EVERYTHING You Need to Know about Islam in 25 Minutes

Grab something to drink, maybe a snack, then sit back and watch.  This guy has it 100% correct — and supports his narrative with correct readings from Islamic history and Islam’s holy books.  And yes, the tone of voice is slightly mocking, but listen to what he is telling you and you will understand that it is meant as satire, and it helps to make his point.

Now, just watch.  This sis perfect, and TRUE!

Also, note how this man exposes Obama for what he really is 😉


7 thoughts on “EVERYTHING You Need to Know about Islam in 25 Minutes

  1. Joe,
    This guy speaks my thoughts and opinion exactly–I couldn’t have
    expressed them any better. My problem is who is the biggest
    threat to America, Islam or the Progressive democrats?

    1. Islam, but the Progressives are helping to build the Caliphate. I’ll write a post to explain. It is a much ore involved story than most may realize, but once it is explained, things suddenly start making sense.

  2. Joe,

    Very factual video. Even Mark Levin is confused. As I heard him state tonight, “I have many good Muslim friends.” Spiritual blindness at it’s apogee.

  3. Everything I needed to know about islam I learned during 9/11, 2001, period.
    And America still has not learned that lesson yet.

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