SPIRITUAL LESSONS FROM THE HEADLINES: Reason Behind Bill Maher’s Fear of Cruz Very Revealing

I saw this story today, and when I read it, I found that I better understand some of the the more troublesome aspects of the Old testament.  Bill Maher is famous for attacking God’s actions in the Old Testament.  He called God a ‘Psychotic Mass Murderer.’  Now, to be totally honest, I have never found a satisfactory response to the sort of attacks that Maher levels against God.  I reject them, but I have never been able to find a way to explain why they are wrong — until now.  After reading this story, not only do I have a satisfactory answer, I have that answer in the very person of the person making the attack — Bill Maher!

Bill Maher Explains in Blunt Terms Why He Finds Ted Cruz ‘Scarier Than Trump’

Before I explain the answer I found in Bill Maher’s latest outbursts, let me draw your attention to two particular things Maher said.  First, why does Maher fear Cruz more than Trump?  Because:

The liberal HBO “Real Time” host told The Daily Beast that Cruz’s “high intelligence in the service of evil” should worry the American people.

“It’s one thing to have evil people who aren’t that bright! There’s a reason why everyone hates Ted Cruz,” he said.

In short, Bill Maher thinks Cruz is ‘evil.’  But it could be true; Cruz could be evil.  But, before we take Maher’s word that Cruz is the one who is evil, let’s see if Maher gives us any reason to believe his judgment is sound enough to make such a determination.  Luckily, in the same story I posted above, Maher also says this:

In his interview, Maher also said the Tea Party movement was entirely born from racism against President Barack Obama.

“Born, bred, and raised from racism,” he told The Daily Beast. “Of course. There’s a number of things that prove it, but Obama has mostly completed their agenda. He cut taxes on 98 percent of Americans. He cut the deficit by two-thirds. He reduced the size of government, which is something that Bush and Reagan never did. And yet they still hate him. What could it be?”

Maher believes that the TEA Party opposes Obama strictly because the TEA Party is racist, and as ‘proof,’ Maher claims that Obama has completed 98% of the TEA Party’s stated objectives.  My dear reader, there is no way to reconcile this claim with reality.  Even if I grant that the TEA Party is racist (which I do not — because I know better), to claim that Obama has competed 98% of the TEA Party’s political agenda is to claim that pigs fly and things fall up.  It is so false as to be an absurdity.  There is simply no way to make a rational case to support Maher’s claim.  It cannot be done — not within the confines of objective reality and sound reason.

Ted Cruz may not be perfect, none of us are.  But Ted Cruz is not evil.  He has demonstrated that he has an allegiance to the law and a history of keeping his word.  If this is ‘evil’ in Maher’s eyes, it speaks to Maher’s nature more than that of Ted Cruz.  To Mahr, someone who seeks to obey and uphold the law and to keep his word to the people he represents is ‘evil.’  The opposite would be to have a disregard for the law and one’s promises.  Apparently, Maher thinks such a person is not evil.  But God says those who uphold the law are righteous while those who are lawless are evil — and there is the solution to my quest for a satisfactory response to those who attack God for destroying people in the Old Testament.

Christ said that He is the Light of the World. By this, He means He is the only source of Spiritual enlightenment.  This means that Christ is the only source of ultimate Truth in this world: of eternal Truth.  Jesus added to this when He said that He is The Way, the Truth and the Life.  Again, the Truth is that Jesus is the source of all moral law, of right and wrong.  He and He alone defines what is good, and everything outside of what Christ calls good is evil.  This would be by definition.  So, if the Lord says that those who obey God’s laws are righteous (Psalms 119), then those who reject God’s teachings must e evil.  Cruz tries to uphold the law and keep his word, both of which are commanded by the Lord.  This means Cruz is trying to walk in the Lord’s Way.  Maher calls this evil.  By logical extension, this means the Lord’s Word defines Maher as evil — not Cruz.

But let’s not stop here.  Let’s see if there is any additional evidence against Maher by which he might condemn himself.  A simple search finds this story:

To fully appreciate the level of the vitriol – albeit disguised as comedy with some admittedly humorous moments – one must see the video here (go to minute two). Hat tip to our old friend Ian Schwartz who now works for Hot Air. A full transcript follows:

New rule: If converting to Islam is all it takes to get the terrorists off our backs, then all I have to say is, “Lalalalalalala!” Now this week when two Fox News journalists were released by their kidnappers, I was shocked. Fox News has journalists? No, the shocking part of it was that all these Westerners had to do get the blade literally off their neck was say they were Muslims. Just recite a two line pledge. Just say the words, “There’s no god but Allah, Mohammed is his messenger, and,” oh, whoops. There, I did it. I’m now Bill al-Sheik Yerbouti. Welcome to Saudi America.

Understand this: Islam is the negation of the God of the Bible!  Islam denies the Trinity, the Divinity of Christ, the crucifixion and the Resurrection.  All of these are described by the Apostle, John, as sure signs of a Spirit of Antichrist.  So, again, Maher is testifying that he oppose the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Not only that, but Maher shows no hesitation in mocking God in the process.  God’s Word — not mine — condemns this as evil.  Therefore, Maher is evil, and that is the answer to Maher’s accusations against God.

The Bible records the many times God has tried to help man get straight and to warn man to stay on that narrow path, but man always goes astray.  After a period of time, man turns to evil.  Scripture records the repetitious nature of this turning away.  It is because man is sinful by nature.  Noah was the last righteous man of his time, so God had to destroy all men to make things right again.  Israel turned away until there was only a small remnant of righteous followers was left, but before that remnant was lost, God destroyed Israel and sent the Israelites into exile where that remnant could be preserved.  God did this because He promised Noah He would never destroy all men again, so He had to destroy Israel to save it.  The same is true today.  As more and more people turn away from God and become like Bill Maher, the point where there is only a small remnant of faithful believers will approach just as quickly.  Because God keeps His word, He will be forced to destroy the wicked once again — just as He was forced to do so in the past.  But — because he is evil — Maher does not understand that this does not make God evil.  It makes Him just!  The Truth is, if God had not destroyed the wicked in the past, then He would have been evil because He would have been unjust by breaking His own laws and His own promises.  So God — because He is Holy — had no choice but to destroy the wicked, and He has no choice but to do the same today.  This is the answer to scoffing attacks leveled against God by evil and wicked men such as Bill Maher.

But this is also the warning that faithful believers should take to heart, as well.  God’s Word records the history of man for a reason — so that His people can learn from the past.  Every time man grows to the point where there are but a handful — or even one — faithful believers left, God is forced to destroy the wicked.  This is because, if He does not, the wicked will destroy the remnant.  It is why Satan’s proxies have tried to kill God’s people all throughout history: it is an attempt to stop God’s Will by ending the line of His faithful believers.  So, as the world grows even more wicked at an ever increasing pace, God’s people need to cling all the more tightly to His Word and His promises.  Remember Christ’s warning when He said His return will be marked by a time like the Days of Noah, and He wondered whether there will be faith left on the earth at all when He comes back.  I urge you, my brothers and sisters: hold tight to the Lord’s Word.  Keep His commandments.  Trust in His promises.  Finish your race — even if it be unto death.  In this way, we will fulfill God’s promise that there will be a faithful remnant left to greet our Lord upon His return.

And, please, pray for the Bill Maher’s of this world.  The darkness does not understand the light.  People such as Maher need the Lord’s mercy if they are to have any hope of finding salvation before it is too late.  And, as Penn says, if we know the path to eternal life and we do not tell others and pray for them to find it,…  Well, what better definition of hate could we have than that we would allow another person to go into damnation because we were too proud to warn them and point them toward salvation — toward Jesus, Christ?


8 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL LESSONS FROM THE HEADLINES: Reason Behind Bill Maher’s Fear of Cruz Very Revealing

  1. Wow! Wonderful, wonderful post!
    I didn’t watch the video (can’t stand Bill Maher!) but I do recall a Fox News reporter being released from his Islamic terrorist captors years ago – Steve Centani – who did exactly what Maher suggests and uttered those words in favor of the false and evil “god” of Islam. The man sold his soul for his physical life, but if he never repents at the cross of Jesus Christ in this lifetime, then he will lose eternal life with God.

    The words of Jesus in Matthew come to mind:

    Mat 16:26

    “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

    Mar 8:36

    “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

    I’m participating in Bible Study Fellowship this year and we are in the book of Revelation. We learn, (just as you said in your excellent essay!) that the unrepentant would rather have rocks fall on them and crush them to death than to repent! The resistance towards salvation for their souls becomes stronger and stronger when they refuse to admit their sins, confess and repent at the foot of the cross of Christ, and ask for forgiveness.

    It is interesting to note that the term salvation in Greek means:

    “victory, wholeness, well being, and deliverance!”

    Therefore, people like Maher reject the very provision that would give him all of these gifts from God! Instead, he urges others to bow to a false god in order to lose their souls! So sad, ignorant, dangerous, stupid, childish, demonic, dumb, disrespectful and hateful! Leading people to hell via the public forum that Maher has is truly disturbing.

    In our study on Revelation 8 this past week, one question in our homework asked what we learned from the lecture. This is what I wrote:

    “Our (my) choice in this life on earth is to either be deceived by the cunning counterfeiter satan, or guided in the Truth by our Shepherd King – Jesus Christ!”

    I love 2 Corinthians 4! The entirety of the chapter speaks to this issue about Maher, especially these verses:

    2Co 4:3

    But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing,

    2Co 4:4

    whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.

    1. Funny you mention Revelation. I have a word from the Lord I have been delaying, but the fire has just been getting stronger. I have to write it — soon. It is about the two-horned beast that comes up out of the earth and makes an image that brings the wounded head on the seven-headed beast back to life.

      Also, have you seen the post I wrote about the Mark of the Beast yet? You may want to read it, as I believe the mark is most likely very different from what most people believe. I base this on the fact that Satan is a deceiver, and he usually works by mixing in just enough truth to get you to believe his lies and start you looking in the wrong direction.

      1. I will read it soon! Have an appointment this morning so will get back to you later today.
        Thanks for all you do to point people towards the Lord Jesus Christ!
        ~ Christine

  2. Hey J.

    I noticed an error in GM’s comment to you on this pingback topic at my blog and addressed it.
    Thanks for all of your comments on the two topics where you responded. They are all excellent and add great benefit to the discussion! Even if GM (continues, as always) refuses to seek the truth, other readers will benefit greatly with what you have shared!

    God bless!
    ~ Christine

    1. C,

      No worries, and thanks for your kind words. I just wish I had more time to spend with GM on your blog, but — unfortunately — time is precious to those of us who work for ourselves (especially in one-man shows like mine 🙂 ).


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