AGENDAS: The Hidden Side of Glenn Beck

When I first encountered Glenn Beck, I thought the man was a fool.  At the time, he was still mixing his brand of humor in with the ‘news’ he presented on his show.  I’m sure this had something to do with my opinion of him, but I did pay attention to what he was saying.  Many people miss this about me: I pay more attention than they realize, I am just quick to dismiss most of what I hear or read.  But I couldn’t just dismiss the information Beck was presenting, so I set out to find the ‘proof’ I needed to disprove him.  Long story short, I couldn’t find that ‘proof’ because it doesn’t exist.  Instead, I discovered Beck is not sharing the scariest parts of what he knows with his audience.  This is why I came to respect Glenn Beck: because he pushed me into actually applying my education to investigate things for myself.  In short, he got me up off my lazy butt.  Unfortunately for Beck, it also put me on a path that would eventually lead me to discover that he is hiding a secret message or ‘code’ in the things he is telling his audience.

What Beck caused me to do was apply the training I received in college on how to apply the rules of logic, reasoning and critical thinking to a problem so as to arrive at a conclusion I could be reasonably sure is close to objective reality — to the truth (little ‘t’).  This is how I came to the conclusion that Beck is correct when he tells his audience that the Republican Party is the flip side of the same coin as the Democrat Party.  They are one Party pretending to be two.  It is also how I came to agree with Beck about Progressives, but I have gone much farther in my research on Progressives.  So far, Beck has not publicly disclosed the things I have learned, so I don’t know if he is aware of them or not.  If he is, then he has held back on sharing what he knows about the uglier side of history and the scariest parts of the agendas motivating the Progressives still today.  The same applies to Islam.  When Islam became on major issue, I accepted what Beck said about it — for a while.  But there were problems with the information Beck was sharing so, once again, I started to look into it for myself.  This is how I discovered the connection between Islam and the Mormon religion.

There are many parallels between Islam and Mormonism.  As I have started digging in to these similarities, I have found the beginnings of a trail which I am convinced reveals a hidden meaning/agenda in Beck’s message to his audience.  If you listen to Glenn Beck, you will eventually hear him say the U.S. Constitution is “hanging by a thread.”  This is Progressives would call a ‘dog whistle:’ a code that only those ‘in the know’ would understand.  The rest of the world will hear it and think you mean something entirely different.  I have written about this many times.  It is why I say the Progressives are open and honest about what they want and how they intend to get it.  The problem is that most Americans do not understand their code, so when they hear Progressives boasting about their plans, the average American does not understand what is really being said.  Beck is doing the same thing when he talks about the Constitution hanging in the balance.  I first stumbled across this — of all places — in an article on the Huffington Post.  I have since researched this ‘code’ Beck is using to accept that there is likely a great deal of truth behind the accusation that Beck has a hidden agenda.

This phrase is connected to something the Mormons call ‘the white horse prophecy.’  I will leave you to decide whether or not you care to research it further  for yourself.  All that concerns me at the moment is that it appears the prophecy is real and it involves the Mormon Church coming to the ‘rescue’ of the United States at a time when the U.S. Constitution “hangs in the balance.”  The “white horse” in this prophecy is connected to the white horse in Revelation.  For me, this is blaspheme.  Revelation says that only Christ can ride that horse, so, by invoking this white horse, Joseph Smith was trying to equate himself and/or the Mormon Church with Christ, but then, Mormons do not believe in the Jesus of the Bible anymore than Muslims do.  They both call Jesus the Messiah, but they have changed His nature and character.  According to the Apostle, John, this is the very definition of ‘antichrist.’

It is not the purpose of this post to go into a debate about different religions or their prophecies.  The purpose of this post is to draw attention to what I believe is a serious flaw in Beck’s understanding of the world, which then calls into question any and all ‘analysis’ he offers about current events.  Beck is excellent where it comes to teaching us history and drawing attention to the things that various people are doing.  However, because his religion gives him a skewed understanding of the world, and his religion’s end times prophecies have taught him to look for things that will not happen, it has caused him to ‘interpret’ current events incorrectly.  Yes, he gets some of them right, such as the coming of the next Caliphate, but he does not understand what is driving all of this.  If he did, he would see the connections, but he doesn’t.  He only sees things in isolation, and in terms of his religious teachings.

Now, I am Christian, and I am not ashamed of my faith, Jesus or Christ’s Gospel.  So, yes, I see things through this lens.  But where I am different from Beck and those like him is in Biblical prophecy.  To date, the Bible has proved infallible.  I understand there are people who will dispute this, and Yahweh has given them the freedom to do so.  But it does not change the fact that many Biblical prophecies came to pass exactly as God’s prophets said they would.  Christ, alone, fulfilled hundreds of prophecies. The return of Israel is another fulfillment of prophecy.  The prophecies of Daniel were so clear and so accurate that many skeptics have had to claim that they were written after the fact so as to preserve ‘reasonable doubt’ about their authenticity.  Scripture repeatedly tells us that God gives us prophecy so we will know He is God — the One True God.  So, until the Bible is proven to be in error, I choose to cling to it as the only source of Truth I know I have that will not fail me.  And so long as the Bible continues to prove it is the Inspired Word of God, I will look at the world and world events through the third lens of Scripture.  When I do this, I see many of the things Beck misses, and I understand them better than Beck does.

This is why I no longer extend any measure of ‘trust’ in anything Beck has to say that is in any way connected to matters of God, faith or Truth (capital ‘T’).  I will still listen to Beck on matters of history, and for reports on what is going on here and around the world that our government-controlled media is trying to keep from me, but I will verify them all before I accept them.  And where matters of God, faith and Truth are concerned, I will reject Beck’s commentary because I know he sees things through the lens of the deceived.   You are free to decide what you will.  I am only sharing my personal opinion and the reasoning behind it.


6 thoughts on “AGENDAS: The Hidden Side of Glenn Beck

    1. BillC,

      The white horse in this case is not one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Revelation, but the white horse that Christ rides when He returns. So I do not think we have missed it — at least, not the white horse of Revelation. We are told the whole world will see Christ when He returns, so…

      Now, about bowing to civil authority: I would not agree that this is a ‘good’ thing. Muslims don’t bow, either, and it is already causing trouble in the secular world. You just need to look at our legal system to see the effects.

      Also, Christians — those who are actually trying to follow Scripture — are commanded NOT to resist civil authority. They are to submit to it instead. Now, this does NOT mean Christians are told to obey their secular rulers when those rulers issue orders that go against God’s law. Christians are charged with obeying God first. What it means is Christians are to submit to the consequences, which is why early Christians did not resist going to the lions or gallows. They held to God’s law, even when it was against man’s law, and then submitted to the consequences of Man’s law — as commanded in Scripture. So — IF they are obeying Scripture — you would not see Christians resisting civil authority.

      1. Joe,

        WRT the Social Engineering projects vis a vis the Mormons….. many of “the churches” Beck referred to as wanting him to Give out Teddy Bears and Soccor Balls to the Illegals it turns out were Mormon “churches” that got Millions for helping to house, feed and transport the Illegal Scheme concocted by Obama and the RINOs.

        They got rich off of the Scheme and Beck gave them public cover with his stunt !

        Mike Lee backed out of this stunt BTW …. he saw what it was and backed out. Cruz and Gohmert did not. I was very involved in contacting all 3 offices before and after this stunt.

        Just FYI….. but you might want to weave it into your reportage of Beck somewhere.

        1. DonAmeche,

          Thanks for the info. I’ll consider your suggestion, but I hope you will understand I am not on a crusade to ‘expose’ Beck as much as I am trying to play the watchman on the wall who calls out the warning when he sees danger approaching (Biblical reference in mind here).

          Beck has a right to pursue his agenda. My primary objection is his hypocrisy. He has been very hostile toward others when he has discovered people he opposes doing exactly what he is doing now, and — to me — this is sufficient reason to warn people about him. It undermines most everything Beck says and does. HOWEVER, the operative word here is ‘most.’ I cannot overlook all the service he has done for this nation in exposing the Progressives. Nor can I ignore the fact that people who ‘claim’ to be on the same side politically refuse to use this term even after it has been shown to be accurate. I am thinking mostly of Limbaugh here, and in Limbaugh’s case, I think it condemns him, too — because Limbaugh knows that the moment he starts calling Progressives by that name, he condemns the GOP.

          So, again, I admit to being torn over Beck. He has helped expose our history, but he is dividing and destroying with a message of peace. Scripture and Bible prophecy have a few things to say about the people who do this, and none of it is good. 😦

          1. I understand and agree about his good info. But the Border stunt seems to fit in with the Hypocrisy side of him.

            BTW I have just about had it with all the MLK worship coming from Beck.

            It is another example of a Progressive that people overlook ( Hide?) the truth about. Yes he had multiple affairs outside of marriage and was both a misogynist and a racist ( used to like to beat on white prostitutes) which makes his “pastorship” a grand hypocrisy. BUT, I am not talking about that. I am talking about his Communist ties and goals. And his violent talk about street violence and “economic justice” which are not that different from the Progressive garbage coming from today’s Progressives.

            In short MLK was NO Gandhi …… not even close !

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