PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Was Flight 370 Stolen because of Who was on board?

I heard Limbaugh invoke Occam’s Razor this week to explain the flight 370 disappearance.  According to Limbaugh, the most likely explanation is going to be one of the most simple, and this will cause most people to reject that explanation.  However, Limbaugh missed something in his explanation.  Occam’s Razor depends on all explanations being equal (as in, the support for all possible explanations is relatively equal).  But there is an explanation here that is not equal.  In fact, there is enough evidence to suggest that something much more sinister is in the works here, and that the governments involved actually know much more about it than they have told us.  But to know there is a good explanation requires knowledge of some rather obscure pieces of the puzzle.  You need to know a little bit about who was on the plane and what they do; about U.S. military and spy installations; and about WW II night bombing navigation techniques.  When you put these all together, you might agree that there is sufficient reason to suspect flight 370 was stolen because of who was on the plane, and that it was flown into the general region known as ‘The Stans.’

First, we need to start with this story, and you need to read it because it covers something that has been verified but has not been reported by the major news media (i.e. government controlled media):

Glenn breaks down some of the theories surrounding Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

Last night, Glenn came across a story by Samantha Payne of the International Business Times entitled, “Malaysia Airlines Plane MH370 Latest Conspiracy Theory: Who were Freescale Semiconductor Experts on Board?” The article explains the value of the technological expertise the 20 employees from Freescale Semiconductor, a Texas-based technology firm that were on flight MH370 could have for groups with nefarious intentions.

“I want to read to you what the International Business Times is reporting,” Glenn said. “These people… were on the plane, however, the theory around it is being labeled as conspiracy theory. But just about everything in the world today is being labeled a conspiracy theory.”

[NOTE: at this point, we need to remember that former “Regulatory Czar,” Cass Sunstein, has openly called for the government to infiltrate and discredit what he calls ‘conspiracy theory groups’ by using the public perception of anything labeled as ‘conspiracy theory’ to discredit them.  So, we should not – because we cannot – dismiss the very likely possibility that the assertions of ‘conspiracy theory’ involving these technicians are nothing but government misinformation: a likelihood that should soon appear to be a probability – once you see the rest of what I have for you.]

Next, we need to look at the map the media is showing us about the two possible flight paths for flight 370 after it fell off the radar:


As a WW II historian, I noticed something odd about this map.  I noticed that it looks an awful lot like the flight path the British pathfinders used to fly in WW II so they could use radio beacons broadcast from England to find and mark targets for the night time bombing of the Third Reich.  The navigational systems were known as Oboe and Gee-H.  See for yourself:


Now, we have been told that it was a satellite that gave us the possible flight path of flight 370.  The problem with that story is that, from the location we are given for the satellite, it would have a direct line of sight to the plane no matter which direction it flew.  So, if the satellite had directional finding abilities (something highly unlikely if it was just recording engine data), then it should have been able to track the exact path of the plane.  However, if – like Oboe and Gee-H – whatever means was used to track flight 370 was actually terrestrially based (i.e. on the surface of the planet), then it is very likely they would be limited to the arced path we see in the map the media is showing us.  The question then becomes, where would such a land-based detection system be located, and why would it be there?

Well, let me introduce you to a U.S. military base called Diego Garcia.  Diego Garcia just happens to have several intelligence gathering and satellite tracking systems on it.  It is very possible that it was actually one of these systems that told the authorities about the two possible paths that flight 370 may have taken.  And, if we look at where Diego garcia is, and compare it to the map with the possible flight path and the diagram from the Oboe/Gee-H flight path, you should see why this jumped out at me:


Diego Garcia is — coincidentally — very close to where this ‘satellite’ is supposedly located in the previous picture.  So, to me, this is a rather plausible explanation: flight 370 was stolen so that someone could get their hands on the technicians on-board the plane and – possibly – the plane, as well.  It was flown into the region we call ‘The Stans,” and, from there, either hidden, or delivered into the hands of whoever orchestrated this high jacking.  And the reason the government is not telling us any of this is simple: they feel they have to protect their intelligence gathering capabilities and methods and to maintain plausible deniability or just doubt in the minds of our enemies as to the importance of those technicians and their work.  Or, since Obama is the President, it is also possible that the government is hiding this from us because it is connected to yet another act of open treason (and yes, I am dead serious about the accusation).


5 thoughts on “PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Was Flight 370 Stolen because of Who was on board?

  1. It’s like JFK theories all over again. My 2 cents is that terrorists tried to hijack the plane ala 9/11 and they knew enough to disable the transponder, but that there were enough brave soles on the flight to attampt to thwart them and that in whatever melee ensued, the flight either went down or was blown up by said terrorists.
    I will admit that I have not read most of the theories that have been posted because I recognize that theories will be posted for the foreseeable future and I refuse to get caught up in attempting to keep track of every “possibility.” I’ll leave that up to the CNN pundits and attempt to resume a normal life. If we _ I mean non-experts _ all get caught up in this then we as a society become frozen and unable to push forward, which would make so many of those who despise the U.S. very happy.

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