddish complexion.  Now, let’s look at what the color red signifies in Scripture.

Aside from blood and war, it also stands for the flesh, or carnal nature, as well as sin.  In Scripture, Esua represent the flesh, or carnal nature of man.  The war between his twin brother, Jacob and Esua is representative of the battle between the flesh (i.e. non-believers) and the Spirit (i.e. God).  There is another another Hebrew word that is appropriate right now.  It is ‘selah,’ which means to ‘pause and seriously reflect on this.’

Now look at these colors in our world.  Blue represents God’s Kingdom, while red represents man’s.  Until recently, blue used to represent the ‘conservative’ side of American politics.  ‘Conservative’ means ‘to preserve,’ even in the political sense.  This nation was founded by Christians and on Biblical principles, so ‘conservatives’ are trying to hold on to God and God’s laws.  But the Secular Humanist is trying to destroy this nation, and has been doing so mainly by trying to destroy the moral foundations of this nation.  They do so almost entirely by trying to destroy the Christian religion.  These Secular Humanists are represented by the color red, and it was not assigned to them.  They intentionally chose it for themselves, though I do not think they realized what they were doing.  By choosing red, they were announcing to the Spirit world that they are on the side of man and at war with God.

Now, do you remember when I said we would return to the color switch to represent Republicans in American elections?  Ronald Reagan was the last President who openly and sincerely sought God’s will.  He was also the last Republican to have the color blue assigned to his victories.  Since he left office, the Republicans have been represented by the color red — because they no longer seek or defend God’s word.  This does not mean the Democrats are now on God’s side.  It was a warning to those who have eyes that the two Parties are one — at least as far as God is concerned.  Both are at war with God, and that makes both Parties enemies of man’s God-given rights and liberties!

So, to the scoffer who worships science to the point where he will accept on faith the things he cannot prove, I say that the evidence of the Spirit world which you continually demand is right before your eyes.  You just need to see with Spiritual eyes rather than trying to look through closed eyes.  It is easy for a blind man to imagine any sort of fantasy, but once his eyes are opened, he sees the way things really are.  So, maybe you should consider this: if you are going to accept unseen dimensions because they make your ‘existence without the need for God’ theory work, how might those same unseen dimensions explain the parts of the Bible you call ‘supernatural?’  Or better yet, why are those unseen dimensions perfectly natural when they support your rejection of God, but ‘supernatural’ if they might actually explain how everything in the Bible can be exactly as the Scriptures claim?

 [NOTE: the Scriptural symbolism in these colors was established hundreds of years before Christ, yet they have held ever since that time.  People like to ask for proof of prophecy.  Well, here is something better: a flat-out assertion of Spiritual meaning that has not changed since time began.  Even when men are free to choose a different color, they still choose that color which God says reflects their Spiritual side in the war between God and evil.]


Incidentally, in Scripture, bronze represents imitation of the Divine and hardness of heart…

Oh, and I almost forgot, there is another enemy of God who picked his own Spiritually significant colors.  However, you’ll have to excuse me because you can’t find pictures of him illustrating those colors.  Those who draw them tend to loose their heads, but his followers still imitate him today:


Muslims — especially Jihadis — dye their beards red in imitation of Muhammad, who was also fond of wearing a green robe.  Now, in Scripture, green is usually associated with life — except in one instance.  The ‘pale’ horse in revelation is actually better translated ‘sickly green,’ not pale (look it up in the original Greek).  In this case, it represents someone who is dying — especially a Spiritual death.  So, again, Muhammad chose wisely: red for his opposition to God and green for his Spiritual death as a result.  And all of this written long, long before Muhammad chose those colors.

Oh, and lest anyone think this is a one-way coincidence and there are no examples of blue in relation the God’s Law, I seem to remember blue being used in exactly this way:


Now, before anyone objects about the color red in this uniform, remember I said red has many meanings in Scripture.  Notice blue dominates (because the Word of God is primary — especially where our founding was concerned), but red can also represent redemption through suffering.  We do not see red and blue mixed in the clothing of the pictures I posted above, but we do here.  That is because this nation was founded on a covenant with God, and the Spiritual nature of these events was — once again — reflected in this world.  Color is just one of the ways this happens, but it is clear, and it holds throughout history.

BTW: One last thing.  In Scripture, white represents purity, being washed clean of past sin and even the Lord, Christ — Himself.  That’s right, my friend, the colors of our flag were no Spiritual accident 🙂


19 thoughts on “PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Reflections of the Spirit World in the Colors Red and Blue

  1. I believe the color-change after Reagan was initiated by the mass media, in the charts they printed showing Republican states/counties as red and Democrat areas as blue. A psychological attempt by the media to make Democrats more appealing, perhaps? I do agree with your take on the symbolism – the two parties are led by one ruling class.

    1. BillC,

      The nature of this world, and the way God designed it to work, is that all things can be seen in one of two ways: as part of God’s plan, or as nothing more than a result of natural happenstance. So those who reject God can see something like the color change as a coincidence motivated by politics. However, a person who is Spiritually awake will see that, no matter what the people who did it think their motivation was, they were influenced by the Spiritual ‘Princes’ over them. In this case, that would be either an angel or a demon, and Scripture says red — in political sense — i almost always motivated by demons.

      Still, I understand what you were saying. Thanks for commenting. I value feedback 🙂

  2. And then there’s Quantum Chromodynamics ,” Strangeness” and all that “gluey” Gluon stuff holding the Strong Force together … Enough to make yah Blue in the face Huh ?… :- )).

    I think most Particle Physicists would agree that Evolution is a Theory … rather than proven fact. As to their craft the honest and educated ones know it likewise is a theory. It has been called the most accurate Predictive theory ever. So that gives it cache so to speak.

    But for what it’s worth there is nothing in the larger set of Quantum and String theories to preclude a “spirit realm”. The issue for the theorists is one of evidence not impossibility. For the Applied physics guys there is more personal “investment” in the theories and their own results guided by the theory to allow for much speculation outside of the “grant writing process”. Least that’s how it seems to me.

    1. Don,

      Most intellectually honest investigators of this universe are at least open to the possibility of a Creator. Intelligent Design is a strong theory because the indirect evidence is to strong to ignore. It’s everywhere.

      That said, I disagree with the reasoning behind the discarding of the Big Bang theory. Just because they have not found the dark matter they think is required to make the theory work does not mean it is not there. If we allow for another spacial dimaension that can work on this universe, then everything can be explained in terms of that dimension. It holds ALL the material that makes gravity work, not just dark matter. In fact, it could force the re-thinking of the entire understanding of gravity as, if it is related to a different dimension, it may not be related to matter at all. What if it is more a function of the volume of space? In our four dimensional world, we would naturally think the amount of matter determines gravitational pull. But what if it were just a function of the amount of space ad how tightly packed the space-time continuum is ‘packed’ in that area? Then there would still be a stronger gravity pull from larger bodies, dark matter would no longer be necessary and it would all appear to us as we see it now.

      I understand I am punching above my head i the specifics, but I am equally aware that I am on solid ground as to how to explain the apparent ‘discrepancies’ that have lead people to decide the universe is eternal. Too bad they haven’t looked at the multitude of problems that argument creates. They argue in favor of a finite universe with a beginning, but no one cares about that because the real goal is finding an explanation for existence that does not require God.

  3. You know that String theory, at least the strongestt version, has 11 dimensions right ?

    Space-Time is interchangeable with what are called mass-energy events. So our lack of being able to link Gravity with the other forces in a unified framework at this time isn’t linked to it NOT being related to “matter”.

    Your “packing” framework is similar to Roger Penrose’s Twister concept. You might want to look at that. Also your “packing” idea has intersection with the concept of a Gluon-Qurak Plasma…..of course that is used to describe interaction of the Strong Force only….and the predictive particles which CERN etc are attempting to “discover”.

    1. Don,

      Yes, but I have not found anyone who has tried to harmonize it with a Scriptural view of reality — not yet, anyway.

      You did catch that I admitted to punching over my head on the specifics here, right? I am not trying to argue for anything I do not fully understand. However, at the same time, I understand this stuff well enough to know that many things have been excluded as possibilities without rational justification other than the refusal to admit to their possibility. It is like the creationist who says God had to have created everything in 6 literal, 24 hour days. Aside from the fact that this is NOT what Scripture says, if they proceed by excluding any other possibility, they have already failed. True science does not work this way, but then, you know this already 🙂

      All I am doing, my friend, is pointing to the problems these folks are creating by seeking solutions that reject any thought of harmonizing the observed universe with Scriptural claims. I mean, if Scripture is correct, they may never be able to do so. After all, Scripture tells us that this entire universe is maintained by the conscious will of Christ, so… 😉

      1. You understand this far better,and in more detail, than I. To recap :
        So….. God created the universe. And,
        It is maintained by the conscious will of Christ ?

        This might be good to expand on in a Post actually.

        But TRUE scientists DON’T conflate experimental success with ultimate Meaning or eschatological truth. As you said, and no doubt are getting to in future posts, the “religion” of science has been substituted for the real thing. And speaking of the real thing…. humility and honesty, I have been working on understanding the work of Grisha Perelman.

        View at Medium.com

        Here is person of great ability and accomplishment who has not forgotten the limitations present in all of us. And is comfortable with acknowledging them.

        But getting back at least tangentially with your thread. I have been struggling with whether mathematical insights such as this are a kind of Self-defining boundary of the human mind at any epoch in time or whether they are a kind of small window on the mind of God if you will. The notion ( discovery) of lower dimensional surfaces “mapped” to higher dimensional Spheres has a faint ring about it like “as above so below” for instance.

        But what I’m saying that is germaine to your post is that there ARE those who see discovery as a great unfolding…… an affirmation of a much larger Truth than that which can be understood by us. As to intersections with Scripture I defer to you and your deeper understanding there.

        1. I wonder whether or not physicists ever stop to consider what different dimensions could explain? If you have a dimension that functions similar to time in our universe, and it intersects with the time dimension at a right angle, then any being with access to this second dimension of time would exist at all times simultaneously. Thus, God could know the past, present and future the very moment he created the universe. It would also allow Him to be with each and ever soul to ever live for every second of their lives, and to know everything we do at every moment.

          If we add three more spacial dimensions, similar to those we can perceive, then Jesus can walk through solid walls (as reported in Scripture), God can be close to us and even in us at all times, and the sun can be stopped in the sky without rending the remaining aspects of the universe. And m,ore than that, it would not be ‘supernatural’ in the sense that skeptics try to define it. If such dimensions exist, they would be a natural part of this universe, we simply couldn’t have any direct perception of them. Additionally, they could explain nearly every aspect of Scriptural claims that people like to reject and it would all fit seamlessly into a uniformed theory explaining the origin and function of this world — better, in fact, than anything anyone has ever posited…except God, that is 🙂

          Or an I smoking dope and dropping acid? LOL

          1. The Dimensions within String Theory are described as being “wrapped within” our dimensions. So they are not orthogonal as in Euclidean space. I have read in and around the Algebraic Geometry/ Topology of the Perelman solution and related topics. What I can say is that even for those whose life work is the exploration of these higher dimensional geometries the Visualization is nigh impossible with normal references…..and they virtually ALL say they can’t really visualize even what the equations show as “proofs”.

            Why won’t the Links show ??

            It’s medium.com/ (at)phacks/how-grigori-perelman-solved…..etc ??

            1. I don’t know what the link won’t show. I am not preventing it on my end. I’ll try to edit them in a bit later. I was just checking on things at the moment and have to get back to family for now, sorry.

              1. Here’s another piece of the puzzle regarding the Big Bang theory. Both the Supervoid discovery and the general anisotropy of the observed universe point to something much “larger” than the simple explanation of the Big Bang…… which for me at least argues more in favor of a Creator than the BB does.


                The link to Grisha Perelman’s work is gone again ? WordPress ?

                1. Don,

                  NOT to be a butt-head, but just to point out that NONE of the stuff they now claim ‘discredits’ the Big Bang theory actually discredits it. This anomaly in your link: that could be explained by something that happened early in the life of the universe — a gravity fluctuation that caused a small void that then expanded over time. And that is just ONE possibility.

                  the point is this: they are LOOKING for ‘evidence’ to disprove the Big Bang because — if they can’t — it points to a Creator. Now, I understand your position, but it is counter with Scripture and observation. And infinite universe is impossible under our laws of physics. So why pursue something that cannot be?


                  1. Because outside of the “Big Bang” is “infinite”….ie; IS God.

                    Anisotropy and this latest measurement represent ( or hint at least) to a large scale unboundedness which points to a much larger reality. One which encompasses all we have so far seen. I don’t view God as bounded…..only our conceptualizations.

                    And because I don’t think those discovering these measurements are trying to effect anything one way or the other. Interpreters of these measurements might. I think the measurements are real. So as with free will, God observes what we do with the information.

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