Let’s Frame the Issue Correctly

Have you seen this picture yet?  It tries to illustrate the problem with ‘radical’ Islam:




I don’t know how to say this tactfully, so I’m just going to say it and pray the Lord will help you see the Truth:

Anyone who tells you there is such thing as ‘moderate’ Islam and ‘radical’ Islam is telling you they are too ignorant to talk to you about Islam!

The picture above is based on the assumption that only a small percentage of Muslims are ‘radicals,’ and that the rest are safe.  This is a false assumption, so this picture is a false analogy.  I have tried to think of a way that I can explain the problem to you more accurately, but the best picture I can create cannot be painted in a simple meme.  It is going to require you to use your imagination.

We have an ice skating rink with lots of every-day people skating around, having fun.  These are you and I: non-Muslim America.  Now, a bunch of people dressed like hockey players get on the rink with us.  These are the Muslims.  While we are all going around in the same direction, hockey players skate in whatever direction they please.  And while we skate at a reasonable speed, so as not to harm anyone else, hockey players skate fast, and ‘body check’ whoever gets in their way.  This is ‘moderate’ Islam in America: pretending to be a skater just like you and I, but in reality, they are disrupting our society.

But here is the other half of the equation; the part most people simply do not understand.  Some of these hockey players have their sticks, and they start using them to hit the rest of us as we try to have a peaceful skate.  These are the ‘radical’ Muslims.  But the ‘moderate’ Muslims are still hockey players, and they are still skating fast in every direction, knocking people out of their way while — the whole time — complaining that we are getting in their way.  But you still don’t have a clear picture of the threat.  The ‘moderate’ Muslims have their sticks on the bench, and they can grab and use them at any time, or they can put them back and go back to accusing you and I of getting in their way.

But you still don’t have the full picture.  Mixed in with the hockey players are a small group who are dressed just like the hockey players, and they act like they are part of the hockey group — but they try to skate in the same direction and at the same speed as you and I are skating.  These are the people we want to believe the moderate Muslims are, but — in reality — they aren’t Muslims at all.  They are just pretending to be hockey players so the real hockey players will not check them or hit them with their sticks.  Now we have a decent picture of the problem.

So, one more time: we have you, me and all our friends and family trying to enjoy a pleasant skate (American society), all of us going at a safe speed and in the same direction (obeying the law).  Then a bunch of hockey payers get on the ice (these are the Muslims).  Some of them try to join us and skate slowly in the same direction, but they are not hockey players — they are only dressed like hockey players so they do not get hurt (Muhammad called these people hypocrites and apostates).  The rest of the hockey players skate fast, in whatever direction they please.  They check whoever gets in their way to the ground, then accuse the person they hit of getting in their way (these are the moderates).  A few of these hockey players have sticks, and they hit people — hard (these are the ‘radicals’). But then the last element of the problem enters the picture.  The rink managers step onto the ice and start yelling at you and I, telling us that the only hockey players who are doing wrong are the ones with the sticks, and that we should stop getting upset with the rest of the hockey players.  What’s more, the rink managers start accusing us of being bigots and racists because we hate the people dressed as hockey players.  Now you have an accurate picture of the problem we face!

OK, so now that you have the picture, imagine you are skating with your little girl and you see a large person in a hockey jersey coming up from behind you — fast!  They are heading right for you, and they have their hands behind their back so you cannot see if they are holding a hockey stick.  What do you do?  But — before you decide — let me warn you: if you assume the hockey player has a stick and act to defend your daughter but it turns out you are wrong — even if the player checks both of you to the ground and breaks your daughter’s leg — the rink managers are going to have you charged with a hate crime.  So, once again: big hockey player coming fast, hands behind his back, about to hit you and your small daughter.  What do you do?

Well, in our insane society, we actually invite more hockey players to get on the ice and then beat down anyone who complains that we are endangering them or their family.

Now, I don’t want to put you on the spot, so let me answer how you should respond to this situation for you.  What you do is defend your daughter — even if it means you knock the hockey player to the ground in the process.  You have a duty to your family, then to the rest of us trying to obey the law.  Next, you join with the rest of us and kick the hockey players off the rink — even the ones who are just trying to hide so they don’t get attacked.  Yes, they may not be hitting people, but they are not innocent  They had no business wearing hockey jerseys.  As far as you and I know or can tell, they were part of the group hitting people and they just threw their sticks away or started behaving better when they realized we were trying to restore order.  There is no way to sort the guilty from the innocent when the innocent willingly identify with the guilty.  As for the rink managers: we sue them!  They had a higher duty to provide security for those of us using the rink correctly.  So we use the law to sue the rink managers for negligence, and where we can prove the rink managers made it easier for the hockey players to hurt others, we prosecute the rink managers!  This is how a responsible person acts in this situation.

Now, why people cannot see and understand this is beyond me, but this is exactly what we are facing.  The question for all of us now is, are we going to listen to the rink managers as we see the hockey layers knocking us down and blaming us for getting int heir way, or will we recognize the situation for what it is and act accordingly — responsibly?


15 thoughts on “Let’s Frame the Issue Correctly

  1. There are 995 non hockey players and 5 hockey players. The instant a hockey player hits a non hockey player they get arrested and go to jail. There I fixed your flawed analogy for you. Oh and in the 995 are about 50 non hockey players who are criminals dressed just like you. Those are the dangerous people and they watch Fox news and listen to hate radio and kill PP doctors.

    1. Sorry, you think you have fixed it, but you haven’t. All you have done is demonstrate that you are one of the useful idiots protecting the hockey players.

      You see, the hockey players are actually the fastest growing group on the rink. When they took to the ice, there may have only been 5, but you and those like you REFUSED to arrest them when they started hitting people. Instead, you protected them. Suddenly, there were 10, and then you started importing more, and then there were 20. At some point, the exponential growth rate of hockey players leads to the hockey players be a majority on the rink. That is when the society dies.

      Now, you being the most dangerous of ignorant people (one who is cock-sure their ignorance is actually correct), YOU will protect the hockey players until it is too late. This is what happened to most of Europe. This is what YOU are working to make happen here. Unfortunately for the rest of us, by the time you realize how wrong you are, there will only be a few of us left to fight back — and it will be too late.

      I know you will reject this, but then, so did the people who live in the areas where Islam now rules. They were once free lands, living mostly Christian lives. Today, they live under the theocratic rule of Islam. They used to believe just like you — and look what happened to them. Look what is happening to Europe. And they did it to themselves — because they were cock-sure ignorant and refused to educate themselves…

  2. Rich,

    Tell that to the families that fell pray to the 2 hockey players in San Bernardino.

    Secondly, your definition of a Christian is likely in error. A True Christian would not kill a PP doctor and would likely be praying for them to take a different path. To a Christian all life is sacred. Maybe you need to avoid MSM.

    1. chhelo,

      Rich is part of the problem. He represents the rink managers: blaming the skaters and defending the hockey players. This is why he is wrong about my analogy. In fact, he showed how accurate it actually is 🙂

  3. Apologist, you see them all throughout history and the ending is never what they envision. Just imagine how many more people would be alive today if Muhammad had been killed in 610 AD and never lived to concoct Islam. Close to 250 million plus their offspring. By far the most evil man to ever curse the World next to Satan himself.

    It is fascinating to see people support Islam when all the evidence is readily available to contradict anyones belief that it is a religion of peace. Ignorance really must be blissful.

    1. chhelo,

      All I know is that Richard let his daughter get hurt because he was too stupid to recognize the hockey player for what he is. Now, many people may think this sounds rough, but it is exactly what people like Richard are doing.

      Read the headlines. Had Obama NOT pulled a ‘Richard,’ we may have been able to stop the San Bernadino shootings. In fact, Obama’s own FBI is saying they probably WOULD have prevented it. THIS is the problem: apologist = ALLY! Hence, they are wearing hockey jerseys.

  4. There is a good deal of hate that goes around on the net . I see it from my conservative friends and from my liberal friends . Rich’s comments are examples of that hate . All you can do is continue to write the truth and expect some hate . We all need to ask God to remove our hate and replace it with compassion but also give us wisdom to identify those that want to enslave us . If my liberal friends had to live under sharia law they would get a wake up call .

    1. If our Liberal friends ever have to live under Shari’a law, they will be Muslims, and their freedom to “think for themselves” (as they like to claim they are doing) will be removed.

      As for the rest of us… Well, I can only speak for myself, but, by the time that day comes, I will be with the Lord.

  5. Joe,
    Count me in with Don on his Seriously good post!

    Please don’t feel dispirited. Continuing your exposing Islam
    with “The Truth” is essential to us who know the Truth, but
    are unable to confront the “Deniers” with “The Truth.”

    WE ARE WINNING! Keep slapping those hockey pucks back at
    the purveyors of hate! They may be growing their number, but
    so are we! Satan HATES The Light, keep it shining upon him.

    1. EdwardS,

      I do not mind them. They are a blessing. I used to ask God if I was walking the path He wanted me to walk. It was because I did not think I faced opposition, and since God’s Word says those who donot face opposition are not walking with God, but with the world, I was afraid I was walking with the wrong side. But God has shown me that I face opposition from people like Rich all the time. The Lord also showed me that the way He made me naturally immunizes me to these attacks. I just had to humble myself so that it stopped being pride and arrogance and became armor (I still have a ways to go in this area).

      Personally, I take solace in the prophets. They were sent to warn and, as a result, the people attacked and — often — killed them. Well, if that is my fate, PRAISE THE LORD! It means I am doing exactly what He has called me to do, and I count that blessing (because I can rest assured that I am serving Him and not myself). 🙂

  6. The violent hockey players on the skating rink is an excellent example of what the world is facing. Thanks for sharing.

    Thomas Jefferson said “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” In other words, you can do anything you want…until it infringes my rights or the rights of others. Rights are only rights as long as they don’t VIOLate the rights of others (usually through VIOLence).

    The same holds true for religions. You are entitled to your religion, until the moment it violates my rights or the rights of others. Then your religion loses all legitimacy in the eyes of God and Natural Law, and the only rightful response is to oppose your violent, rights-violating, immoral anti-American, anti-Human, anti-Natural Law and therefore illegitimate religion.

    I for one, will defend against Islam or any other belief system that imposes it’s will on others through violence. You want to worship on your own? Fine. You want to force others to worship or convert? Be gone!

  7. All islams are moderate until they blow you up with an IED.
    Read that somewhere and have seen it to many times NOT to be true.

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