LESSONS IN LOGIC: Trumpeters Booing Cruz An Admission They Are No Different Than Hillary Supporters

Folks, let’s be clear: Hillary Clinton is an un-indicted criminal who will not be prosecuted simply because the political apparatus in this country is corrupt beyond repair.  That said,Trump is not the answer, either, and the reaction of Trump supporters to Ted Cruz’s speech last night proves it.  Here’s how logic dictates that this is true.When Ted Cruz told people to vote their conscience by voting for people of principle, people who will uphold the law and defend the Constitution, Trump supporters booed him.  Booing means you disagree with what the speaker is saying.  If you disagree with electing principled people who will obey the laws and defend the Constitution, you are stating that you do not care about principle, the law or Constitution.  That must mean that all you care about is winning.

However, if you are a Trump supporter and you boo someone who is urging you to vote for principled people who will obey the law, you are admitting that you know Donald Trump is not a principled man who will obey the law and defend the Constitution.  If this were not the case, then the Trump supporters would have assumed Cruz was talking about Trump and cheered him — but they didn’t do that.  Why, because — like it or not — Trump supporters are no different than Hillary supporters: all they care about is that their candidate wins — law, Constitution and Country be damned!

This is all a matter of simple logic.  It be denied — Democrats deny it when they are called out for doing the same thing — but it does not change the reality.  Trump people are supporting the man over principle, Party over country.  This is exactly the thing they condemn the Democrats of being.  So, if Democrats are wrong for the country when they do it, how is it different when Trump supporters do it?  Because ‘their man’ is better than the ‘other guy?’  Isn’t that exactly what the Right has been saying the Left has been saying?  Well, if it is wrong, then it is wrong when you do it, not just when the other guy does it.  Which means, if we are going to boo a man telling us to vote conscience, vote law and vote Constitution, then we are saying we do not care about any of these things, just winning.


A person can support someone with whom they disagree without having to endorse them.  If you endorse someone with who you disagree, you are compromising on whatever principle(s) it is you disagree with that person.  This means, had Cruz endorsed Trump, he would have shown himself to be fake, and that would have caused Cruz’s supporters to discount him, not embrace trump.

What people are missing is the the majority of Cruz support actually understands principle and ideal.  That is why they support him: because he has a history of standing on principle and ideal without wavering.  Cruz supporters support him for this reason.  It is not the man, but the things he defends.  So, when Trump supporters boo him for sticking to his principles, they boo everyone they need to help Trump win.  Not only is this sour grapes, but it confirms what the Cruz supporters already suspected: Trump and his supporters are all about the win, not the principles and ideals of America.  This is no different than Hillary and her supporters, so why should Cruz supporters back either candidate?  If they do, they are compromising, and that means they are not principled.  It means, if they back either Hillary or Trump, they are hypocrites.  Principled people try hard not to act in such a manner (which is probably why the people behind Trump and Hillary dislike Cruz and his people equally).


15 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Trumpeters Booing Cruz An Admission They Are No Different Than Hillary Supporters

  1. This sounds nice in theory but everyone knows Cruz was getting booed for not keeping his word. If he is a Christian as he claims, he should have his yes be yes and his no be no. If he had no intention to support Trump, he never should’ve given his word or showed up and publicly broken his word if he felt otherwise. Trump supporter or not, this is basic integrity.

    1. Not true. That’s the excuse being given, but you can support someone without endorsing them. Trumpeters simply want to win, they don’t care about principle, the law or Constitution.

      1. That would be all well and fine if he had pledged to support the nominee, but the pledge, which most of the other candidates have turned their backs on now that Trump has the needed delegates to get the nomination, said that they would endorse whoever got the nomination.

      2. Support, endorse..its just semantics. Ted Cruz is a sore loser just like all the other Republican nominee drop outs. I still don’t see how you can be a true Christian and a politician at the same time. They seem mutually exclusive and Cruz is just getting called on it.

        1. If Cruz had endorsed a man with whom he disagrees on principle, THAT would be breaking with his Christian teachings (Scripture actually teaches this).

          Also, if this means Cruz is not Christian, than Trump certainly isn’t, so to support Trump would be an un-Christian thing to do.

          See, when you pursue victory at all cost, you end up in the mud with the Democrats. It is why I am saying there is no difference here. You either get arsenic with Hillary or Hemlock with Trump. 😦

        1. Sorry, I followed the primaries and I did not hear Cruz promise to endorse, only support. There is a difference. You can support someone with whom you disagree, but if you endorse that person, you have renounced your principles. I think this is the problem: people who want to win more than anything do not want anything to do with real principle. To them, it only get sin the way.

  2. The whole pledge thing was broken when Trump himself said it was no longer valid om March 29th 2016.

    Reagan NEVER endorsed Gerald Ford in 1976.

    Teddy Kennedy NEVER endorsed Carter in 1980.

    Who of the 17 Candidates have “Endorsed” Trump themselves?

    Cruz had every right to be there and could have mounted a challange legally according to RNC “rules”. That he chose not too was a clear sign of support a priori.

  3. And for the record….. Cruz got 8.8 Million votes BEFORE he suspended his campaign. Trump got 14 Million throughout. If Cruz had stayed in it is likely his support would have been close to 10 – 11 million. Which would have meant about 12 million to Trump.

    Those are close to Reagan/ Ford percentages.

    Cruz’s support is significant.

    1. All I know is that when Trump said he didn’t want Cruz’s support, he told me he didn’t want mine, either. He — Trump — said he’d rather have Sander’s people. So congratz, GOP! It is official. You are now the home of the socialists, NOT the Constitutional Conservatives.

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