I do not want to risk distracting the reader from the point of this post by making it appear to be about President Obama.  Therefore, I am not going to post any supporting stories or video in this piece.  Instead, I am just going to assume that the reader has heard President Obama mocking ISIS as “The JV Team,” or “A bunch of armed thugs running around in pick up trucks,” or some other words to this extent.  Rather than making this about President Obama directly, I’d like the reader to pay closer attention to the deception in the President’s words.  It is intentional, and we can prove this with reasonable certainty.  This is important because, if we can be reasonably sure the President is intentionally deceiving us, then we can conclude that this mocking of ISIS is propaganda, and propaganda is usually a sure indication of a hidden agenda.  So, let’s dig a little deeper into the President’s mocking of ISIS.

First, we are told that President Obama is supposedly ‘brilliant.’  Some people have even claimed that he may be among the smartest Presidents to ever hold office.  So let’s accept this as truthful: let us assume — for the sake of this post, anyway — that President Obama is among the most intelligent people to ever hold the office of President.  Given this presumption, we should be able to also conclude that President Obama has a better than average knowledge and understanding of history.

Second, let us remember that President Obama was raised as a Muslim, and attended a Muslim madrasa as a child.  This means we can safely assume that President Obama also has a much better than average understanding of Islam.

Finally, reports to the contrary not withstanding, we can also assume that President Obama gets briefed on matters of national security.  In addition, we can assume that he is surrounded by advisers who specialize in all given areas concerning national security.  So, taking his assumed above average intelligence, his familiarity with Islam, his briefings and his advisers all into account, we can assume that President Obama knows the facts about ISIS and just how much of a threat it presents to the United States, our system of government and our way of life.

Given all of this, if you were totally ignorant of Islam and history, you might assume that President Obama is being honest and truthful when he tells us ISIS is not a threat to the United States,… And you’d be wrong — dead wrong!

First, if he is as smart as we are lead to believe, then President Obama knows that guerrilla warfare is and has historically been extremely effective in helping to overthrow nations.  Starting at least as far back as Sun Tsu, guerrilla warfare has been used to affect political change.  The Viet Cong in the Viet Nam war are one of the most recent examples, but so are the Mujaheddin of Afghanistan.  In fact, Afghanistan has never been a dominating military force, nor has it ever had large, organized standing armies, and yet, it is known as ‘The place where empires go to die.’  For centuries, a bunch of ‘rag-tag’ fighters in Afghanistan have been defeating the world’s largest empires.  Great Britain, Russia and now the United States are but three of the most recent examples.  So we can conclude that President Obama — as smart and well advised as he is — knew he was deceiving us when he told us we do not have to worry about ISIS because they are just “a bunch of thugs in pick-up trucks.”

Second, President Obama knows that the history of Islam is inseparable from the history of armed conflict.  The first Jihad started with Muhammad, and it has continued — sometimes hot, sometimes cold — but unabated until the present day.  This history is well documented by Paul Fregosi, in his book, Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries.”  Fregosi painstakingly documents — almost Caliphe by Caliphe — the long, drawn-out history of Jihad since the time of Muhammad.  He also makes it abundantly clear that, for a large part of the time, the Jihad has been conducted by an Islamic army of ‘rag-tag’ fighters.  The history of the Jihad is the history of people exactly like ISIS, and as an expert in Islam, with expert advisers to support him, President Obama would know this.  So we can conclude that President Obama knew he was deceiving us when he told us ISIS is not a threat to the United States.

Finally, we have all the news reports to prove that President Obama was not telling us the truth.  One only needs to listen to the reports of how successful ISIS has been in conquering large parts of Iraq and Syria to see that ISIS is more than “a bunch of thugs in pick-up trucks.”  Whether they look like the U.S. Army or not, ISIS has demonstrated that it is an effective and feared military force.  If it were not, then why has Russia joined forces against it?  Why is the world concluding that it is necessary to build a coalition of military powers to combat ISIS?

We can assume that President Obama is briefed on ISIS’s military success in the Middle East, as well as the growing reports of how effective they have been at infiltrating into the U.S.  So why does President Obama insist on telling us ISIS is not a threat?  All the evidence we have tells us we can reasonably conclude that President Obama knows better; that he knows ISIS is a real threat to both the Middle east and the United States.  So why does he intentionally deceive the American people?  Could it be that he is intentionally trying to advance a different agenda?  Well, before you decide, consider this:

President Obama — smart and well versed in Islam as he is — knows the difference between the term ISIS and ISIL, yet, for some reason, President Obama insists on using the term ISIL.  The President is among the smartest men to ever be President, and he knows Islam and is surrounded by expert advisers, so he knows that ‘ISIL’ is a term that gives political ad moral support to ISIS.  It legitimates their cause in the eyes of devout Muslims everywhere, and helps in ISIS recruiting efforts.  It also identifies Obama as a Muslim sympathizer who supports Islam’s stated goal of eradicating Israel.  But the President never explains any of this to you, does he?  Why?  Why doesn’t he tell you that the term ISIL is an open acknowledgment of Islams claim to the land of Israel?  Or that, by calling ISIS, ISIL, he is giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States?  Because he is!

Now I ask you, my dear reader, if a politician knowingly and intentionally deceives you while openly giving aid and comfort to a stated enemy of the United States, is that not called ‘propaganda?’  And is propaganda not usually a sure sign of a hidden agenda?  And if there is a hidden agenda here, what might it be?  Who is President Obama really trying to protect: the United States, or ISIS?  And if the latter, is that not called treason?

Now, here’s what you need to ask yourself about what you should make of all this.

First, do reason and logic matter to you?  Do objective facts and reality matter to you and how you want to live your life: to the person you want to be?

If you find yourself trying to distort logic to create explanations that excuse the President, then do you really value logic and reason above personal desires?

But, if you do support reason and logic above personal interest, then doesn’t all of this matter?  Doesn’t it matter than reason tells us the President is intentionally deceiving us?  That reason says the President is openly giving aid and comfort to our enemies?  Doesn’t any of this matter?  And, if so, when will we star to do something about it?

But, please, if you decide to act, do not be like the President.  Act within the law.  Use peaceful, legal means to act.  Lawlessness does not negate lawlessness.  You can only defeat lawlessness by remaining lawful, yourself.


3 thoughts on “RECOGNIZE THE AGENDA: When Obama Mocks ISIS (ISIL)

  1. “First, do reason and logic matter to you? Do objective facts and reality matter to you and how you want to live your life: to the person you want to be?”

    Joe, the answer is no for most, not any longer. Most have been brainwashed by over two generations of progressive indoctrination. Now add Islam into the mix at just the right time and you have a very explosive mixture of evil doer’s intent on world domination.

    A good series on spiritual warfare for those interested in what we are all dealing with. Written in a way that is easy to understand and will bless you at the same time.

    If we had a set of glasses we could put on and see the spiritual battle going on all around us it would likely give us a heart attack.

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