Trump Is Telling World Cruz Is Correct To Distrust Him, But Trump Supporters Refuse To See Anymore Than Obama’s Or Hillary’s

My last post explained how logic dictates that those Trump supporters who booed Cruz for urging people to vote for those who will uphold the Constitution actually demonstrated they do not care about principles, the rule of law or the Constitution.  I caught a lot of hate for saying that, but I was correct.  Trump and the majority of his supporters do not care about the Constitution or the rule of law.  That means they are no different from the Democrats — none!  But — this time — before you tell me how wrong I am — understand that it is Trump saying he does not care about the Constitution!  Here’s the story:Trump: The Constitution Isn’t Always Relevant

Trump: Immigration Ban Is More Important Than The Constitutional Issues The Policy Raises

Donald Trump’s interview with ’60 Minutes’ was eye-opening. Also, Mike Pence was there.

Donald Trump is telling the entire world he does not care about the Constitution.  If it keeps him from doing what he wants to do, he says he will disregard it.  This is exactly what Obama has said and done, and exactly like the things Hillary has advocated and suggested she will do.  There is no difference: Obama=Trump=Hillary!

It also show that Trump has no principles.  All he cares about is himself and his own estimation of things.  And, if you understand what actually happened in Turkey last week, you’d know that Trump’s comments about Turkey demonstrate that he is totally inept when it comes to the defense of this nation and the Western world — not to mention Islam.  But he does not care.  All he cares about are his own opinion of things.  The man is a life-long narcissist and he is making that abundantly clear — only none of his supporters can see it.

So, let me make it clear, and I don’t care if this hurts your feelings:

If you support Trump, you support lawlessness!

If you support Trump, you are an enemy of the Constitution!

If you support Trump, you are an enemy of the rule of law!

In fact, you are an enemy of America — as it was founded!

You may not like it, but it is true.  You cannot tell yourself that you are against Hillary while supporting a man guilty of the exact same things.  If you do, all you prove is you have no problem with lawlessness and corruption, you just have a problem with your criminal not being in charge.  Either way, you are just as bad as the people you oppose, so don’t bother pointing your fingers of hate at me anymore.  I can recognize evil when I see it, and it is at the top of BOTH Party’s tickets!

OH!  And in case I did not make that clear enough, Democrats: HILLARY CLINTON IS EVIL — PERIOD!  So don’t go thinking I am supporting her, because I’m not.  I am supporting principle, the Constitution and rule of law — in short, America, the way it was meant to be!


7 thoughts on “Trump Is Telling World Cruz Is Correct To Distrust Him, But Trump Supporters Refuse To See Anymore Than Obama’s Or Hillary’s

  1. Arsenic, hemlock or preparation.

    Missed the coronation speech and events of last night in Cleveland.

    Too busy watching videos on bullet swaging and tool and die making.

    Preparation at this point in time is mandatory. Voting for corrupt politicians and “Do it my way or else” liars has lost it’s luster. Neither will restore the rule of law or deny themselves self platitudes of greatness.

  2. Even Christian news outlets like Family Research Counsel are advocating Trump, not as a first choice, but hoping he wll be the puppet head of a conservative platform. I know ideally that I don’t want to vote for either candidate, but realistically, it is likely that either a Democrat or a Republican will win this election. I know what we will get with Hillary, but it is also fairly clear what we will get with Trump. I don’t want either. I would be far more inclined to vote for the Constitutional Party or even Libertarian if the Left wing also had a serious third party; but I suppose the CPUSA is not strong enough for them yet. And I pray it never is. I am at a loss on what to do, practically.

    1. The problem here is that, IF we are Christians, and we are actually reading and trying to obey Scripture, then we should know what season it is in God’s timeline. If we know the season, then we also should know that the Church is going to be easily lead astray, itself. Which means we must be VERY careful about what the Church leaders tell us. We must hold everything up to Scripture ourselves, and look to see if it matches personally. When I do this, I do not find any SCRIPTURAL justification to vote for an unrepentant sinner as opposed to an unrepentant sinner. See what I mean?

      1. Most definitely. One of these days we will ALL stand before the Judgment throne and give an account for every single deed and word that we have spoken. I do not want to stand before the Lord on that day, knowing that I willfully sinned against Him after proclaiming Jesus as the only path to Salvation. We do not need a political hero, as Israel was looking for in their version of the Messiah; and we have no King except the King of kings. I want my account to say that I trust in Jesus. Thank you for your writings. They have helped me to see more clearly what once was veiled.

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