The Difference between ISIS and ISIL is Spiritual Blindness

I want you to do more than just look at the surface of this political cartoon.  I want you to seriously reflect upon it and ask yourself whether or not you truly understand the implications in its message:


Now, for as much as I have criticized him — something I am about to do again — Beck gets the material (i.e. worldly) difference between ISIS and ISIL — as he explains in this story:

Why Obama’s use of the term ISIL instead of ISIS is actually really important

If you think you can skip over that story and understand what is happening in this material world, you are wrong.  If you did not do so, go back and read it — and take the time to listen to the video clip.  Then ask yourself if you caught the Biblical warning within Beck’s explanation of the difference between ISIS and ISIL.

Here is the Biblical context imbedded in the worldly issue we call ISIS/ISIL:

Genesis 12:1-3  New American Standard Bible (NASB)

12 Now the Lord said to Abram,

[a]Go forth from your country,
And from your relatives
And from your father’s house,
To the land which I will show you;
And I will make you a great nation,
And I will bless you,
And make your name great;
And so [b]you shall be a blessing;
And I will bless those who bless you,
And the one who [c]curses you I will [d]curse.
And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

It’s this simple: when Obama refers to ISIS as ISIL, he is using the name ‘Levant,’ which implies that Israel does not (or will not) exist in the Islamic plan for their new Caliphate.

Now, here is the point I want you to understand: the world sees the history of the Middle East as nothing more than an age-old battle between the Jews and Arabs, but it is much bigger than that.  It is a worldly reflection of the spiritual battle between God and Satan, and it is only through this lens that you can better understand the events in this region of the world.  I understand that those who do not believe will object to this post, and that is to be expected: they are spiritually blind.  But to those who will at least try, go read the 11th chapter of Daniel.  If you find a good study Bible, read the notes to that chapter and you will find that it accurately predicted the historic worldly events that would happen in and around Israel for the next several hundred years after Daniel wrote this prophecy — and honest scholars of history admit that it does correlate with actual events.

Now, the accuracy of this prophecy should speak to those who seek and accept the truth, but this is not the point at hand.  The point at hand is that Daniel told us the history of man would revolve around what happens in the Holy Land, and history has born this out.  But, if we do not look at the world through a Biblical lens, we will not understand how and why this is true.  This is exactly why Beck gets the material facts correct but continues to miss the spiritual truths.

Go back to the cartoon and consider the comment by the ISIS fighter.  He asks is Obama thinks they are Mormons.  Whether the cartoonist is aware of it or not, he just hit on a Biblical truth.  There are only three things man can worship: the One True Living God, Satan, or himself.  Whether or not they understand this, Islam worships Satan and Mormons worship man (i.e. themselves).  But again, you need to know and see history through a Biblical world view.  Consider this:

Both Islam and Mormonism started with one man in a cave (Muhammad and Joseph Smith).

Both claim to have been visited by the ‘archangel,’ Gabriel (the Bible never calls Gabriel an archangel)).

Both Muhammad and Smith claim they were told the Bible had been perverted and could no longer be trusted.

Both claim Gabriel was sent to them so they could restore the original word of God (i.e. Qur’an and Book of Mormon)

Both the Qur’an and Book of Mormon are filled with mistakes (In spite of claims to the contrary, the Bible has never been shown to be in error)

Both men have been proven to be false prophets (Muhammed never prophesied and even claimed lineage to Ishmael — after proclaiming that all true prophets come from Isaac. Joseph Smith’s prophesies have proven false: the Biblical definition of a false prophet)

Both claim to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but both have changed the Biblical conception of who Yahweh is (Islam worships an ancient pagan god, Baal: Mormons worship themselves — they believe men become gods through works and enlightenment)

Both deny the true Identity and Nature of Christ (Islam deny He is God, the Trinity, the Crucifixion and resurrection: Mormons deny the Divinity of Christ and the Trinity)

Both religions are define — by the Apostle Paul — as possessed of the spirit of antichrist.

When Obama called for Israel to return to its 1967 borders, he was essentially calling for the destruction of Israel.  Anyone who understands the strategic and tactical military implications of those borders knows this to be true.  Just as, when he refers to ISIS and ISIL, Obama is making an open declaration of support for the Islamic forces who seek to destroy Islam.  In essence, Obama is declaring this nation to be on the side of Islam (please see the Harbinger for the Biblical connections and ramifications to this).  In my opinion, this is because Obama has been blinded by Satan and — by default — worships Satan.

Now, Beck gets the facts of the material world correct where Islam is concerned, but he continues to teach that it is only the ‘radical’ members of Islam who are to blame for the historic violence connected to Islam.  I believe this is also due to spiritual blindness.  Beck does not see and understand that we either worship Yahweh, Satan or ourselves (which is the spiritual equivalent of Satan worship) because — again, in my opinion — his religion has blinded him to the Truth.  This is also why Beck mocked his caller who claimed our society is slipping into occult worship (radio program, Sept 9-17-2014 around the 0840 mark, CST).  Yes, the caller sounded a bit ‘crazy’ — to those who only see with worldly eyes!  But to those who understand what I just explained, they will understand that this caller was on the right track.  Beck has been shown all the pieces to the spiritual puzzle, but his spiritual blindness keeps him from putting them together correctly.  This is why he did not recognize that his caller was closer to the truth than he is…

So, let me end this post by urging you to ask the Lord for help.  Ask Him to give you wisdom and insight so that you can see through spiritual eyes.  But I caution you: God does not answer insincere prayers.  You have to mean it, and you have to put action to your words.  So get a Bible and start reading.  If you are sincere, and you truly want to understand, it will not matter where you start.  God will guide you.  Just open your Bible and start reading.  Then, when you find you are starting to understand things through a Biblical perspective, make sure you read the book of John.  I pray that, by the time you finish John, you will be ready to accept Christ as your personal Lord and savior — if you have not already done so.

[NOTE: if you have questions about God or the Bible, and you are sincere, I will be happy to help in whatever way I can.  Please feel free to email.  If I cannot help, I will put you in touch with those who can.  God bless]


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