Social Engineering: Eugenics And The Progressives

Al Gore Confirms That Eugenics Is Alive And Well In Modern America

This post is part of a series of posts that illustrate the ‘Spirits and Types’ behind the agendas that drive our world.  In this series, I will indirectly illustrate these ‘Spirits and Types’ by showing how they manifest themselves into political agendas.  This will be done by highlighting specific figures from our modern world and drawing the connections between their ideology and the historic roots behind their ideas.  In this manner, it is hoped that the history of these original ideas will be sufficiently self-evident to allow the reader to draw the proper conclusions about their modern manifestations and the people pushing them.  If you are on the side of truth, once you learn the connections, you will see the agenda for what it really is.   Now, let me show you how Al Gore is promoting an idea that is directly connected to Adolf Hitler.

I simply cannot put it any better than the explanation in this clip.  I urge you – I strongly urge you – put aside any feelings you may have about the man and listen to the information he is presenting in this video clip…because it is not his opinion, it is historic fact!

Now, if you do not know what motivated the comments in the video above, here is the Al Gore segment to which Al Gore is reacting:

The important part of Beck’s video really starts around the 8-9 minute mark.  Before that, he is giving you the historic background; the part that is necessary to understand how and why the rest of what he says from that 8-9 minute mark forward is true.  Still, Beck is speaking to his audience; therefore, it is assumed that the majority of the people who are listening already know the background because he has spent the past 5 years or more trying to educate those who would listen.  I am among them, but that’s not how I started listening to Beck.

When I first heard this man, I thought he was an intellectual clown – because he was.  But he did something that we should all try to do: when he ran into things that did not make sense to him, he started to research them.  He did this by going back to the original source of the information (as much as possible).  And he accepted what he found as fact.  From there, the hard part is dealing with the new reality to which you will suddenly awaken.  I know because I was a ‘good conservative’ back then, and much of what Beck was telling me was wrong (at least in my head).  So I set out to prove he was lying.  The problem is, I found out he is not only telling us the truth, he is keeping some of the uglier stuff from us because it is too hard for most people to face.

So, this is what Beck has been doing for more than five years now: trying to educate people and to encourage them to do their own homework.  He will tell you to do this – all the time.  And that is what The OYL is: my attempt to educate people as to what I have learned and to encourage others to think for themselves, as well.  Beck and I do not walk in lock-step.  I disagree with him on several issues.  In some cases, it is a profound disagreement.  However, I have found that where I disagree, it is not because Beck doesn’t know the same information I have discovered, because he does.  It is because – and this is my opinion – he simply cannot bring himself to accept the implications of the conclusions I have drawn.  However, when it comes to the American Progressives and their continued adherence to the idea of a scientifically engineered society, Beck and I see things identically.

If you have never heard of George Bernard Shaw, he was a famous play write from the early 1900’s.  He was also a founding father of the Fabian Socialist movement in England.  The Fabians spawned Lenin and helped to organize the American Progressive movement.  They also gave Hitler the idea for the gas chamber.  Watch, and understand that this man is deadly serious:

In that last clip, Shaw makes a strong point about his ability to look stern or amiable according to the purpose at hand.  This is important because it is connected to the symbol of the Fabian Socialists – the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The Fascists admired the hard stance and stern look, so they did not care to hide it.  You can see this in Hitler and Mussolini.  But the Fabians realized this worked against the Fascists where the Anglo part of the Western world was concerned.  So they started to hide their true face, which is what Shaw is actually explaining – right in front of the American cameras.  American’s just didn’t understand this because they had not read what the Fabians had written to themselves where they explained this.  Had they done so, Shaw might not have been so well received in this nation, and we might still understand that the kindly public persona of so many modern Progressives is a mask.

Case in point: when considering the following link, keep in mind what you have just heard Al Gore say about genetics and conservatism, and how it is directly connected to Hitler and the gas chambers (and, if you go back far enough, to American Margret Sanger and Planned Parenthood).  Now, read the headline and instead of “Conservative,” read “Jew” and ask yourself where people who think like Sanger, Shaw, Hitler and Gore might take us if we accept this line of reasoning?

Judicial Watch Obtains Defense Department Teaching Documents Suggests “Extremists” to Mainstream Conservative Views

The agenda here is control: “science” is merely the excuse.


11 thoughts on “Social Engineering: Eugenics And The Progressives

  1. Programmed regressives may wear a “kindly persona public mask,” but they can’t hide their evil beliefs and deeds from those of us who know the Bible and worship Jesus Christ!

    1. Exactly what George Bernard Shaw said: he wears a mask to hide his true self from the world. Now, why hide unless you know that what you are would be rejected were it exposed to the light of day? And if it would, then there is the reason the Scriptures teach that God is light and evil hides in the dark. 😉

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