AGENDAS: Why ‘Give Up’ Control of the Internet?

To understand why Obama gave up control of the internet, you must first understand and accept that Obama hates this nation.  Yes, he hates America and he has said so, you just have to understand his language.  But that is a subject that has already been largely covered by others.  The subject at hand now is to offer what I suspect is a very plausible explanation for why Obama gave up control of the Internet.

First, we have to remember that, so long as this nation retains control of the Internet, and the Constitution remains even marginally embraced by the American people, there will be limits to what the U.S. government can do to control and censor the Internet.  However, if the control over the Internet is surrendered to the rest of the world, then that control and censorship can be achieved in a manner that allows liars and deceivers such as Obama to claim innocence and feign outrage.  But you say Obama is not giving up that type of control, only control over the domain names registration?  Well, if you don’t see how this could be used to shut down the Internet, then you do not understand how the people we are dealing with think and act.

Suppose for a moment that the Chinese get control over all domain name registration.  Now, what if they decide that they are going to charge for those registrations according to the footprint you have.  It will be a ‘reasonable’ fee: say, $0.05 per visitor.  To the average person, this may not seem like much.  They have already been ‘trained’ to think that business is swimming in money, so they will assume that the people who own the web site can easily afford that nickel for their visit.  They will not be sympathetic.  But then, this is because they are also trained not to think – just as John Dewey wanted.

If this blog page had to pay $0.05 per visitor, then I would already have had to pay more than $700 – just to register the domain for one year.  I have two blogs, and I can assure you, I cannot afford $1,400/year just to maintain my ability to post.  So this page and The Road to Concord would go away.  This would be a very effective way to silence many voices of dissent and information.  What’s more, it would work in such a way that these liars and deceivers would be able to tell the ignorant and indoctrinated that they had nothing to do with it.  I am still free to run my blog sites – I just have to pay the fees.  And the ignorant and indoctrinated will accept the lie.  But take this one more step.  I own a web-based business that could not afford the additional cost to maintain my web site without greatly increasing prices.  So my customers would have the cost passed on to them – or I would be forced out of business.

Now, this doesn’t bother the ‘Big boys’ as much as it bothers the ‘Little Guy.’  Large corporations can easily pay or pass on the additional fees – especially since they have the money to buy exemptions for themselves.  So, as far as large business is concerned, giving up control of the Internet is a win-win.  It eliminates competition while solidifying their dominance over whatever part of the market they operate.  This is why the Health Insurance Industry didn’t mind Obamacare.  They saw it as a government-guarantee of additional income without additional exposure.  However, those businesses that think this way are just as delusional as the ignorant masses that accept these government lies.  Once they allow the government to control something, they will eventually encounter government officials with an agenda that is not driven by monetary greed.  When that happens, then – no matter how large they may be – those businesses will discover that ‘true believers’ do not care about money and those businesses will be destroyed just the same way the Little Guy was stomped out.

It is all about control.  It is always about control.  Learn it; live it; love it.  Or, as the military puts it, ‘Embrace the Suck.’


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