ISIS Was NOT Created By The U.S.

I have been reading stories about Americans blaming America for the creation of ISIS.  I do not mean to be rude, but if you believe that, you do not know enough about Islam to be making public comments about current events in the Middle East.  ISIS has nothing to do with the U.S. — period!  If there had never been a U.S., ISIS would have still come to be, just maybe in a different form.  We are not dealing with the effects of U.S. policy here as much as we are dealing with Islamic prophecy, and we in the West had better learn this and learn it fast!  Islam teaches that you must believe in ‘The Last days.’  If you do not, you are an apostate and are to be killed immediately.  If you believe in the Islamic ‘Last Days,’ then you believe that all the earth was once Muslim and has been stolen and must be re-taken by Jihad.  I know the West does not believe that but what we believe is immaterial — it is what Muhammad taught and it is what ISIS is trying to do.  ISIS is just obeying Muhammad’s commands.  It’s just that, in this case, ISIS is trying to regain the land lost when the Allies won WW I.  Read this earlier post and you might start to understand why the people blaming the U.S. for the creation of ISIS are proving to the world that they are dangerously ignorant and should stop talking about the Middle East:

The Difference between ISIS and ISIL is Spiritual Blindness

[BTW: When Obama calls ISIS, ISISL, he is openly telling Islam that he is their ally, and at the same time, he is committing treason against the United States and threatening the very existence of Israel.  It’s just that we do not understand what he means anymore than we understood when he told us he planned to ‘fundamentally change America.‘]


9 thoughts on “ISIS Was NOT Created By The U.S.

  1. Or when he said … 28 recorded times…. ” If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor”.

  2. I think you’re both right and wrong…..sorry. If we had stayed in Iraq, and if we hadn’t given weapons to the faction of Islam that we agreed with at the time, and if we would’ve had kept Al jailed; I do think the US could’ve staved off the inevitable. The inevitable is where I will agree with you.

    1. have kept Al Jailed…. ????

      That’s the problem. AlGore has never BEEN jailed. He’s still out there spewing Climate Change lies and pursuing yoga teachers like the sex-crazed poodle he is.

  3. This world is a complicated place, and usually many things come together to produce any large result. As you say, this is one of the later chapters in a very long story. The Hebrews were God’s chosen people to bring His name before the nations (Ez. 20) and failed; the effort was renewed by Paul (Acts 9:15). Who believes in God must also believe Satan exists. Satan has long sought to destroy the Hebrews, and if God is using Ephraim (the lost tribes) to carry His name to the nations then Satan will seek to destroy Ephraim. They are not conscious of our ancestry as Ephraim, but God and Satan are. Once more Esau comes against Jacob. This is what inspires Islam. The Bible speaks of Satan as a liar, a deceiver. In the Quran, Allah describes himself as ‘the greatest of deceivers’ (3:54, 7:99, 8:30). The Islamic principles of kitman, taqiyya, hudna, and nasikh are quite useful in deception (google them).
    Deception has been at work in America for a long time, and the pace went to double-time in the 1960’s. Now we have reached the point of re-electing a dedicated Marxist (masquerading as a delusional jackass – global warming) who uses his position to facilitate the expansion of ISIS and brings in the Muslim Brotherhood as advisors. Human effort alone will not change this; watch for some divine orchestration of events along about September. (The Mystery of the Shemitah)

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