Not Foolishness, nor Stupidity, but Arrogance

This picture does not depict a foolish or even a stupid person, but a person whose arrogance has reach a level of depravity so severe as to border on insanity:


Whether you like it or not, Islam makes it painfully clear that all those who claim to be part of the LGBTV community must be killed.  Furthermore, the actions of those Muslims who have demonstrated  that they are going to follow the commands of Muhammad faithfully.  This means they are going to kill people like the one in this picture and, if the LGBTV community were paying attention to foreign news, they would see that Muslims are doing exactly that: throwing homosexuals off the tops of buildings.  But this is not the result of foolishness, naivety or even stupidity.  This is the result of arrogance!

If you are foolish, watching what is happening to people should correct you.  If you are naive, watching what is happening in the world should educate you.  Even if you are stupid, watching what is happening in the world should educate/correct you.  Even animals as low on the ladder as fish and insects learn when it comes to matters of life and death.  So I reject the idea that this picture is the result of anything so simple as foolishness, naivety or stupidity.  So, what is left?

What is left is arrogance; but not just normal arrogance.  This picture is the result of arrogance so depraved that a person has reached a point where he or she actually believes they can change objective reality simply by willing something to be true.  In short: this is arrogance to the point of thinking you are god.  It is also lawlessness.  Altogether, people like this are borderline insane.  To think Islam will embrace the LGBTV community is to believe one can fly or breath water and survive.

Now for the most frightening part: people just like this are running our country!  The problem with these people is that they do not make themselves as obvious.  You have to have a solid education (a real one, not public indoctrination), and you have to be paying attention.  But even that is not enough.  You also have to know and understand that objective reality exists, and you have to be able to recognize it when you see it.  If you can do these things, then this post is probably preaching to the choir.  But, if you find yourself disagreeing with this post in any substantive way,…  Well, all I can suggest is that you may want to do some serious soul-searching, as you may not see as clearly as you believe you do: you may have scales over your eyes.


5 thoughts on “Not Foolishness, nor Stupidity, but Arrogance

  1. We were really hoping that this blog would get over the anti-muslim sentiment since Paris; which it seems to be stuck on like an old vinyl LP with a chip or a deep scratch;
    Alas, there does not seem to be much else in this blog at present; we really tried to be patient, hoping that it would find it’s former self; we all know the world is divided, so this blog is no longer informing us of anything new, nor does it provide any possible remedy

    It is your prerogative and right to freedom of speech to express your views;
    and, it is also our right to move away from this corner: it’s beginning to stink of judgement, segregation, separatism and serious prejudice and the stench has become intolerable; unfortunately, it leaves us no alternative, but to un-follow this blog;

    These types of protestors usually come about because they were bashed at school and elsewhere by your types; and whatever we reject in life is merely the mirror seeking to destroy itself;

    We will pray for you; farewell, in peace

    1. UZA,

      DO NOT claim to support Natural Law, then dismiss the threat of Islam to the free world. DO NOT try to paint this blog as attacking people (i.e. individual Muslims). DO NOT purport that you stand for Truth and then do EITHER of these things.

      First, this particular post is NOT so much about Islam as it is about arrogance — the very sort of arrogance you are exhibiting in your latest comment.

      Second, ISLAM — not necessarily Muslims — but ISLAM is a threat to humanity. It COMMANDS the killing of all who refuse to submit. If you do submit, then liberty ends. The individual ends. Everything you “claim” to support ENDS!

      And do not speak of “judgmentalism” while you are in the process of judging. Hypocrisey will not be allowed on my boog — not even from myself (I correct myself when I discover I have been hypocritical).

      So, if you cannot see the TRUTH in this blog, and you feel you must leave, good ridance. I have no need for fake or fair-weather support. I speak Truth for those who seek Truth. I have no use nor tolerance for those whoa re trying to make their own truths. In fact, that is exactly what this post is about — not ISLAM! Islam is just the vehicle I used to make the point.

      1. After reading the UZA blog , I had he/she/it/them pegged as Progressive Political Correct Marxism.

        As this UZA quote summarizes : ” These types of protestors usually come about because they were bashed at school and elsewhere by your types”.
        He could be Bush-Rubio-Pelosi-Obama chanting ” That’s not who America is”.

        And I am, of course, not one to ever say ‘I told you so’ …….. ;- )).

        1. Don,

          I’ll repeat what I said earlier: I never read his blog. I took him at his word ONLY for what he said in commenting on The OYL. But, as you can see in my latest comments to him/her here and previously, once the true colors started to show, I responded appropriately 🙂

          But yes, you told me so 😉

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