URGENT WARNING: Prepare for Nuclear Attack!

Look, I understand that we live in a cynical world filled with skeptics, conspiracy theorists and people who are clinically unstable. I am even aware that many people would place me in one of these three groups. That’s why I am unsure how you will take this post. In fact, I fear you may not even read it. But I don’t care anymore. I feel such a pressing urgency to warn those who will listen and hear that I have to write this post. For those who need more reason to trust what I have to say, I will leave an editorial note at the end of this post. But, for now, I beg you: please, read this post and give it some serious consideration. Try to see the connections between the stories I will link you to and the narrative I am trying to explain. We are in trouble. That trouble is real. I do not want anyone to be able to accuse me of seeing that threat and not trying to warn others. So, if only for me and my sake, read this entire post to the end.

First, I need to explain that, for all my attacks on and criticisms of Glenn Beck, I have to acknowledge that he and his people are the most vocal in trying to warn America of what is coming. The information they have been presenting is accurate and invaluable. It is in their greater interpretation of its meaning where I think Beck goes astray, but that is not the point of this post. Last week, Beck’s Internet TV show, “For the Record,” did a story on Sykes-Picot and the origin of the current Middle East tensions and tonight, “For the Record” will run an expose on ISIS. If for nothing else than access to “For the Record,” let me recommend a subscription to GBTV.

Now, here is where I start to differ with Beck and the majority of those in the Western world who have not done their homework on Islam. I do not see ‘radical’ Islam at the problem. I do not see Al-Qaeda or even ISIS/ISIL as the problem. Islam is the problem. I will explain in future posts. In fact, The OYL is going to get very active in the coming weeks/months. But, for now, I need to do my best to show you what I am seeing and why it bothers me so much.

First, I call your attention to this story:

Barack Hussein Soebarkah?

OK, while this is a well-researched story, and I am sympathetic to its argument, we need to understand something: whether he is Muslim or not, Obama does understand Islam. He was raised as a Muslim, and he has made public utterances that demonstrate he is much more familiar with Islam than the vast majority of Americans. This means he is not ignorant of what is going on in the Muslim world today, and that means we should look at what he does with the understanding that he knows what motivates groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The fact that he refers to ISIS as ISIL demonstrates this point (see my previous post on this topic).

Here is where the poisons we know as post-modernism, moral relativism and political correctness come into the picture. In the spirit of trying to be generous to all those involved, I will say that, for whatever reason, those who have accepted and advanced the basic principles and ideals of post-modern thought, moral relativism and political correctness have unwittingly set this nation up for destruction. Because of these things, America has been made blind. We cannot see the threat to this nation because we cannot see past our ‘PC’ filters. What’s more, even if we could see past those filters, we have been so separated from history and reason that we couldn’t make the necessary connections to make sense of reality.

For example: the ‘PC’ agenda has so distorted our understanding of history that we no longer know this nation has been at war with Islam since it was founded. The Barbary Wars were wars against Islamic pirates. On top of that, the leader of the Islamic pirates told Jefferson and Adams that they were killing Americans because Muhammad had said they could because we were a Christian nation. This is when Adams, who preferred to appease the Muslims and pay the ransoms for our citizens, this is when Adams placed the words that so many Atheists like to cite as proof America was not founded as a Christian nation in a treaty. Adams did not know that Islam forbids treaties with Christians – except in time of weakness, and even then, only to gain strength enough to continue the war. So, ignorance of Islam opened us to attack then, as now. Fortunately, Jefferson read the Qur’an and even encouraged the printing of the Qur’an in America – so Americans could read it and understand that it was Islam that was the problem. This is why Jefferson went to war with the Barbary Pirates, and why we had peace with Islam for so many years: because Jefferson understood how we have to deal with Islam (not all Muslims, but Islam – keep this distinction clear in your mind and heart — so we do not condemn people instead of their religion).

Next, bring to mind all the problems we have with our borders. Again, to be charitable to the people who are allowing it, there are people who think they are being humanitarian by allowing the invasion of our nation. Others think they will gain political power by turning all these illegal invaders into voters dependent on the government for their existence. But make no mistake: there are people in our government who know they are opening the way for enemies of this nation to invade us for the purpose of attacking and destroying this nation!

Why do I say this? Because I know about these stories (note: there are many better sources for this and the following information, but I have purposely chosen as many stories as I could from sources that would normally be accepted by my most strident political opponents so as to strengthen my argument that the pieces of this puzzle are known – just like they were known before 9/11).

Al-Qaida Nukes Already In U.S.

Budowsky: ISIS poses nuclear 9/11 threat

Admittedly, this is nothing more than people warning those who will listen that ‘Radical Terrorism’ may try to launch a nuclear attack in America. Well, honestly, this is not news. Their leaders have openly stated they want to do this. So why should you pay attention to these warnings? Well, this may help you understand why – if you watch the entire clip, that is:

I have a friend who tells me this is still nothing to worry about because – according to him – the government has a detection system that will find and eliminate anything that actually got past our borders. My friend is an engineer and used to be a top executive for a major U.S. electronics company. In fact, the chances are you have or once had one of their devices in your pocket or attached to your belt at some time in your life. But my friend also dismisses this information as ‘irrelevant:’

Shortage Slows a Program to Detect Nuclear Bombs

OK, let’s play a ‘what-if’ game. Suppose you are a Muslim terrorist and you managed to get a nuclear device past our borders. How could you protect it from the U.S. government? Well, would these stories suggest a safe hiding place to you?

Obama Forbids FBI to Use Religion in Identifying Terror Threats, as ISIS Recruits Openly in U.S. Mosques

Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques, Missed Boston Bombers

There are more stories about how Obama has forbid U.S. law enforcement agencies from searching or spying on Mosques. Now, the nation is told this is because we do not want to discriminate against Muslims, but remember: Obama knows and understands what Islam is trying to do, and Obama has personally issued these directives tying the hands of the people charged with keeping us safe. I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions here. All I am doing is connecting dots.

Now, let’s move forward. I have been loudly criticized for arguing that we are traveling the same road NAZI Germany traveled in the 1930’s. I have tried to explain that the only major point we are missing is a Reichstag Incident which will allow the President to declare an ‘emergency’ and suspend the Constitution – and our rights. Once again, keep in mind that the people who are now in control of our government are the very same people who were leading the counter-culture movement in the 1960’s: the same people who wanted to overthrow our government then, and who have said they never stopped in their desires. These people studied revolution. This is why Hillary Clinton’s ties to Saul Alinsky should scare us, but it doesn’t because we have been separated from our knowledge and understanding of our own history. In fact, it was these same people who are largely responsible for that separation. Luckily, there is no evidence that our government is planning for such an incident – an incident like a nuclear attack on the U.S.:

Police Militarization

Militarization of Police

Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown

Pentagon studying protesters to prep for ‘mass civil breakdown’

Now, instead of pretending you are a Muslim terrorist, now pretend you are a radical who thinks America – as founded – is unjust and you want to fundamentally transform it into something you consider to be more socially just. Only, the Constitution – a charter of negative liberties that restricts what you can do as President – is in your way. What you need is a crisis that will give you the support of the people to suspend that Constitution so you can keep them safe. Still, you are a ‘good’ person, so you could never plan such a false-flag attack on Americas, but you might be tempted to allow others to do it – especially if you know they already want to do so… Luckily, we have no evidence that the President or anyone who has ever been around him thinks this way:

Well, at least there is no evidence that Emanuel’s got this comment from studying revolution – especially the 1930’s NAZI revolution in Germany:

“The war made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times.”

–Joseph Goebbels

OK, OK, well, at least Bible and Islamic prophecy do not mention the U.S., an Islamic Empire or a nuclear war in and around Israel…or do they? Stay tuned, you may be very, very surprised at the answers to those questions. I’ll be cover them in the coming weeks, but – for now – I hope I have been able to show you enough of the picture I see to recognize it for yourself. Keep in mind: we in the West have trouble seeing past here and now. We do not look far into the future and we forget and even re-write the past. The cultures of the Middle East do not have this handicap. They have a cultural memory. They see things that happen today as a continuation of yesterday, so they know and understand how it all fits together and flows in a way that forms one story. I think, if you can look at the information in this post, it might help you see what I am seeing. I pray it will.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: I do not claim to be a prophet, nor do I have any gift of insight. Most of my posts are written off the work of others. All I do it read – a lot. There was a time when I thought I was special, but that time has passed. Now I know that I am nobody special – not in a worldly sense – and I am happy with that. However, if I do have a gift (and I do not claim one), it is the ability to see many things that – to most – seem disconnected and see how they are actually connected to each other. Sadly, this causes many to see me as ‘unhinged.’ That is because they do not see what, to me, is as clear as my own reflection. But the difference between me and the rest of the conspiracy theorists out there is I can make connections that, many times, show the people involved admitting their agendas. I try to be solid in my logic and the material I cite to support me, and I hope it shows. I hope it earns me some measure of credibility in your eyes – especially since I have been studying Scripture the past few months. The OYL has been slow for a while, but I have still been busy, and I have learned a great deal. In the coming months, I am going to do my best to share what I have learned with you, and I’ll warn you now, it will be directly connected to Biblical and Islamic prophecy as they relate to the events of the world today. Again, I will be standing on the backs of better people, but I will be using their work to show a bigger picture that I think they have missed. These better people have gathered all the pieces, so they have done the hard work. All I hope to do is help fit them together for those who have the ears to hear and eyes to see….]


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