LESSONS IN LOGIC: Applied Propaganda In Today’s Headlines

To those who do not believe the ‘Main Stream Media’ is the propaganda arm of the Central Government (i.e. ‘Ministry of Truth’ for Big Brother):

Those of us who understand what propaganda is and how it works see it in the headlines every day.  Today, we see it in the story about how unemployment has gone down, the Trump suit against Univision and — given that we know the history of this Administration — we are skeptical of the denial of the Navy Yard shooting.  Here’s why:

First, the story on the drop in unemployment is actually explained in the story, but it isn’t really ‘explained.’  The drop comes from the fact that they simply excluded 400,000 people from the work pool.  Now, if Bush had been able to get away with this, he could have reduced unemployment to a -5% by simply removing people from the employment pool.  That would have meant he had driven employment to 5% more than the total number of people available to work.  How great would that have been?  But the ‘MSM’ would have been there to hammer it into our heads that Bush was lying by manipulating the numbers — and the intellectually honest among us know this to be true.  So why isn’t the ‘MSM’ beating the Obama Administration’s lies into our heads?  Why do they dutifully report this story as a good thing instead?  Simple: the ‘MSM’ is the propaganda arm for the Progressive/Left agenda in our government and society.

The Trump story is another example of this.  The rogue Supreme Court has given a green light to ramp up Progressive/Left voter fraud by denying the States the right to demand voter ID.  So the Obama Administration is importing illegal aliens so they can vote.  No doubt, they will vote for Democrats — because that is the Party who is loudest about offering to pay for their votes through benefits.  So, when Trump calls illegal aliens criminals, he is correct.  This is by definition!  You cannot argue with a definition and claim to be rational.  You also cannot deny or ignore a definition and claim to be ‘news media.’  But this is exactly what the ‘MSM’ is doing — even FOX News called them ‘Mexican immigrants.’  They are not immigrants.  An immigrant implies a legal status.  The people in question are exactly what Trump called them — criminals.  But the ‘MSM’ refuses to explain any of this to its audience — because it is protecting the Progressive/Left agenda in our government and society.

This brings us to the Navy Yard shooting today.  At first, the story was about an active shooter loose on the Navy Yard, but now we are told it never happened.  There was no shooter and are no victims.  Given what has been discovered about the majority of these shooters in the past few years, those who understand the ‘MSM’ habitually lies to protect the Progressive/Left agenda in government immediately suspect there was a shooter, and he was a Muslim terrorist or another Left-leaning wacko who is on medication for some sort of medical disorder and spends a great deal of time playing first-person shooter video games.

This is how propaganda works: the media lies to protect the government’s interests.  Those who come to America from a Communist nation immediately recognize our media for what it is: the propaganda arm of the prevailing Progressive/Leftist agenda in our government and society.  But we — like the frog who let himself get boiled — we do not see it.  Or worse, we do not care.  If we did care, we would be having a serious talk about the propaganda campaign that is currently being waged to protect Obama and Hillary from charges of Treason over the Benghazi killings.  If we had a real media, these two — as well as the Republicans who are protecting them by refusing to impeach them — would be on the nightly news more than Nixon was during Watergate.  But alas, the free press in America has been driven underground.  Today, you only find it on the internet, mostly on blog sites.  What has replaced it, the thing we call ‘the Main Stream Media,’ is — by definition, again — a propaganda organ for the Progressive/Left agenda in our government and society.  If you doubt this, try reading what the foreign press has to say about this nation and the Obama Administration.  At least they still have some real journalists telling the truth.


3 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Applied Propaganda In Today’s Headlines

  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    The is the correct definition of propaganda and the American press is now nothing more than the spokesperson of the progressive left. If fact because of this what you can belief is that what ever they say its is more likely the exact op posit just like their leader Obama.

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