AGENDAS: Top Down, Bottom Up

I heard a talk radio host discussing Donald Trumps handling of Jorge Ramos during a recent press conference.  This radio host said that he believes what we were seeing in Trump is the start of the ‘top down’ aspect of the ‘Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out’ strategy for political change as described by Van Jones.  Now, I must confess, were it not for this radio host, I doubt we would know anything about Van Jones’s strategy.  So I would expect that, as the man who explained it to the nation, this host would have a better understanding of how the strategy works and what type of people employ it.  Unfortunately, as evidenced by his linking it to Trump, this host has demonstrated that he may not have a solid understanding of the mechanisms in play here.  This is troubling because this radio host continues to ‘educate’ his audience of ten million plus, but, if he does not understand how this strategy works, he is likely to point his listeners in the wrong direction.  This only works to the advantage of those who actually are using the strategy to affect political change.

First, we need to understand what we mean by the “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” strategy to affect political change.  Here is a video clip of the primary advocate for this strategy, Van Jones, defending and explaining how it works.  As you watch it — and you must watch it to understand — pay very close attention to what he is saying and the roles he envisions for each position he names:

Now, here is where we need to understand the split in the Fascist/Communist rift among those people with Statist tendencies.  This has been mistakenly described as the Left/Right line in the political spectrum, but it is a mistake to think of it in these terms.  It is more accurate to think of it in terms of nationalism and military (ex. Fascist) vs globalism and diplomacy (ex Progressives).  The Fascist mentality is much more likely to be nationalistic or patriotic and is comfortable appealing to open force, which is often manifested by strong support of the military.  While the Progressive mentality is more globalist in his thinking and seeks to avoid open conflict, preferring to ‘out-think’ or ‘manipulate’ his opponent by what he perceives to be his ‘superior intellect.’

Donal Trump does not hide his nationalist tendencies, nor does he shy away from the open use of force to achieve his goals.  Therefore, he is much more closely aligned to the Fascist tendencies in the larger Statist/Gig Government movement.  However, Van Jones and others like him are global in their thinking, and they shrink from the direct application of violence.  Mind you, they are not opposed to the use of violence to achieve their goal.  This is not what I mean when I discuss the Progressive aversion to violence.  It’s just that, where Trump will employ force personally, the leaders of the Progressive side of the Statist agenda prefer to manipulate others into doing the fighting for them.  This is inherent in Jones’s ‘Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” approach.

In broad terms, what Jones is explaining in his video is that he and his allies are looking for a leader who is sympathetic to if not actually part of his agenda, or — at the very least — able to be manipulated by them.  This leader needs to serve two functions.  First, he must apply pressure on the people.  This is the “Top Down.”  Next, there have to be other ‘right people’ in the bottom who will react to the perceived injustices of this top-down pressure.  These are the people Jones means when he mentions Dr. King and other members of the Civil Rights leadership.  But he uses figures who are widely respected because he is masking his true intentions.  The goal here — as Jones openly admits — is for these “Bottom Up” figures to react to the “Top Down,” thereby manipulating the gullible leader, or providing the necessary excuse for the willing leader to crack down even harder.  Once this happens, in Jones’s thinking, the people will then react and change the social system from within.

What we have to realize is that Jones has not created anything new.  He is merely re-stating the same old Communist model, only he is using different terms to explain it.  It is more deception.  But the pattern is still the same.  The top creates a problem (the government uses their propaganda arm to create racial tensions in society).  Then the pressure is continuously applied until the ‘right figures’ push back (someone claims that a reporter is racist and reacts by shooting them, or people are bused into a town where the police are presented as racist and start rioting).  The government then throws fuel on the fire by denying justice by refusing to enforce the law.  This cycle continues until, sooner or later, the people have enough and take justice into their own hands.  This then opens the door for the government to take over.  In Jones’s mind, this is where the ‘right’ leader comes in and claims to be acting on behalf of the people.

This is the “Inside Out,” and it is nothing more than a re-structuring of the persistent Communist belief that, if they are only pushed hard enough, the masses will rise up against their oppressors.  Only they never do.  History has repeatedly shown that the people may rise up, but they never revert to the class warfare envisioned by the Communists.  Jones is just trying to make sure that — this time — things will be different.  What Jones is doing is changing the formula to make sure there is a leader in place who will make sure the People carry through on their part of his plan — whether they like it or not.  In this case, this leader will implement the changes Jones wants in the name of ‘The People.’

The other side of this, the Fascist side, is historically more likely to get themselves elected through the proper channels, then just declare an emergency and simply take over.  This is how Wilson did it (by using WW I as his ’emergency).  It is how Mussolini did it and how Hitler did it.  Now, I do not think he has aspirations of becoming a dictator, but Trump — if he did — would be much more likely to take over using this method than he would by using the “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” approach.  That approach is to ‘chancy’ for a man of Trump’s nature.  He is a man of action rather than of manipulation through scheming and planning and deceiving.  that is how people like Jones and Obama function, and it is why I think our radio host has seriously misunderstood the very plan he helped to expose.  But then, our radio host has never shown a propensity to even try to understand the psychology behind a person’s actions, let alone that behind the thinking of people who belong to a common ideology.


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