CONNECTING THE DOTS: Spirit Of Holocaust Alive And Well In America

This nation is in the grips of the same spirit that drove Hitler to kill the Jews.  It has been for a century.  I know this because I know history, and history reveals that the American Eugenics movement was a leading factor in the development of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution.’  If you understand that you are dealing with a spirit, then you will see the clear signs that it has as tight a grip on our nation today as it had on Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s.  The latest evidence that this spirit has hold of our nation can be found in recent news headlines.  I have to wonder, how many Americans saw those headlines and made the connection between those stories and the arguments that were used to justify the Holocaust?  If you wonder what I am talking about, or you doubt the validity of my claims, then keep reading.  You might be surprised at what our nation has been missing.

It started — at least for me — when Al Gore went on national television and suggested that ‘conservatives’ are an ‘evolutionary hindrance‘ to the development of all humanity.  Then he stated that ‘scientists’ have found a way to determine whether an unborn child will be ‘progressive’ or ‘conservative.’  The clear implication in his presentation was that ‘conservative’ babies should be aborted for the benefit of all humanity.  This is the exact same reasoning that was used to justify the killing of Jews, mentally handicapped, homosexuals and a wide range of other Peoples listed as ‘undesirables.’  I detailed all of this in my post:

Social Engineering: Eugenics And The Progressives

Al Gore Confirms That Eugenics Is Alive And Well In Modern America

Now we have a group of racists claiming that black lives are the only lives that matter.  Make no mistake: they are racists!  When a group of people use force to make people apologize for saying all lives matter, then they are saying only some lives matter.  In the case of this story, the assertion is that only black lives matter.  Well, Hitler justified the Holocaust largely along racial lines, so the same spirit that drove Hitler is behind this story:

O’Malley Forced to Apologize for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

But this spirit has morphed.  Today, in America, it still focuses on race, but it focuses more on political ideology.  But make no mistake, the spirit is still driven to call for the murder of anyone who does not conform to the ‘group think.’  Thus, if you are politically incorrect, the people consumed by this spirit call for the deaths of those who oppose them.  In some cases, it is implied by arguing that they are ‘sub-human:’

EPA Chief McCarthy: ‘Climate Deniers’ Are Not ‘Normal Human Beings’

But, if you pay attention, you will notice that other times the curtain is dropped and the true face of this spirit shows itself in open calls for murder:

Former Carter staffer: ‘Shoot Republicans’ to save animals, environment

In light of this situation, the questions we need to answer are:

Have we fallen into the grips of this spirit?  And, if I have, how do I free myself from it?

And if I have not yet fallen into the grips of this spirit, how do I avoid doing so?

May I make a suggestion?  If you have fallen into the grips of this spirit, turn to God and seek His forgiveness and help.  He will respond — but only if you are sincere in your request for help.  But, if you have not yet fallen into this spirits grasp, stay away from the places where it lays its traps.  Avoid the ‘main stream media,’ as well as places like Face Book.  No matter how grounded, these places will — eventually — start to draw you into the grasp of hate, and that is the seed which eventually grows into this spirit we’re discussing.  Also, avoid those who are already in the grips of this spirit.  Speak out against them wherever you find them, then ostracize them as best you can.  Shun them.  Stay away from them.  Make sure those around you see you treating them like a plague.  Others will follow, but only if you have the courage to lead.  So lead!


10 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: Spirit Of Holocaust Alive And Well In America

  1. Hello again my friend,

    FYI – when I clicked on the “Social Engineering” link within your post, it didn’t work, but I was still able to get to that post (under the “related” section) and read it.

    I remember hearing all about this via Glenn Beck back in 2013. Although he adheres to Mormonism (and shouldn’t preach on his show because of this) he has been spot on when it comes to history lessons and what we should learn from them.

    All of these people who perpetuate the Holocaust ideology and/or turn a blind eye to it today (abortion) are all being possessed by an evil spirit. People who can just “dismiss” the selling of aborted fetus body parts and continue to support the killing of babies in the womb (despite ultrasounds that show a fully formed human being – not a blob of “flesh”) is a soulless attitude and absolutely unconscionable! Their minds have been seared in such a satanic ideology that no matter how much horror, death, and destruction is shown to them, they will NOT change their minds!

    My question. What about people who are your relatives and they support such evil? Finding out that a relative is a raging programmed regressive on FB can be so disheartening! That, among many other reasons are why I’m not on FB anymore. Was on there to look at photos of our daughter’s wedding back in April, 2014, but left shortly thereafter. Yesterday, while linking to a source that shares all about the evil spooky dude – George S0r0s – I discovered that the billionaire owns 341,000 SHARES OF FACEBOOK! That alone is a good reason to keep me from using it!

    You have certainly shown the connections between Hitler’s Holocaust ideology and how it is still raging even today. Unfortunately, many young people (Millennials and younger) are not taught about WWII in school anymore. Therefore, they do not know about the evils that occurred back then. It is such a sad state of affairs! I may have already told you this, but I had a young lady tell me that the WWII generation was not “The Greatest Generation.” She believes that HER generation (Millennial) is the “greatest” because they created Facebook! UGH! *sigh*

    When progressives have been trained to say (and think!) that conservatives are “crazies,” I try to come up with phrases that get the pro-life message out there anyway. One example is “choose life – your mother did.”

    Thanks for another excellent post JB!

    1. christinewjc,

      I think I fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know about it.

      Yes, Beck has mentioned this topic, and I agree with your take on him. Search The OYL’s older posts and you’ll find I have made the same case as you have — many times. You will also find that I have addressed everything you have just mentioned — often in great detail.

      Now, as to what we are called to do when we discover family members are in the grips of these evil spirits: Naturally, we try to show them where, how and why they are wrong. However, if they refuse to listen…

      Well, Christ told us He came to set fire tot he earth, and to turn family members against each other. Non-believers will not totally understand that, or my advice, but I would say that, after you try to correct them three times, then you shakes their dust from your feet and leave them to the Lord. I know it is not what WE want to hear, but then, we know that His ways are not ours…

      God bless

      1. Thanks for your good advice. I have already made my “choice” about abortion known to two separate people who claim to be “pro-choice” but are in actuality, pro-death to babies in the womb. I tried to make the case once to both, but I know that in one case, what I shared fell on deaf ears.

        I will research your older posts. I’m sure that they are filled with a lot of wisdom from God!

        Last night, I was driving home from dinner at a restaurant and happened to listen to Mark Levin’s radio show. He was discussing the second “aborted baby parts for sale” hidden video and he mentioned the name of the group (forget the name) that did this. He also stated that this group had been doing this investigation for two years! There are more videos to come to reveal what planned baby-killing is all about. Money is probably the top reason.

        For our government to use taxpayer money to fund such an awful organization is beyond comprehension! My prayer is that more people will be awakened from the stupor inflicting their dark minds by these horrible agents of evil. The good news is that more and more young people are pro-life than ever before since Roe v. Wade.

        1. christinewjc,

          First, the oldest posts in this blog date back to the point in my life where Christ reached in and took hold of me, so the farther back you go, the more ‘worldly’ politics you will find in my posts. Still, like Beck, I leave them there because the history is good.

          That said, Planned Parenthood is about 2 things.

          1st — it is Eugenics. Search this site for eugenics and Margaret Sanger. PP was established to rid America of blacks — period. Sanger — the founder — said so. No discussion here. This is a fact, and the numbers show it is doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do.

          2nd — search this site for Moloch worship. Abortion in this nation is just that” Moloch worship. HOWEVER, and I’ll get to this soon, it is also “part” of a prophecy about Ephraim coming to fulfillment.

  2. Joe,

    It is hard to separate man from the sins he commits and do away with our own desire that sinners and evil doer’s receive judgement now. Agape love however, demands that we do separate the two. We must see the world, lower reality, from an understanding of upper realty and leave man to condemn himself by his own free will and rejection of God and allow God to provide the right punishment at the appropriate time.

    When Christians place their total reliance in Jesus Christ and look to the higher spiritual realities of what God is doing in time they will have a better understanding and be able to quiet their own spirit and be able to agape the sinner.

    I deal with this issue daily. Case in point. Planned Parenthood selling murdered babies, cutting them apart and selling as medical specimens. It is very difficult to watch the glibness of those who see these babies as less than that of what they would demand in the treatment of an animal. I detest the word fetus. Everyone should call it what is. The “Murder and Butchering of Babies Meat Market” that is Planned Parenthood and the Progressive left most prized possession.

    This is so dark a story and yet most will never care. Shows you that the USA is a spiritually degenerate barren land ripe for the judgement of God. He will be responding soon.

    1. chhelo,

      I agree with everything you say. The only thing I wish Christians would understand, however, is that Scripture never teaches us to accept any of this. In fact, it teaches just the opposite. Yes, we have to be ‘in’ the world, but we are not to become like it. I know we are ripe for judgment, and baring the Lord’s grace and He sends a massive revival TODAY, we will be judged — and very soon! But I cannot help bu feel that, had we not bowed to the world’s demand that we remain silent and we had resisted — in a Christ-like manner, we would not be here today.

      Still, I am equally aware that this has all been foretold. We are traveling the EXACT SAME footsteps Ephraim traveled, and we will receive the exact same punishment for having done so 😦

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