If you are Catholic, and you follow Christ — not some other idol — then this story should alarm you greatly.  This is prophecy in the headlines, and it should motivate you to re-think your membership in what is now — clearly — an apostate religion.

Here is the story:

Pope Francis prays in Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

What the Pope has done here is no different than had he entered into a Satanic temple, followed whatever rituals they prescribe, such as removing his shoes, then facing whatever direction the Satanists face and praying along side them.  It is made worse by the fact that the Vatican apparently equates Yahweh with Allah.  So that means they would also have to equate Yahweh with Satan.  Yes!  It is that bad!  I say that because Allah is a false god who denies the Son and the Holy Spirit, as well as Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.  You cannot pray to, with or in accord with those who worship Allah and claim you are doing anything that honors Yahweh.  You are violating the first commandment, and that is blasphemy!  Yes, I am saying the Pope is worshiping a false god — because he is.

What’s more, this is prophecy in the headlines.  I believe the Pope is the leader of the longer horn on the two-horned beast.  This would be the apostate Christian Church.  The shorter horn would be the apostate Jewish Church.  Both of which are seeking to appease and make peace with Islam, which I firmly believe is the 4th Beast in Daniel’s vision, as well as the last beast in Revelation.  This post was written some time back, and it helps to explain why I believe this way:

PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: The Two-Horned Beast Is Making An Image Of The Leopard-Bear-Lion Beast

I was raised Catholic, and many in my family are still Catholics.  But I left the church because I realized there is something very wrong with it.  I do not condemn all Catholics, but I do condemn the church, its leadership and many of its pagan practices.  The Catholic church is clearly apostate, and I would strongly urge any member of that church to decide which you love more: Christ, or the Catholic church?  If your answer is Christ, then you should consider leaving this church.  The true Spirit of the Lord is not to be found there — not where the Pope prays to a false god in the name of anything connected to Yahweh.

To understand why Allah is not the same god as Yahweh, read:

Allah is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob


10 thoughts on “PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: Warning to ALL Catholics

    1. True, but I would think more so for those in the Catholic Church. While I do not believe it applies to all of them, but this means that there must be many Catholic priests who literally represent demons in their pulpits.

  1. This may be the moment in Islamic last-days prophecy that they say Jesus (or His representative?) comes to declare that Mohammed is the legitimate world leader…

      1. Look up the name of the Mahdi in the hadiths and compare it to the name of the man just appointed to head the Taliban in Pakistan .

        1. I understand, but I am looking more for a man who actually DOES the things Islam claims he will do when he arrives. Before he starts his war, he will go to Mecca. This is when things will start to get interesting — at least for those who know both Bible and Islamic prophecy AND are watching.

  2. Islam teaches that Jesus is a prophet that will return and declare that Allah is god . The Pope is due in the U.S. and will address the U.N. at which time he may espouse a one world religion . Please any believers come out of this false Christian church now !

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