Or, in more direct terms:

Don’t pee on my head and try to tell me it’s raining!

You cannot change the meaning of something by redefining it.  This does not change the nature of whatever you are trying to redefine; all you do is create a new definition for the word or words you are using.  This is because words do not define: form and function define.  You want to know how you can know this is true?  Why do they call it ‘gay’ marriage?  Because, if they didn’t, you would automatically think of the true definition of the word, and that means you would picture a man and woman.  So, if you support the two rulings that were handed down this week, feel free to do so all you want, but stop saying they have anything to do with the law, God’s Word or love because they do not!

First, there was nothing in these two rulings that has anything to do with the law or rule of law.  These rulings were all about ‘might-makes-right.’  had the letter of the law been followed in both cases, Obamacare would have been struck down and marriage would have been left under the domain where it legally belongs — The States!  I will not even argue these points with you because those who do not see and recognize this as fact are irrational, and to reason with those who have renounced the use of reason is to give medicine to the dead.  The meaning of words, the law, the rule of law and the Constitution: all were destroyed by the court this week.  This is true and no amount of screaming is going to change this.  It is a fact — period!

Second, stop claiming this has anything to do with God’s Word: it most certainly does not!  You do not get to claim the Lord’s name, then pretend you can change His Word or Law.  That is the very sin of taking the seat f God and saying in your heart that you are God.  Scripture tells us that, if you do this, things will not go well for you on judgment day. You either follow God’s Law or you do not.  But understand, Christ said that, if you love Him — truly love Him — you will keep His commands. He also said that not one letter of His Law will pass away.  This applies to His commandments against all sexual immorality.  So, if you think you can claim God’s name while you are boasting about trying to change His commandments against sexual immorality…  Well, I pray for you, as you are gleefully treading on ground I dare not even gaze upon.

Finally, stop with this ignorant claim that any of this has the least bit to do with Christ’s command to love one another.  You are using a different definition for love than that which Christ used.  Maybe you should learn what agape means?  This is no different than trying to change God’s definition of marriage.  You can say it all you want, but it does not make it true because it does not change the nature of the things we are discussing.  Jesus said to agape each other.  Here, see for yourself.  Look at these Interlinear translations of John 13:34 and 15:12.

An agape love does not mean we accept each others willful and unrepentant sin.  Yes, we have to have that agape love for each other, but that means we have to have a God-like love for each other.  God does not just accept our rebellion.  He came here to die for us so that we could be saved from our sins, but that requires we repent and accept His Son’s Sacrifice.  If we do not repent, then we are on very, very dangerous ground.  This celebration of the court’s ruling this week is anything but repentance.  So, to accept it and those who celebrate it is anything but an agape love.  It is hate — pure and simple. 

If you support either of these rulings, I want you to know that I disagree with you.  But I disagree not because I hate you, but because I agape you.  that means I will do everything I can to correct you and to explain how and why you are wrong.  But I will not accept your lawlessness, nor will I draw too close to you in my personal life.  This is because God’s Word — through His servants — tells me not to do so.  In fact, if you claim the name of the Lord, yet you insist on celebrating these rulings, Paul tells me I am to put you out of the congregation!  How do you claim the name of Christ and not know this?  How do you claim God or God’s love and not know any of this?

So I disagree with all of this.  It is lawlessness.  It has nothing to do with the rule of law, the Constitution, God, God’s Word and Laws or Christ’s command to love.  What’s more, no amount of threat or force from you can or will change this.  But this does not mean I hate you.  That is just you trying to change things by redefining them yet again.




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