CONNECTING THE DOTS: It’s Not Really About Health Care or ‘Equal Rights’ For Homosexuals

I want you to stay with me through this post.  I am going to try to show you something that most of cannot see.  But I want to start by telling you it is not that we are incapable of seeing it, but because the things we need to know in order to see it have been hidden from us.  I want to correct this by showing you some history and how it is connected to current events.  However, you still have to want to pay attention long enough to let me do that.  Will you?  Will you give me enough of your time to show you what actually happened this week?  I hope so, because, if you do, I can show you a glimpse of the future — but I warn you, it will not be a pretty picture.  It all starts with the Truth in this statement:


Aristotle knew his words to be true because he understood human nature.  Human nature is governed by Natural law, so it does not change.  That means Aristotle’s words are as true today as they were when he first penned them.  It also means that our society is dying.  Look around you.  We are told we have to be tolerant or we are hateful bigots, but look at what we are told we have to tolerate: immorality and a refusal to accept personal responsibility for one’s actions.  At the same time, we are told that we cannot cling to our traditional values.  If you try to hold to traditional morals and demand personal accountability, you are labeled as a hater and a bigot.  It is a no-win situation.  But instead of fighting back, those who still know better have lain down and accepted this tyranny.  Now we are to apathetic to care, let alone do anything about it.  Now, would it surprise you to learn that this was all done by intentional design?  Well, it was.

“A revolution is impossible without a revolutionary situation; furthermore, not every revolutionary situation leads to revolution.”

–Vladimir Lenin

This is what the 1970’s were all about: an attempt to create a ‘revolutionary situation.’  After the Communist infiltration survived McCarthy — or, more accurately — after their allies in the media managed to destroy him, the Communists tried to apply the formula they have always applied: create enough civil unrest that the ‘normal’ people demand the government ‘do something’ about it, then use that crisis to declare emergency powers which are then used to end the former system and replace it with a new one.  Look to the history of Communism and you will see the pattern.

But it didn’t work here.  They tried it and failed — because they did not listen to Stalin:


As usual, the Communists tried to use the youth in our society to do their work for them.  The young are not only the most susceptible to the lies of Communism, but they also make the most passionate converts.  Once they buy in to these lies, they will likely cling to them for life.  This is why they targeted the youth, and it was made all the easier by the fact that they were already in control of our universities and a large part of our media and public school system.  The Viet Nam war provided another useful pressure point.  It opened the door to dividing the youth from any love for their country.  But all their efforts failed because America was still a moral, God-fearing society.  However, even though they failed, their soldiers didn’t go away.  Instead, they turned to the study of revolution.

This is an area where Glenn Beck shines.  He explained all of this when he was on FOX News.  He exposed Bill Ayres and The Weather Underground.  He explained the SDS and the tree of Communist organizations that were set up to make the former revolutionary activists appear to be legitimate businessmen and women.  He explained how Van Jones was tied into the continued efforts to create a revolutionary situation.  But Beck didn’t finish the job.  He did not know about the FBI files  connecting Valerie Jarrett to Communism.  He mentioned but did not fully explore the research that was done by Dinesh D’Souza in his book, “Roots of Obama’s Rage,” which clearly connects Obama to radical Communist revolutionaries.  He also mentioned but did not fully explain the connections to Woodrow Wilson and his essay’s about how Progressives needed to work toward an elected dictatorship.  The truth is, there is no way to list all the things that are now connected to the attempt to destroy this nation — but they are all connected (for more connections, start here).

The thing you need to understand happens to be one of the hardest things for decent people to accept: you have to understand that the radicals of 1960’s and 70’s  didn’t go away and they didn’t give up on their goal.  Instead, they got serious about studying revolution and how to create the correct revolutionary situation — a situation that would work.  Then they got busy infiltrating and taking over the leadership roles in those aspects of society and government they identified as essential to their plans.  Once you accept this as true, and you allow yourself to start thinking in these terms, you will realize they have been admitting that this is what they are doing all along — and they do it in the open.  They do not hide: evil boasts about its plans.  However, you must also realize that these are the people now running this nation.  Obama is among them, but so are at least six of the Supreme Court justices, not to mention the majority of the State Department and DOJ.

Let me see if I can make my case with you.  Just for the sake of argument, assume I am correct and the Progressive Left in this country has been working by incremental steps to create a situation  in this country — a crisis, if you will — that will provide them with the excuse they need to complete their destruction of the Constitution.  Also assume that these people accepted Stalin’s advice and have decided that this requires them to weaken the body of America by destroying patriotism, morality and spirituality in our society.  Allow yourself to think in these terms, then ask yourself the following questions:

Does this statement suddenly take on a new meaning?

OK, how do you ‘fundamentally change a nation?  Does this suddenly have a new meaning?

A nation is its history and traditions.  If you change them you fundamentally change the nation.  But how do you change history?  How do you destroy patriotism?  Does slavery suddenly come to mind?  How about the insanity that is the drive to remove anything connected to the Confederate Battle Flag and the Confederacy?  They have used the issue to taint not only our founders, but the entire nation.  Well, where is the memory of all the white people who died to free the slaves?  Or who forced the Civil Rights Act down the throat of the Democrat Party?

Slavery has been used as a wedge between the races, and as a means of making us hate our own nation, but it is not the only issue.  Environmentalism is also being used to do the same thing, as well as attack private property rights.  Climate change: same thing.  Capitalism, the favorite target of all Marxists, is being used to make Americans believe we are an evil, exploitative nation that does not deserve their admiration or loyalty.  Even the supposed issue over homosexuality is being used to convince people our nation is hateful and evil.  There is no end to how the youth are being taught to hate what has been the greatest nation history has ever known.

But how do you destroy the family?  Well, you can start by writing welfare laws so that the father has to leave in order to collect money.  This also carries the benefit of creating a dependent class who will always vote for the Party who hands out the most of other people’s money.  Then you make divorce easy to obtain.  You push ‘sexual liberation’ and — dare I say it — feminism.  Then you promote the gay agenda, and the redefinition of both marriage and family.  Finally, you attack the Church.  If you cannot think of ways this is all been and is being done in our society today, you are being intellectually dishonest.  You see, the key is in the fact that all of this is pushing in one direction: toward the Progressive goal.  If it weren’t, an argument could be made that I am wrong, but that is not the case.  “Conservatives” have not won any major victories in decades.  We just continue on an ever-Leftward march.

Now, with Obamacare and gay marriage, the Left can finally destroy religion.  You will either accept what the Government tells you to do, or they will label you a bigot and treat you the same as a racist.  Look at what happens to people who refused to bake a cake before this ruling.  they lost their businesses.  Now imagine what will happen now.  The next time a pizza shop is closed by these haters, everyone who donates to the GoFundMe campaign will be prosecuted for contributing to a hate crime.  Do not laugh: these sort of things are coming.  Read what the gays are already saying about attacking religion.  They are boasting about their ultimate goal: to kill any attempt to cling to God and God’s Laws as written int he Bible.

Finally, understand that they are pushing hard on purpose.  Their goal is to cause some group to react so they can claim a ‘crisis’ and declare emergency powers to deal with the threat.  Just grant that this is possible, then consider this:

And now this:

“The war made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times.”

–Joseph Goebbels

The war was Hitler’s crisis, and the Progressives have studied Hitler.  It has been reported that Obama has even studied Hitler’s speaking technique.  Do not doubt me.  If you know where to look, you will find where they are openly admitting to all of this.

Now, consider the formula again: put pressure on the ‘useful idiots’ until the people trying to cling to traditional America react, then declare emergency powers to deal with the crisis and you have your revolution.  Does that sound anything at all like this?

There is much, much more to this.  I have just given you the basics, and tried to provide the most clear and easily understood examples I could.  You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not I have made my case, but — as I said — there is a mountain more evidence supporting my argument.  The problem is, these people are fond of using lots of big words to express themselves and few people can wade through it all, let alone want to do so.  Posting the more irrefutable evidence would just put most people to sleep, so I have to hope this is enough.  If you accept that there are such people, their goal is to create a situation that will allow them to seize control of the nation and you start thinking in these terms as you watch current events unfold, I think you just might find I am not as crazy as you may have first believed.  Also, this is not ‘conspiracy:’ they are doing all of this out in the clear light of day.


When Obama does something that makes him look incompetent, ask yourself how ‘competent’ it would be if his goal was to destroy the nation as it was and re-make it the way he wants it to be?  And the next time you hear hims say something like “This is not who we are,” ask yourself how much sense it would make if you allowed that he might be talking about other people who want to destroy and remake America.  If you do that, I think you might just encounter a moment of epiphany.


22 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: It’s Not Really About Health Care or ‘Equal Rights’ For Homosexuals

  1. This post is dead on and the progressive pawns who are out there celebrating these communism-intended “victories” of the evil elitists ( who are more accurately described as the insane – running the asylum) don’t even realize how badly they have been duped by the evil intentions of the new Hitlers and Stalins running ( more like ruining!) our American government! Great job exposing all their evil and deceit! This post needs to be spread far and wide! Hopefully, some will finally awaken out of their progressive stupor of lies and join God’s side to help heal our nation!

    1. If you find any value in the things I write, please share them on FaceBook or wherever you can. I do not push either of my blog pages that hard, so, if they grow, it is entirely due to the audience.

      1. I’m not on FaceBook, but I did reblog your post today! Perhaps some Christians that I know are still on FaceBook would be willing to share it there!
        God bless you for you excellent work!
        In Christ,

        1. Christine,

          Not my work, but thank you. The posts you read here that seem a little off — those are mine. But the ones that flow and speak directly to the things of God… Well, I am just the vessel by which He writes those. I am just honored that He sees enough in me to use me for His purposes.

          God bless,


  2. Joe,

    I can only add the last level which both you and I agree on.

    Spiritual warfare between good and evil. If only our fellow Americans would place this knowledge in their hearts and minds they could see in HD color how they are bringing about their own destruction.

    Last night upon seeing a once proud symbol of America bathed in the multi colored lights, celebrating victory for Satan, my thoughts and actions were that of Jeremiah when Israel turned their back to God.

    For those that are unfamiliar with Jeremiah the above URL will take you to a short overview.

    I have little doubt America will soon sink below the water line drowning in its sinfulness. What we have left is each individual having to make a personal decision on whom they trust more, God or Satan. All this without the benefit of living in an America that once trusted in God and was rewarded with more blessing than any other nation on Earth.

    Our path is now set. We need to pray for and help as many of the lost sheep find the Shepherd before He call his Churh home.

    1. chhelo,

      Others may scoff, but whatever insight I may have didn’t come to me until I surrendered to God and started to seek His wisdom and His understanding. Once I did that, he opened my eyes and THAT is the point when I started to truly see the connections between man’s history and God’s prophecy. It is also the point when I started to see and understand the hand of the Spiritual world in this world.

      To those who see it, too, I do not need to explain. But to those who do not: do not think that I am crazy because it would be as a blind man telling someone who can see that they do not know what they are talking about — only I would not be the blind man in this case. Instead, humble your heart and seek God — persistently and sincerely. He promises, if you do that, you WILL find Him. Once He opens your eyes, you will no longer question the things I write about, you will add to them. I promise.

  3. Reblogged this on Talk Wisdom and commented:
    This post is dead on and the progressive pawns who are out there celebrating these communism-intended “victories” of the evil elitists ( who are more accurately described as the insane – running the asylum) don’t even realize how badly they have been duped! By whom, you may ask? You will need to read the entire post that I have reblogged here in order to see the evil intentions of the new Hitlers and Stalins running (more like ruining!) our American government! Black3Actual does a really great job exposing all their evil and deceit! This post needs to be spread far and wide! Hopefully, some will finally awaken out of their progressive stupor of lies and join God’s side to help heal our nation!
    ~ Christine

  4. Yes, you certainly are right. The thing is they do boast about it and it is in broad daylight. And by now they probably chuckle “what can you do about it anyway?” After all it would require deconstructing what they have already assembled. And I notice how they will concentrate on one single item when it is the combined parts that are the problem. I have a word for it.

          1. Don,

            Yes, but it’s like the prophets say: His words are sweet in my mouth, but sour in my stomach (because I love Him, but fear for what it means for those who do not).

  5. Excellent commentary. All in all, what you have described herein is the process of Ideological Subversion as described by Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov.

    1. Yes, but I have also discovered that the process was described years before, by Lenin and then Woodrow Wilson and his Progressive cabal.

      As I tell people: once you know where to look, you will find these people have been out in the open with their plans. And once you know those plans and accept that they are serious, the evidence that they are implementing their agenda is everywhere we look.

      1. Yes, it is. Much of it is straight out of Sun Tzu’s, “Art of War.” The art of the Demagogue…

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