URGENT! Do NOT Listen to Glenn Beck on this Issue!

On his radio show, on Feb 2, 2015, at 0949 EST (the first hour of his show), Glenn Beck said that all of God’s people need to stand together — then went on to say that all religions belong to God’s people.  THIS IS EVIL BECAUSE THIS IS A LIE!  Do not listen to him. Reject anyone and everyone who tells you that all gods of the world are the same.  This means reject Glenn Beck, too — at least on this issue.  Beck is excellent at teaching history, but he is extremely dangerous on matters of God and faith.  No matter what faith you are, DO NOT LISTEN TO GLENN BECK ON MATTERS OF GOD AND FAITH!  Now, I understand this is a harsh stance, and that many will reject me for taking it, so let me explain why I am trying to warn you away from anyone who claims all gods are the same.

I have already written about why there is only one way to God.  If there are many ways to God, then God is not one, is not perfect and thus, He is not holy.  This negates God’s character.  Therefore, there can be only one True God.  The issue then becomes which of the world’s gods is the One True God.  It is not the purpose of this post to discuss that subject.  I am more worried that you not fall for the lie that all who claim to worship a god are worshiping the same god.

Now, whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Hindu or another faith, you need to either hold fast to the teachings of your faith, find the faith that you can cling to or abandon faith all together.  The one thing you cannot do is try to grab hold of all faiths.  If you are a Jew or Christian and try to accept Hinduism and/or Islam as well, then you are trying to harmonize contradicting beliefs about the identity and nature of god.  This results in the negation of god, and the negation of god is evil.  So you must chose and cling to whatever faith you believe is the faith of the one true god.

If you are a Jew or Christian, you are brothers: you worship the same God.  If you are Muslim, you do not worship the same god as Jews and Christians.  Muhammad said that Jews and Christians have perverted the Qur’an by writing the Bible.  This means — according to Muhammad — Jews and Christians have invented a new god.  Thus, Allah is not and cannot be the Yahweh, the God of the Bible.  The same applies to Mormons.  Joseph Smith claims that Yahweh, Jeshua and the Holy Spirit are three separate and distinct people, and that they are men become gods.  This means Joseph Smith changed the character of Yahweh as defined in the Bible, and that means he made new gods.

Now, all four faiths — Jews, Christians, Muslims and Mormons — all claim to be worshiping the same god, but they are not.  This is just a matter of definition.  Read the Bible, Qur’an and Book of Mormon and you will find they all give different definitions of who god is.  This means they do not worship the same god!  Furthermore, according to the Bible, Qur’an and Book of Mormon, it is wrong to accept any other idea of who god is and what his character is like.  In fact, the Bible and Qur’an both condemn any and all other faiths and gods.  This same principle can be extended outward to all of the world’s religions.  They simply do not and cannot worship the same god.

So, no matter what your faith, you must not listen to anyone who tries to tell you that all religions worship the same god.  This is a lie that separates us from whatever god we worship.  If you believe the teaching of your faith, this means that the person telling you all faith is the same is trying to lead you away from god.  This is evil!  Do not ever listen to such a person where matters of god are concerned — ever!  They are lost, and yes, I am saying Beck is lost.  No, this does not mean I hate him because I don’t.  I just know he has been deceived by Satan, and I pray for Beck and all those working with him.  I pray that the One True God will open Beck’s eyes.  But this is not for me to do: it is not for me to save anyone.  My job is to warn others when I see danger, and I see grave danger in Beck’s words.  Whether or not you hear and embrace the warning is up to you, but — for your sake — I pray you do.


10 thoughts on “URGENT! Do NOT Listen to Glenn Beck on this Issue!

  1. messagefromthefield,

    I understand, and agree. I also pray for Beck and ALL Mormons – just as I pray for ALL Muslims. They have all been deceived, and a careful study of their religions will reveal striking similarities. But that gets us off track. The point is that Beck’s faith is a problem and we should not listen to him where matters of God are concerned.

  2. Indeed, just a couple of many verses, describe the times we are in… Matthew 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
    1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    1. Someone,

      I wish you had given your comment more thought before you chose your words. Beck may be wrong on matters of faith, but he is certainly no idiot. Sadly, this means that the true ‘idiot’ here has self-identified, and since Beck is not part of this conversation, and I recognize he is no idiot,… 😦

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