The Very Politically Incorrect Truth About ‘Trans-Gender’ (and BRUCE JENNER)


This post is the truth, and as such, it is not politically correct.  Also, as the truth, I will not apologize for it.  That said, there is nothing hate-filled about the truth, nor is this post an attack on any individual.  It is just the truth about an issue that is being forced down our throats.

Except for very rare genetic defects where an individual is born with both male and female sexual organs, no one is born ‘trapped’ in an opposite sex body.  Responsible science has conclusively proven this to be true.  That means the claim that humans are born ‘gender neutral’ and are ‘socialized’ male or female is a lie — period!  I am well aware that you will find ‘scientific papers’ stating that I am wrong, but those papers are written by the same type of ‘scientists’ who once ‘proved’ blacks are an inferior species.  They are all quacks pushing their personal and/or political agendas in the name of ‘science,’ but they are not responsible scientists.  This is what a responsible scientist sounds like, and how he works:

Surgical Sex

Why We Stopped Doing Sex Change Operations

November 2004

The man who wrote this paper is not a ‘hater,’ he is not a ‘right wing Christian fundamentalist,’ he is none of the usual things the GLBT community usually labels their political opponents.  He is a responsible scientist working at the highest level of one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.  He gave careful thought and study to this issue, and by all appearances, his soul motivation was to help people.  SO what did he conclude?  Well, among other things, he concluded:

“We saw the results as demonstrating that just as these men enjoyed cross-dressing as women before the operation so they enjoyed cross-living after it. But they were no better in their psychological integration or any easier to live with. With these facts in hand I concluded that Hopkins was fundamentally cooperating with a mental illness. We psychiatrists, I thought, would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia.”

[NOTE: Before you make any judgments on what the doctor has to say, you had better read the entire article, and do so with an intellectually honest and open mind.  If you do not, then you will likely find that any objections you may raise have already been addressed and explained and do not change the scientific conclusions drawn from responsible research.  Also, understand that this article is not alone.  There have been many similar studies and they have all come to the same conclusion.  You simply do not hear about them because the ‘main stream’ media is in league with the GLBT political agenda.]

In short, the compulsion to surgically turn one’s self into a member of the opposite sex is a mental disorder and should be treated as such. You can test this by asking yourself whether or not you would accept the same argument if it came from someone claiming to be a disabled person trapped in an able body.  There are people who swear they were born without a limb and who want to have an amputation so they can be ‘their true selves.’  If you accept that those wanting a transgender operation are normal, then you have to think it normal to want to amputate one’s limb — or to have any other body disfigurement done to themselves. 

The trouble with this is two-fold: First,if you agree that there is nothing abnormal in any of the above desires, you have a mental problem, yourself.  We know this because of the second problem at hand.  Body disfigurement is a recognized mental disorder — except in the case of trans-gender surgery.  SO, if you see body disfigurement as ‘normal,’ you are exhibiting signs of that recognized mental illness.  By forcing people to accept this illness as normal rather than trying to help the people who suffer from it, we do both those people and society great harm.  This is strong evidence that we are actually dealing with an agenda that has nothing to do with compassion or love or tolerance and everything to do with forcing society to accept the normalization of deviancy.  If you are also aware of the subversive elements that have been working from within to destroy our society, and of how they claim they will achieve their goals, then you will know it is a short leap from those subversives and their plans to the pushing of normalizing deviancy in society (this is actually a subject for another post, and I will write it soon.)

Now to the primary issue at hand: the politically correct shield that has been built around deviancy.  We live in a society where we can no longer call deviancy by its name without being attacked for doing so.  People have lost their reputations and livelihoods simply for speaking the truth.  This is actually more evidence that we are dealing with a political agenda and not a true desire to help or care for others.  Speaking the truth is not hatred.  It is not intolerance.  It is actually part of loving others — the type of love the Bible tells us we are to have for each other.  It is an agape love.  If you truly love yourself, then you will not try to force people to accept you if you live a morally corrupt life.  Instead, you will seek people who will help you live a better life.  If you truly love your child, you will not ‘accept’ whatever behavior they exhibit because you know it will lead to a morally degenerate and ruinous life.  Instead, you discipline them — that is, if you love them, you discipline them.  The same principle applies with those people who seek trans-gender surgery.

Such people are not ‘heroes,’ and they should not be championed as courageous.  If I came out and told you I am a pedophile, was born that way and demanded you not only accept it, but consider me normal or I will destroy you, would you acquiesce to my demands?  I hope not.  I also hope you will not try to argue that these are not the same thing, because they are.  Trans-gender surgery is not ‘victimless.’  Families, friends and society all suffer because of this issue.  If nothing else, the moral fabric that binds a society is torn asunder when such deviancy is forced upon society.  Here again, we see the evidence of the slippery slope into anarchy in the fact that we are starting to see stories about government officials and judges arguing that pedophilia is equivalent to homosexuality in all ways.  People warned this would happen when homosexuals started to push their agenda, and homosexuals denied it.  Then the trans-gender issue came up, and now the pedophile issue is starting to be forced into the ‘main stream.’  All of this is exactly what those people who know and understand the natural order of this world said would happen and will continue to happen if we do not arrest our slide into depravity.

I want to end by making it clear: I hold no ill will or hatred for anyone.  I do not have a problem with any individual — even homosexuals or trans-gendered people.  Anyone who bothers to check my friends list on Face Book will see this is true.  Nor do I preach to homosexuals and trans-gendered people.  I love them — exactly as Christ called me to love them.  But it is because I have an agape love for them that I will not accept their claims.  I will not yield to their demands.  I want what is best for them, and that does not always mean giving people what they want — even if they are adults.  I have researched this issue.  I know how tough it is.  I know people who struggle with it, as well as with homosexuality: people very close to me.  But I also know that they have a problem that can be helped.  I know because I have studied this issue and I know the results that have been achieved in the past.  I also know that, because the major propaganda organs in this nation — which we call ‘the media’ — are part of the political agenda behind the GLBT movement, and they intentionally hide that information from you.  If they didn’t, if they told you the truth, then this issue would be in as much trouble as their ‘global warming’ campaign — and for the same reasons.

My saying all of this does not make me a hater, nor intolerant.  It just means I am willing to tell the truth.  That’s because facing the truth — especially in matters such as this — is the first step toward actually helping people.  That is how you show love: by helping people face the truth so they can start down a path to recovery.  Anything else is just ‘loving’ people into destruction, and I hardly think that love at all.


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