Why I Fear for the Future of America — and the World

I have no concern for myself.  Live or die: I know I am going to be OK.  I am reasonably sure the majority of my family will be OK, as well.  But America is not going to be ‘OK.’  In fact, I feel an indescribably sense of dread; not only for America, but for the whole world — and this is not the worse part of it.  The worse part of it is that what I know is going to happen does not have to happen.  If only we would humble ourselves and accept things as they are and not try to make them into what we want them to be, we would have a chance to avoid what is coming.  But we are too proud to humble ourselves.  Instead, we double-down on our own arrogance-induced ignorance, and it is about to kill us all.

What am I talking about?  I am talking about the arrogance of modern man.  Man has always been arrogant, but he has not always been arrogant to the point of rejecting objective reality.  This is no longer true, and the issue over Muslim immigration is the perfect illustration of my point.

I have been attacked as being an ‘Islamaphobe’ and a ‘hater’ because I have been trying to warn people about what Islam teaches.  My attackers tell me I lie, and that I am a racist, a bigot and any other number of evil names they think they can use to silence me. But am I the hater?

All I have done is invest some two years of my life to read the Qur’an for myself.  This is how I discovered the Qur’an cannot make a religion on its own.  It is incomplete and contradictory.  You need something else to complete it.  This lead me to discover the Sunnah (collection of Hadith — sayings and customs of Muhammad).  This is the second holiest book in Islam.  It teaches Muslims how to actually live the commandments in the Qur’an. But even this is not enough.  The Hadith are often contradictory.  You need to also read the official biography of Muhammad.  This puts the Hadith in order, teaching you which of Muhammad’s commands have superseded the earlier ones.  Once you have done all of this, and you understand that Muhammad’s word is law, you finally have an understanding of Islam — as Muhammad taught it.

But the people who try to silence me and prevent me from sharing what I have learned…  Well, they have not done the same work I have.  At best, they have read parts of these Islamic books.  Most of them have only read what other Muslims have to say about Islam, so they do not know Muhammad gave those Muslims permission to lie four different ways.  Still others have never bothered to investigate Islam.  For them, it is enough to know that “their side” says I am wrong.  Add all of this together and you have a collection of people who are totally ignorant of Islam, but so arrogant they presume to have the moral authority to condemn those who actually know Islam.

In a time not so long ago, this would have been recognized for what it is: insanity.  You see, arrogance can reach a point where it becomes mental illness.  For all the evil he did, if you read his writings, Hitler actually believed he was doing good by killing the Jews and ‘undesirables” in society.  In fact, he not only believed he was helping Germany, but — eventually — he thought he would be making all of humanity better.  It is the same belief that the American eugenicist had: the conscious direction of human evolution for the purpose of improving humanity.  And, like Hitler, it led to the mass murder of millions of innocent Americans.  Only, in this case, it was blacks who were deemed subhuman and murdered under the guise of Planned Parenthood.  But these are only easily recognized examples.  The point is that the people behind the Holocaust and Planned Parenthood thought (and in the case of Planned Parenthood, still believe) that they were doing good.  This is because their arrogance created such depravity as to make them clinically insane.

Today, we see this insanity everywhere.  We have government officials spending money without any regard for debt.  Banking officials are printing money without any regard for hyper-inflation.  People are pushing the ‘climate change’ hoax in spite of any lack of real data to support it.  Then, to defend their false claims, they push the idea that ‘science’ is governed by ‘consensus.’  Well, if that were the case, then Galileo was wrong and these same people owe the Catholic Church an apology. Others are blaming guns for the acts of depraved individuals.  People are pushing for censorship to fight ‘hate’ speech, never even realizing they are practicing the very thing they are condemning in the process.  And then there are those who protect Islam.  They claim that Muslims are peaceful without bothering to read what Islam teaches, and if they are told, they stick their fingers in their ears, scream “La-La-La-La-La” and then try to destroy any and all who try to teach the truth.

So why do I feel such anguish for America and the world?  Because, when I look around, I see too many people who are arrogant to the point of depravity and too few humble enough to accept reality as it really is.  This cannot and will not be allowed to continue.  Whether Christ returns to end this cycle once and for all, or God’s Natural Law intervenes in the form of global warfare; one way or the other, the depraved will be removed so that the sane can rebuild.  If it is Christ, then heed my warning: what happens to the depraved will have been earned, and there will be nothing “unfair” about God’s judgment.  But if it is war, then it will be nothing more than God’s way of burning the forest.  He will use war to burn-up the undergrowth of depraved humanity, clearing the way for a fresh growth of humanity that will recognize and live in harmony with His laws.  Either way, it doesn’t take much for an honest student of humanity to take a look around and conclude:



9 thoughts on “Why I Fear for the Future of America — and the World

  1. Joe,

    Reach the ones you can or who express an interest. Other than that shake the dust off your feet.

    Matthew 10:14King James Version (KJV)

    14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

    Proverbs 12:15King James Version (KJV)

    15 The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.

    I can’t really think of or name one righteous leader in the World today. All fear of the Lord has passed away.

    1. chhelo,

      Amen, brother. The Lord told me to do just this a while back. It’s all in His hands.

      And yes, I fear you are correct: none of our leaders truly fear the Lord anymore, but that is because the people turned away first 😦

  2. Joe,

    The first cause is the fallen church that took all fear of God out of the pulpit on Sunday mornings. Why fear God when you can live in sin and still be saved if you profess Christ. The theology that preaches justification and sanctification is all accomplished in one moment is leading many to destruction. It is easy grace that says you do not need an abiding relationship with Christ just an acknowledgement.

    Granted, the thief on the cross, went with the Lord to Heaven but then God new his was going to be dead that day.

    It all leads to confusion and that is why even many professing Christians believe Islam worships the same God, is a real religion and we should fellowship with them. Any time we think we can mix good with evil and all will be well we are telling God we are wiser than He is.

    Sound like some fallen Angel we know?

    1. chhelo,

      Amen and amen! I understand ALL of what you say to be true — and it is why I shudder — because I know the Lord, and I KNOW He is just, and His justice will not be stayed forever. Too many Christians fail to understand that wrath is part of justice, and justice is part of AGAPE love — and God is AGAPE Love (not the hippie love we think of today).

      So many will be lost for lack of true understanding of the Lord and His Word 😦

    1. Thanks, chhelo.

      This is disheartening, but it is to be expected from the Catholic church. It has been apostate for centuries (note to others: as with Islam, I am not addressing every individual Catholic, but the church, itself).

  3. I think we have several months left on the clock yet. Another of God’s chess-pieces seems to be developing; Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a coalition of 34 Islamic countries for the purpose of defeating ISIS. So, a multinational, multi-language coalition is going to work smoothly, with the various sectarian divisions? They can probably get such a force assembled in about 6 months if they quiet down the sectarian mullahs.And it’s going against the most fundamentalist form of Islam, which best shows the personality of its prophet? If assembled, they will receive an unrelenting barrage of the Medina verses on all social-media and communication channels from ISIS. If they start to move toward ISIS country, expect a sudden hard-left turn in the direction of Israel – their only sworn common enemy, Thus begins the Ezekiel 38-39 war. By then they may have enough support from Russia, which wants Israel’s recent oil and gas discoveries, that Russian EMP missiles explode over America. Here comes Jacob’s trouble – and Ephraim’s, for we too are Jacob’s children

    1. BillC,

      Keep in mind that prophecy tells us that, even while the final beast is waging war against Israel, its brothers/neighbors will be raising their hands against each other (exactly what you just described).

      Also, Islamic prophecy foretells of Mecca being destroyed just before the final attack on Israel (to destroy the apostate Muslims — i.e. Saudi). Interestingly enough, the Bible tells of an area that is close to modern day Mecca being destroyed in 1 hour just before the final battle of Armageddon. Now, I am NOT saying this is what is happening, or even that it will, but I have also come to the point where I no longer believe in coincidences…

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