AGENDAS: ‘Population Control’ in the News — Again

I have written about this many times: the people who want to control the world are open about what they believe and why.  You just have to know what they believe and how they speak.  Once you know these two things, you will notice that they are always talking about their plans for the rest of us.  It’s just that the majority of us are not inclined to evil, so we have a difficult time connecting their words to the horrors they are considering.  Global overpopulation is one of the major themes with these people, and it is in the new again.  This time, it is not George H. Bush, or Bill Gates talking about the need to reduce global population, it is the new ‘Ebola Czar:’

This video is of poor quality, and is hard to hear, so turn your volume up and pay close attention to what this man is saying.  Also, pay attention to the way the woman next to him keeps nodding her approval.

Now, I am not going to say too much about this.  Those who have eyes and ears already see and hear what is going on without my having to explain it.  However, if you are one who still does not see the connections here, let me give you two things to consider.  They may help you draw your own conclusions.

First, there is nothing wrong with DDT.  It is not a hazard to the environment.  That is a lie.  It’s just that, if the U.S. allowed the world to use DDT again, millions — MILLIONS of lives would be saved EVERY YEAR!   This is because DDT is the #1 best weapon against malaria.

Second, this ‘Ebola Czar’ has no medical credentials, yet he was appointed by and is working for a man who refuses to do the most simple things that medical professionals say are necessary to stop the spread of Ebola.  In this case, they will not block people from coming from the infected parts of Africa from coming into the U.S., nor will they quarantine those who have and are now showing symptoms of the disease.  The rest of the world is doing this, so why aren’t we?

oO you think that maybe — just maybe — there is a connection between a bunch of people who think the world is overpopulated and needs to be reduced and those same people refusing to allow the use of DDT or the implementation of measures that could stop a world-wide pandemic that could kill tens of millions?  If you think such a thing is too horrific to contemplate, or that people would not do such a thing to their own countrymen, then you do not know history.

This is another example of Hitler and Mein Kampf, where he told the world what he planned to do and the world ignored him.  And Obama telling us he was going to ‘fundamentally transform” this nation — and the nation ignored him.   And this is why we have been told we will have no excuse when we are all called to make an accounting for why we sat by and did nothing — even after we heard these people telling us what they plan to do and why.  Remember, as our national leaders, these people are doing this in your name!!!


4 thoughts on “AGENDAS: ‘Population Control’ in the News — Again

  1. Joe, all the same old dribble about lack of resources, eugenics to kill of the non-productive and it takes the elite few to manage the ignorant among us. It really is a broken record.

    Their Elysium, the virus (all of us not in the elite) will not concede without a fight.

    In the end they are all going to get their way in short order as God begins the process. But the outcome won’t be the Utopia they are imagining.

    1. Chhelo,

      No, it certainly will not end the way they plan. Those of us who know prophecy — what it actually says and not what people have written over it — we can see it coming to fruition even now. I would have interjected this into my spat with CDE on the RNL, but it wouldn’t have done any good. Whether CDE realizes it or not, he is probably among the fringes of the very elite about which we now speak. I will just have to keep praying for him and leave the rest to the Lord.

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