Gang Rape in My Home Town — Sheriff has it Wrong!

No doubt many of you have heard of the video of a an alleged gang rape of a young girl who was on Panama City Beach for Spring Break.  It has made the national news.  But I will take issue with our Sheriff as to who is at fault and what we should do about it.  Here is a video clip from the local news report on this issue:

Now, our Sheriff is a good man, and he means well.  However, the implication that our beaches are not safe because of people like these alleged rapists is not where McKeithen should be placing the focus of this story.  Watch the video and pay attention to the people witnessing this incident.  Not one person was righteous enough to try to stop this crime, or even to call the cops.  This is sufficient to tell the righteous among us who is really at fault here.  If you do not see it, then — as had as it may be to hear — you are not among the righteous.

The answer is not in passing more laws.  That will not solve the problem because it doesn’t address the problem.  Looking to more laws and the use of government force is furthering the problem because it is part of the problem.  A righteous person has no need of the law: they will do what is right whether the law dictates it or not.  Neither will an unrighteous person be restrained by the law: they will do what they please whether the law allows it or not.

In short, the problem with America is a ‘heart’ problem.  As long as an entire beach filled with people would rather watch a helpless woman get raped, then no amount of legislation or police force is going to save us.  Either this nation turns back to God and repents for its wicked and evil ways, or we invite God’s judgment.


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