DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: How Evil Weaponizes Language

Evil is growing in this world, and you can see it all around us.  It uses many weapons.  One of these weapons is the perversion of language.  Here is an example of how evil turns language into a weapon:

First, you pass a law that criminalizes something to which all decent people can agree.  Maybe, you pass a law that criminalizes ‘abnormal’ people.

Next, you connect this law to an outrageous claim to which most decent people would not agree.  Maybe you attach it to the claim that man is causing the climate to change all by himself, totally independent of any natural causes and independent of all evidence to the contrary.

Then, when someone objects to this connection, you simply change the definition of ‘abnormal’ and, suddenly, all ‘decent’ people find themselves faced with the choice of having to accept an absurdity or disobeying the law.  This is essentially what the NAZIs did to the Jews.

Now, in case you do not see how this works or — worse — you deny this is actually happening, here is a real-world example of the process in action:

EPA Chief McCarthy: ‘Climate Deniers’ Are Not ‘Normal Human Beings’

Now, lest we risk the begging the question that I am correct and not this government ‘official,’ let us examine he argument starting with part of her statement:

“When I put a report out on acting on climate like we did yesterday that shows how dramatically our world will change if we don’t act, and just the benefits we can deliver if we do. I am doing that not to push back on climate deniers. You can have fun doing that if you want, but I’ve batted my head against the wall too many times and if the science already hasn’t changed their mind it never will.”

Now, let us hold her claim up to both ‘science’ and history; starting with history first.

Some one hundred years ago, this same ‘settled science’ claimed that the world was about to enter an ice age:

global cooling

Oh, and have you heard: climate change (i.e. global warming) is going to cause terrorism.  Well, so was the 1974 ice age:

Flashback 1974: CIA Warned GLOBAL COOLING Would Cause Terrorism

And this pattern is not a one-time occurrence.  It is a repeating theme with those who seek to control the world.  Go back into the early 1900’s and you will find very similar claims about global warming and cooling — none of which panned out, either.

On top of this, geological records show that the Industrial Revolution “may” have saved man from the mini ice age and, even if it didn’t, the earth is still in an historically cool period when viewed against its entire past history — before man was a factor.

So history refutes the notion that ‘climate change deniers’ are the ones who are not normal.  What about the so called ‘science’ involved in this issue?

Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat

If you’ll look, you will find many stories showing the actual data — what we see in real life — does not support the claim of climate change.  What’s more, many stories will tell you this ‘inconvenient fact:’

Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels ‘COOLS planet’, says NASA

Now, the last time I looked, NASA was also a government agency, only it is actually connected to real science where the EPA is totally political.  Look for it and you will find NOAA — another ‘scientific-based’ government agency agrees with NASA, so that is at least 2 ‘science’ against one ‘political.’

So, clearly, ‘climate change deniers’ are not against science, either.  They are actually pointing to science as the foundation for rejecting the political agenda that is really driving all of this.  So they are normal, the people pushing ‘climate change’ are the ones who are not normal.  But, again, in order to be fair, the EPA lady does say that the ‘climate deniers’ do not get to over-rule the wishes of the people in a democracy:

“But in any democracy, it’s not them that carries the day. It is normal human beings that haven’t put their stake into politics above science. It’s normal human beings that want us to do the right thing, and we will if you help us.”

Except, the people disagree with her:

EPA Chief Denies Science Behind Poll Showing No One Cares About Global Warming

So, once again, the EPA lady is the ‘abnormal’ person, but she is still trying to use the force of her government position to label the majority of Americans, scientists and history as ‘abnormal.’  The EPA is showing us that evil will simply redefine anything it needs to redefine to make its case.  In the case of this last story, ‘science’ is redefined.  Nothing that disagrees with the political agenda — which is to create a crisis — nothing will be allowed to get in the way of that agenda — period! Not even truth!  And that is how we can know, beyond all reasonable doubt, that this is a political agenda: because it ignores reality to create a crisis which is then used to scare people into surrendering to the evil driving the whole bloody thing.

But how can we know that we are really dealing with evil?  Because changing definitions for the purpose of deception or agenda is moving a boundary marker, and God says people who do so are to be accursed!  that is how we know they are evil:

Beware Those Who Move Boundary Stones!


3 thoughts on “DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: How Evil Weaponizes Language

  1. Joe,

    “Beware Those Who Move Boundary Stones!”

    There are no longer “any” Boundary Stones remaining in the World. As I have stated before I can’t actually think of one government or country in the World that still honors God. We are in times no different than when God sent the flood and only saved 8 souls.

    All of God’s Truths have willfully been sent to the trash heap. Wether they changed the definition, declared them outdated or violated them people fail to realize God still holds all accountable because they are His “Truths” not their’s.

    Those in a an mutually indwelling relationship with Christ can expect to see their Ark (Jesus Christ) appear in the clouds at any time. Although we may not know the exact hour we know the season is at hand.

    So we should all choose our words carefully because we will all be judged by God’s definition, not man’s, on every word that proceeds from our mouth.

    Gravity comes to mind: Gravity of their error… Leads to destruction.

    Cognate: 4587 semnótēs – properly, gravity (“gravitas”), referring to what has real weight (dignity); hence, veneration for what is worthy of respect (personal admiration). See 4586 (semnos).

    This root (semno-) refers to what deserves due reverence; it has a “sense of gravity and dignity, that invites reverence” (R. Trench). 4587 /semnótēs (“dignity because weighty”) refers to what is august (venerable, time-honored), i.e. “solemnly respectable.” 4587 (semnótēs) reflects what has been transformed by God and exhibits “moral and spiritual gravity (gravitas)” – like what attends a deep, godly character. This sense of dignity also invites reverence from others, who should likewise exalt what is noble (morally-elevated).

    1. chhelo,

      True, but then, NOTHING we say is righteous in the eyes of God unless we are covered by the Blood of the Lamb. Lest we have been saved, all our words/works are but filthy rags — you know this.

      Still, there remain some who might still be saved, and we are commanded to speak the Word so that they can hear and after hearing come to believe. You know this to be true, as well.

      As for me: I have been commanded to warn those who will still listen. I do not know who they are, or what will come of it. That is not my concern, either. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. All I can do is obey what I am told to do — and even then, I would be condemned in doing so were it not for the Lord’s Sacrifice. This is because, even in trying to obey, I go astray. But this is no excuse for not doing as I am asked, now is it, my brother? 🙂

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