We are the First Generation of Americans to have This Problem

Judges 2:10*

All that generation also were gathered to their fathers; and there arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord, nor yet the work which He had done for Israel.

We are witnessing a ‘first’ in the history of this nation.  It is everywhere.  You will find it in our entertainment media, our schools and especially in our news coverage.  Sadly, we even see it in our pulpits.  What is this ‘first’ about which I speak?  It is the demonstration that — as a people — we have no knowledge of God’s Word.  Nowhere is the ignorance of the Bible — or more specifically — Christianity more evident than in several recent news stories.  Here, allow me to explain:

Let’s start with Donald Trump:

[VIDEO] – Crowd LAUGHS when Trump says ‘Two Corinthians’ at Liberty Univeristy

Now, why would a Christian crowed laugh at this remark?  Because it is not ‘2’ Corinthians, it is ‘second’ Corinthians — and they knew it.  So, by trying to convince his Christian audience that he is a Christian, Trump actually demonstrated that he does not know the Bible.  But Trump has done mush worse than this.  He has also told Christians that he is most likely not saved, which means he is not a Christian, at all:

Trump: I’ve Never Asked God For Forgiveness For Anything [VIDEO]

Every Christian knows that you must ask God for forgiveness before you can be saved.  So, by telling people he does not know that he has ever asked God for forgiveness, Trump is telling all Christians that he is not saved.  If he were, he would at least remember the moment he was saved.  This is a moment all Christians should remember as it is the most important event in their lives (at least in this world).

But the media does not recognize that these are warning signs.  Why?  Because, for the most part, the people in the media are just as ignorant of the Bible and Christian faith.  Here is a perfect example:

When Ted Cruz referenced ‘The Body of Christ,’ all Christians understand he is talking about the Church — the sum of all Christian believers.  This is how Scripture defines the term, and all Christians would have understood that this is what Cruz was talking about in his remarks.  Yet, Kathleen Parker not only thinks Cruz was talking about the actual, physical body of Jesus, but that Cruz was calling Jesus to come back and do his bidding.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but Parker does not know this because she has no knowledge or understanding of the Bible.  But she is not an exception.  In our society — sadly — she is now the norm.  This is a first in American history, and it signals a great peril for this nation.

Our founders were very clear about the link between God and liberty.  They clearly and forcefully told us that you cannot have liberty without retaining a belief in God.  The two cannot be separated:

In the Founders’ Words: The Connection between God, Liberty and the Founding of America

They told us that religion is essential to the preservation of a social (national) belief in God:

In the Founders’ Words: the Essential Role of Religion in Public and Civic Life

And, because they were Christian and believed the Christian faith to be the purest form of religion and religious teachings known to man, they sought to protect the Christian faith.  If we would listen, they will tell us that this was the driving force behind the 1st Amendment:

The First Amendment was Originally Intended to Protect ALL Denominations of Christianity

In spirit, this is the same understanding that has recently been affirmed by none other than this man:

The Guardian Hay Festival 2007
HAY ON WYE, WALES, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 27: Author and Scientist Richard Dawkins speaks at The Guardian Hay Festival 2007 held at Hay on Wye May 26, 2007 in Powys, Wales, United Kingdom. The festival runs until June 3. (Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images)

It is also the message Trump was trying to assert when he cited 2 Corinthians 3:17:

 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Unfortunately, this sounds good to those who are ignorant of the Bible.  Such people do not know that the Bible teaches us it is not enough to believe in God.  Scripture tells us that Satan believes in God, but this does not make Satan a ‘good’ person, nor does it save him.  The same applies to all of us. Just believing in God will not save us, nor does it make us ‘good.’  In fact, God’s Word tells us that no one is ‘good’ except for God, and to the extent that any of us does ‘good,’ it is only because of God in us.  But you cannot have God in you unless you have surrendered to Him and made Him Lord of your life.  Scripture says this means you obey His commands and not your own desires.  This requires repentance, which is a sincere admission that you have done wrong by God, an equally sincere regret for having done wrong, accompanied by a sincere attempt to stop doing that wrong.  This also requires us to ask God for forgiveness and for Him to come into our lives and be the master of our lives.  Unless and until a person demonstrates these signs in the way they live, other believers have no reason to accept that person as a fellow believer.  And if they place their trust in someone who not only hasn’t shown these signs in their daily lives, but has boasted that they have never had to ask God for forgiveness because they are a ‘good person’ in their own sight, then believers risk supporting a godless person.  That leads to tyranny, and that is what this post is trying to warn us against:

Dear Christians, If You Vote For A Godless Man, You Are Asking For Tyranny

No generation before this one was so ignorant of the Bible or the Christian faith, but we are not the first generation to allow ourselves to hide our faith.  Political correctness has terrorized God’s people into remaining silent and hiding for fear of the world (something Scripture specifically tells us not to do — to let this world make us afraid to live our faith).  That is how we have come to raise a generation that does not know or fear God, and this is what opens the door to tyranny — exactly as God’s word not only warns, but records in the history of Israel.  It is also recorded in the history of man:

When a Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany

forgets God

Ultimately, we must all make our own decisions as to what we are going to believe, and how we are going to act as a result.  However, none of us will be able to claim we were not warned.  Too many of us are trying to sound the warnings, and, even if you do not hear one of us, the signs are everywhere.  You cannot miss them, though you may not recognize them because of spiritual blindness.  But even there we will not be able to say we were not warned.  Though only a remnant may be left, that remnant of the Christian faith is still strong enough and loud enough to prick the conscience of the godless sufficiently enough to make them seek to silence God’s people.  For the believer, this is a great blessing — as it affirms that you belong to Him.  But for the lost, this is a great warning, because, if you oppose the Laws of God, then you oppose God and that means you do not belong to Him.  Now, I ask you, how can a person or a nation that does not belong to God be ‘good?’  And if the Spirit of the Lord does not rule in the hearts of the individual or the nation, how can either be free?

  • I understand that many will argue that America is not a covenant nation, an if that term is meant to mean we are not under a direct, revealed covenant with God, I will agree.  However, appealed to God for Hi favor in forming this nation, and they dedicated this nation to the God of the Bible (Washington did so immediately after his first confirmation).  They also said that this nation was based upon Biblical principles and designed to be governed by Biblical people.  In this sense, that we are (or were) a nation of God-fearing people, the lessons of the Bible most certainly do apply to us — even if we now refuse to acknowledge them as having authority over us…

14 thoughts on “We are the First Generation of Americans to have This Problem

  1. As always…GREAT post!
    It is truly sad to see this happening. But we are warned in Scripture that a great falling away would happen the closer we get to the end times. At the same time, the Gospel will be preached in all nations!

    I’m coming back over here to read the links included. My puggle is at my feet near my desk is telling me she’s hungry! LOL

    1. If you have never read through the quotes in my links to my other blog, The Road to Concord, do so. The founders were NOT the people the Left would have us believe they were, and they said so. In fact, I doubt the most faithful among us would have survived very long in their world. They would have branded us infidels and driven us out of town on rails for being so weak in our faith and self-discipline.

    1. Well, there is still a remnant left — just like there was in the days of Israel. But, also like in the days of Israel, we have definitely turned away from the Lord. So, as a nation? Yes, I would say so. 😦

    1. Matt,

      I think we agree, but maybe not — you tell me. For me (B3A), I no longer think in terms of Left v Right, or Liberal/Progressive v Conservative. I have found that Lawful v Lawless (Godless v Godly) are better ways to look at the way we (humans) act.

      So, if you mean that we are seeing the result of a growth in Lawlessness, then yes, we agree. But if you mean ‘Liberal’ in a strictly political sense, then we do not see totally eye-to-eye.

      What say you? 🙂

  2. I also very much enjoy your posts and encourage you to write as you are led. Our disconnect from the God of the Christian scriptures is nothing new. In 1978 I along with a small group of believers set up at a local festival to sing and proclaim the gospel , not being a musician I went out to mingle with the crowd and share with anyone who would tolerate my presence . The one question I asked was “are you a Christian ?” , I was surprised at the answers I received . “I’m an American aren’t I” “I go to church every Christmas and Easter” “I believe in God” along with the scorn of some of the people I met . One bright spot out of the 90+ was a woman named Cindy who proudly admitted her unshakable belief in Our Lord Jesus Christ . I know someone had shared the word with her and she had responded with a faith and a hunger to know Him better . Look around at the people you know and ask yourself if you would like to see them eternally separated from God or even a worse fate . Time is short .

    1. I understand, brother. But, what you and I probably understand and the country does not is that a nation can be ‘Christian’ while the majority of the people are not. When a true Christian uses the term, it does not mean a nation is a theocracy, or that ALL the people are true believers. It means the nation is based on Scriptural teachings (as ours was), that the people at least know and have a respect for the Bible (which ours did) and that the people are not hostile toward the true believers (which we once were not). In the 70’s, this was still the prevailing mood of this nation — but no more.

      And yes, I fear for ALL those who reject the Lord — because I know where they are choosing to spend eternity. It break my heart, but it is not my job to save them. All we care called to do is preach the Gospel with an agape love and kindness. It is up to the Lord and His Holy Spirit to do the rest.

      BTW: thanks for the kind words and encouragement. They are not lost on me 🙂

  3. Great Post !!
    Over the Holidays I talked with the son of a friend who goes to Liberty. He was very excited about Trump coming there to “his University”. Trust me though, Trump’s uhhmm ” Scottish mis-speak” was NOT lost on many there !!

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