AGENDAS: It’s NOT about ‘Bullying;’ It’s about Redefining Deviancy

WARNING: The content of this post is not ‘politically correct’ and will likely offend those who are sympathetic to the politically correct narrative.  If this is you, DO NOT READ THIS POST!  As I will neither change it, nor apologize for it, but I will certainly defend it — because it is the truth!

I could have also filed this one under ‘DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE,’ but I didn’t, because it has more to do with social engineering than with trying to change the language.  The issue at hand is the ludicrous claim that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is somehow bigoted because it refused to allow gay activists to politicize the event.  The truth is that the parade did nothing wrong, but the people attacking them are.  They are being bullies and – in the process – hypocrites.  But then, all this ‘noise’ about anti-bullying based on a person’s ‘difference’ is nothing more than a public relations campaign designed to cow anyone who objects into silence.  In short: it is bullying people into accepting a minority opinion in the name of ending bullying.  The truth is, these people do not care about bullying at all.  They just want to change the meaning of deviancy in our culture so they can feel better about being deviants.

 I have already written a post about our Natural Right to be bigots.  But this post is not bigoted.  It is about holding the line on morality and the language against deviancy and bullying.  Anyone who has a problem with this needs to start by reading the definition of deviant:


departing from usual or accepted standards, esp. in social or sexual behavior.

The best guess at the percentage of homosexuals in this country places the figure between 3-10%.  By any measure, this is a clear minority, which places homosexuality in the category of sexual deviancy simply based on nature.  Prior to the launch of the national bullying campaign to force people to accept homosexuals, the vast majority of the American population considered it to be a deviant behavior.  If they were allowed to voice their true opinions, I suspect we would find the majority of Americans still believe this to be true.  So, once again, homosexuals meet the definition of deviant.

Now, let’s consider all the things that are being forced on the majority of society in the name of ‘fighting hatred.’  People are being forced to accept the redefining of ‘marriage.’  Even when the people vote overwhelmingly to defend marriage, gay activist allies in the courts over rule the will of the majority.  Businesses as forced to serve homosexuals – even when it violates their religious beliefs.  This is a clear violation of both property and religious rights, while no ‘right’ has been violated against gays because no one has a right to force others to serve them – period.  I could go on, but the truth is, people cannot do anything without bending over backward to accommodate these gay fascist in our society without risking destruction by the gays’ allies in the media and government.

Then we have this story, which clearly indicates that this is about promoting and forcing the gay agenda and not about ending bullying:

9-Year-Old Boy Bullied Over His ‘My Little Pony’ Lunch Bag; School Reportedly Plays Hardball — But Not With Who You’re Thinking

Rather than address the bullies here, the school blamed this little boy.  Where are all the bleeding heart Liberals crying about blaming the victim over this story?  They are nowhere to be found.  But when it is a football player in the NFL, they climb all over the story.  Be honest with yourself: do you think this story would be different if it was about a transgendered 9 y/o who was being bullied at school?  You know it would be.  In fact, the bullies would probably have been suspended.

There is so much more to this issue.  It includes the attempt to normalize promiscuity, as well.  But the truth should be obvious to anyone who looks at the way these stories are usually handled.  If you are a part of the GLBT community, then you usually get your way or the people who you perceive to be ‘against you’ come under attack – even to the point of being ruined.  However, if you are the one having your actual rights trampled and you try to defend them, then you are the one labeled a bigot, and a homophobe and you are targeted for destruction.  And all so that people who meet the definition of ‘deviant’ can change the definition and force people to accept their lifestyle.  Well, let me ask you: why aren’t the GLBT activists fighting for polygamy and pedophiles and people who want to marry their pets?  After all, everything the GLBT community says to support their claim to normalcy applies equally as much to these others.  The only difference is that the GLBT’s think those others are deviants – not themselves.

No, whether we like it or not, this is not about bullying or hatred or anything more than using the government to force society to accept deviancy as normal.  Sadly, the majority of these poor souls don’t even realize they are being exploited for ulterior purposes.   That’s right: I think of these people as ‘poor souls.’  I do not hate them.  I have love and compassion for them.  Just because they are different, it doesn’t mean I hate them.  But, at the same time, it doesn’t mean I am going to accept and approve of the way they live – and that is my right!  And they have no ‘right’ to use government to force me to do otherwise – especially when they are being used to push an agenda designed to alter society for the purposes of reducing global population and making it easier to control the masses.  If you doubt this is part of the equation, then you need to go read “Brave New World” again…


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