APPLIED SCRIPTURE: God’s Warning Against National Suicide (and the Death of Europe)


This post is written to Christians who already know their Scripture.  Therefore, it is ‘assumed’ that the reader is already familiar with the majority of what I will be discussing.  If you do not know your Scriptures and you read this post anyway, please do so with caution, and understand that it is predicated upon the understanding that I have no need to explain every concept that will be addressed.

Who is it that made the nations?  If you read your Scriptures, you will notice that man tries to unify himself, but God keeps disrupting man’s plans.  God banished Cain to be a wanderer, but Cain built a city to glorify himself.  After God destroyed all but Noah, men tried to build a tower to the heavens, again trying to glorify himself.  God split them up and confused their language to ensure they would have a more difficult time re-unifying again.  Different languages lead to different cultures, which leads to different nations.  God continuously speaks of about how He will make nations, Himself.  Therefore, God’s people need to understand that ‘nationhood’ is a part of God’s plan.  We must also understand that this gives us a duty to protect and preserve our nation, so that we do not commit national suicide — as Europe has!

If you have not been paying attention to what is happening in Europe, it has committed suicide.  Driven by the self-induced delusion of post modern thinking, which manifests in many forms, such as ‘moral relativism’ and ‘political correctness.’ Europe has failed to protect its borders.  Whether by foolishness, which lead them to embrace foreigners who would never assimilate, or by an illegal invasion by the same people, Europe has been overrun by people who are driven by a foreign ideology and who have different goals.  These people will not change to become a part of Europe; they will change Europe to become like them.  The damage is already done.  It is too late for Europe.  It’s just that — sadly — the same delusion that lead to Europe’s suicide prevents it from seeing and understanding that it is a corpse that has yet to fall to the ground.

Scripture changed the way man records history.  Prior to the Bible, men recorded things to mark events and glorify rulers and to keep records of what was owed or amassed.  However, men did not bother to record history in a form that might allow future generations to see the cause-and-effect in the events of history.  The Bible was the first to record events — good and bad — for the purpose of helping future generations learn from the past mistakes of others.

Part of this record is the Lord’s repeated warning not to intermingle with the people of foreign.  In every case, the Lord tells His people who, if they disobey and intermingle with foreigners, the foreigners will not change to become like God’s people: the foreigners will change God’s people to become like them.  And when God’s people allow themselves to be lead astray, if they do not repent (which includes turning away from the sinful behavior), God will be forced to punish them for being unfaithful (not because God is vengeful, but because God is perfect justice and He will faithfully enforce His laws).

America had better heed this warning.  Even if one does not identify with America’s Judeo/Christian heritage, the warning is still clear: if we allow people who refuse to assimilate into our nation, they will destroy our nation.  Well, Islam is not a religion: it is a spiritual entity: a religious nation (i.e. a ‘Beast’).  What’s more, Islam is an enemy of God’s people and everything the Lord says is good and righteous.  Now, America is not perfect, and it has made mistakes, but it has a history founded upon God’s teachings, and of working toward perfecting its obedience to God’s ideal (hence the rule of law, the Civil War and Civil Rights movement).  But Islam is the negation of everything American.  It is wholly incompatible with American principle and ideals, as well as American law.

If a person is a devout Muslim, they are loyal to Islam and all that Muhammad taught.  Muhammad taught the total unity of his religion with his government: what we would call a theocracy.  If we were discussing the conflict between the American ideal and a Christian theocracy, the majority of Americans would instinctively see the problem.  However, because we suffer from the same delusion, the same spiritual infection as Europe, we cannot see the very same threat in Islam.  Instead, we are opening our doors and embracing the very source of our own national death.  Worse, we are attacking the white blood cells of our national body: those who are trying to warn the body that Islam is a virus and that it will kill us.  The body has an auto-immune deficiency.  Rather than working with those who seek to defend America, the body of America is attacking those who defend it and defending the virus that is attacking it.  In other words:

America is trying to follow Europe in committing national suicide.

It is not about hate.  For the Christian, it is about obedience to God.  God’s word teaches us to give our enemies food and water, but you will not find anywhere in God’s Word where He teaches us to give our enemy shelter and full access to our nation.  God never tells us to open the doors of our walls to His enemies.  God’s Word teaches the opposite: that we are to protect ourselves against God’s enemies, and Islam is the most dangerous enemy God’s people have ever faced.  Lest we realize this now, and start acting accordingly — NOW!  Lest we wake from our delusion, we will go the same way as Europe — and that will be the end of the world. Islam will finally consolidate mankind under one rule.

[But then, the Lord will never allow this.  Christ will return to destroy Islam before God allows Islam to rule the world.  This is precisely why many of us who have been studying current events next to prophecy are starting to believe that the future against which God’s prophets have always warned us is actually the rise of Islam — not a revived Rome or a Russian/Iranian alliance…]


2 thoughts on “APPLIED SCRIPTURE: God’s Warning Against National Suicide (and the Death of Europe)

  1. God used the Assyrians and the Babylonians to bring correction to Israel when they were rebellious and he is using the same people to bring correction in our age . It’s time we started to examine our hearts , cry out for mercy and repent , don’t blame anything for the mess but our sin . Wake up ! get on your knees and pray for repentance before it’s to late .

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